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  • shamacoley_ 121w

    Say what you mean and mean what you say

    I hate fake people who go to church and still act evil I hate people that lie and full of deception that leaves my dying heart the question everything that I think I'm sure of love I guess is just ones perception but it isn't love if it constantly keeps you guessing I heard in the song Love should have came home last night I guess Toni Braxton was right I heard that love conquers all but you aren't even there to break my fall if this isn't love and it's just you being fake talking about girl next door when you don't even call me on the phone and basically stomped on my heart and crushed it on the floor now that I understand how love will treat you there is no reason left for me to even great you fuck saying hi forget saying hello now what you can do is leave me the hell alone it's okay I will find my way I will live to fight another day without you I should have realized this whole time and never should have been about you especially since you just said is not about me im tired of breaking down and falling to my knees for someone that I should never have believed

  • shamacoley_ 130w

    62 weeks

    I guess it's a reason for everything but 2 of them are one in the same until 12 hours ago something changed now even they want to push you away I dreamed dreams both nights but the truth is only one of us wanted to fight only because they had something to hide and missed being on the other side the only thing you had to do is treat me right so many words went unspoken just a small token or consideration would have been great no joking respect that's even due to a stranger instead of acting like I was the center of your anger now I guess will act like strangers all because you love the side of danger

  • shamacoley_ 132w

    By yourself

    The best part about being by yourself
    is that you don't face disappointment
    from anyone else
    it gives you time
    to get to know oneself ,
    gather your thoughts an
    get a sense of mental
    and spiritual health it
    provide a since of reassurance
    By entering a covenant with yourself
    a bond within that can't be easily broken
    no more being treated worthless or like a token by yourself no one's objects no-nonsense or disrespect hurt pain or neglect even though no one situation is perfect by yourself the one person you can trust and the lesson to be learned is that you never needed anyone else

  • shamacoley_ 132w

    Stupid you say

    The only way I'm going to feel stupid
    is if I get shot with an arrow by cupid
    I won't be lovestruck
    No I won't be Love bound
    Not with all the silence
    And all the hateful shit that's been going around you treat me like I'm not s***
    like the dirt on the bottom of your feet
    hell first thing in the morning you can't even speak
    stupid you say
    that's what I have been
    by letting you treat me this way
    time and time again
    The sad part is I believed
    that I was your best friend
    my fault for thinking
    we would be friends to the end
    so yeah stupid that's how I already feel
    we don't even talk
    you don't even let me know the deal
    saying time and time again that your love is real
    then why does it feel like
    all I've been doing is running on a hamster wheel yeah that sounds stupid
    I know it does to me
    but also that's your fault for treating me so corny
    we sleep in two different places
    only ugly looks past between us with frowned faces
    you don't even see that I'm losing my patience
    I didn't ask to be treated this way
    only for you to make me feel lonely
    every single day
    I wrote a song like that years ago
    I thought now we were on a different page
    the crazy part is I see now nothing's changed because still I'm saying the same damn thing

  • shamacoley_ 132w

    I hate ignorant people

    I hate it when people are cowards and can't talk to your face
    people that think they can run all over you and misuse you for a place to stay
    I hate people that's nonchalant
    sometimes you have to let them know their time is up
    I hate people that mistaken me for being weak
    like I don't know they be ripping and running talking s*** in the streets
    I hate lame ass n***** that come with such disrespect too busy with their ass up on their back rather than let me be at peace so I won't unleash the beast so they really know how evil I can be
    I'm no one's coward no one's puppet
    and I'm damn sure not your crutch I'd kick you out even if you were in the wheelchair I don't give a fuk
    you're not someone that I'm stuck with or I have to be loyal to
    maybe you don't realize all the bullshit you sent me through slept with my mom
    four baby mothers 12 kids when you promise to love me and that we would ride for each other now we acting like we can't stand each other
    23 of my years gone down the tube for an insecure brat that be acting all kinds of rude
    You got me f***** up you should hold your tongue
    I'm not something your used to not like them other ones
    you intend on filling my days with such sorrow I'm here for you today but you can be gone tomorrow you got fake love all your talk is cheap you don't realize all the pain my eyes have seen I see all your lies and I see your deceit playing hardball remember you treated me like your bottom bitch I was built to never fall so you don't see how strong I am built like Duracell I'm here to last I can say fuck you for the present way you treat me and the past so be arrogant enough to think thatI'm not woman enough to make you leave

  • shamacoley_ 132w

    Blame or shame

    We blame a person's behavior on their personality unless it's us

  • shamacoley_ 132w


    Satin stands for all things that is not good
    he will make you act funny and rude
    actions and language all crude
    dysfunctional unnecessarily
    but in your mind
    he'll convince you that it's good
    you give him power
    in committing these acts
    Being Sly and sneaky talking
    behind someone else's back
    with no interaction
    or reason to act strange
    Satan will convince you
    That it's good to act this way
    The devil will tell you
    turn on your best friend
    when all it leads to is trouble in The end
    But we all have choices
    outside of hearing The echoes
    and the voices it's your choices that determine how things will go
    in life it sets the tone
    For how someone else See's you
    or how they will treat you
    but if you're full of the devil
    How would you even know
    God doesn't tell you to act shady
    Or not to turn your back on your own
    it's easy to say that you don't speak
    but you talk to your phone
    as if you're under possession by the devil
    Or your in this house alone
    the devil has you fooled
    cuz all you want to do is get stoned
    it's okay you wanted him to so you listen as he whispers in a low tone
    he will tell you not to talk to your spouse
    only your sister you going to push her to the point one day she'll be gone
    cuz the devil told you to spend
    all your time in the corner alone
    the devil stands for all things that are destructive and bad
    but as a man of God
    why would you let him make you make
    The woman you claim to Love sad no one makes you not speak or be mean maybe it's the devil but you're too blind to see

  • shamacoley_ 132w

    # it doesn't pay to lie #you could lose a lot #deception #never tell the truth #mister I blame everything on you

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    Why waste my time

    If you're not happy at the end of the day and all it takes is conversations lead to you astray why would you ever say you're never going to leave anyway why lie an be so deceptive when I asked and you leave it to be no question actions speak louder than words so it isn't just me guessing you post everything so the world can see we have an argument and basically you just blame it on me when I already told you weeks ago what I seen that you would betray me so it wasn't just a dream if you're not happy why waste your time why waist mine if someone else is on your mind that isn't any fault of mine your heart is not sincere your heart is tied that's why you tried to make me look like a fool the only person you're fooling is you everything that you set out for me to get will be your portion instead of happiness the same disregard that you have for my feelings will come from who you favor through all of your dealing it doesn't pay to treat others bad or make them intentionally sad walking around pretending that you're mad only because you're everyone else's Dad

  • shamacoley_ 132w


    If you're not talking to anyone new or old you can't be spontaneous you would have no one to be spontaneous with if in silence is how you sit maybe that attitude is only towards certain people that you don't care to be with and that chalks up to be you're just full of s***

  • shamacoley_ 132w

    Choosing to be alone

    Alone quiet sitting desolately in silence voices speaking but I'm not listening to all the chatter or the whispering so I choose to keep my distance even though I feel like something's missing I reach out for a hand but no one is there I live in fear no one wipes my tears even though someone else lives here, is he a friend or is he a pho, or just a lost sou,l but how can that be when he talks on the phone ,so therefore I am and choose to be alone ,no deciding another person's crule intentions when he speaks of my name it's only bad things that he mentions he says that I'm crazy and it's just me, but he never speaks of his bad deeds it takes two to argue but both to listen that can't happen if the other another person's not listening headphones in and turns up his nose all because his feelings changed and he thinks no one knowsit's easier to say that it's someone else that's causing the problem but it takes being mature to be the one to solve them honestly I can Do bad all by myself I don't deserve someone to be mean for the sake of someone else so I choose to be by myself