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  • shametoblame 2w


    You're like a shadow that never leaves
    Always with me during the day
    Always with me at night
    A shadow from the past is what you are

    With a click of the tongue
    I've been swept off my feet
    But you didn't need to speak
    It's always been that way
    I've had an epiphony
    An explosive burst of deep bedded awakening

    Truelly my heart is in the wrong
    But it's an uncaged animal
    And it won't stop
    Until it gets what it wants

    It wants the past
    But just the good parts
    It wants the present
    It always has
    It wants the future
    And what it could've been

    The tightening in my chest
    Wants to go away

    So I tell you this
    I miss you
    I miss us
    And I miss what we could have been

  • shametoblame 8w

    I just want to be able to say what I never could to you.

  • shametoblame 9w

    It feels like a dream doesn't it?
    Like it never even happened
    Maybe someway or a other it didn't
    And we were both playing pretend
    I like that
    Let's keep it that way.

  • shametoblame 14w

    I truely feel pitiful.
    It's when you fuck up and you just can't face it.
    In this moment.
    I truely hate myself.
    For I have fucked up.
    In the most royal way.
    Will I beat myself up about it?
    Do I deserve it?
    To me, I deserve every bit of it
    Because I am unable to do anything but cry.
    I can't fix it because there's nothing to fix.
    Everything is already done.
    At least I know it was my fault.
    And for this night not only will I pity you but myself.
    And I know I don't deserve that.

  • shametoblame 14w

    Honky Cat

    I'm gonna scream...

    yes i am
    Don't believe me!

    No one does...

    So I'm going to jump
    Not off a cliff
    I'm not that crazy

    I'm going to jump into some tickling ivorys!
    I'm going to crash face first into the blaring trumpets!
    I'm going to bleed out into a catchy chorus!

    The music will lead my feet I'm no longer in my head
    I'm completely and blissfully out of it
    I've stolen their voice
    And I've conjured up the dancers
    This is my moment
    And no one can stop me

  • shametoblame 14w


    Call me a daffodil, daffodil honey
    Call me a daffodil, daffodil money

    Leave me alone daffodil phoney
    Buy me a home daffodil pony

    All I've been given daffodil killer
    Spin me a good mind daffodil filler

    Daffodil daffodil daffodil done
    Daffodil daffodil lots of fun

  • shametoblame 15w


    It's a force I can't see
    Pushing down
    And down
    And down
    Till it squeezes every ounce
    Every drop
    Of sanity I hold lightly
    But it's you that takes it away
    Even for a moment
    I can breathe

  • shametoblame 15w

    Is it wrong for a writer to hate their writing?
    I'd rather let the words burn in a fiery rage
    Then to ever be written down
    On something that eventually means nothing

  • shametoblame 19w

    I feel sorry for the people who will try to wriggle their way into my heart
    For it's already full
    Full of you
    Full of what we've become and what we won't
    Full of deeply strung together thoughts of us
    Full of feelings that give me life
    And I'm sorry for people who will never get the chance to fall in love with you
    Because I've taken that
    And I will keep it forver

  • shametoblame 20w


    From the moment we first met I knew
    That I would fall madly in love with you
    Everything about you is perfect in my eyes
    Your absense of imperfections is perfectly imperfect
    Your voice was what drew me to you
    And still clings to my ears
    When you speak my name everything drowns out
    When you touch me my senses tingle and I melt away
    Into nothing but an echo and a sigh
    I love the taste of your lips
    And the touch of your hair
    My hands long to comb through your dark brown, wavy locks
    My eyes are hungry to feast on your hickory flavored eyes
    I can't help myself when I look into your eyes
    It's as if all the strings of my heart are being tugged at once
    I wish I could bottle your laugh and keep it for myself
    For when I hear you laugh my heart laughs along with you
    I want to see every part of you that is deep down inside
    So I can feel like I have a part of you forver
    I yearn for your touch
    I beg for your body against mine
    There's not enough words in this world to give you credit
    They can't describe how overwhelmingly happy you've made me
    Shakespeare couldn't describe the way I see you
    I'm selfish when I say I want you and only you even when I'm long gone and forgotten.