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  • shaliya 1w

    Oh love
    I bleed blue,
    And you won't even have a clue.
    I speak words,
    Full of love touched with light kisses and magical chords.
    A mess that remains uncleared,
    Perhaps right book at wrong hands.

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    We were never on the same page,
    Let alone I was the right plot at wrong story.

  • shaliya 1w

    There is everything in words,
    Which I can't have in real world.
    Funny right!?

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    I tore what I wrote,
    Because I'll rewrite again.
    No matter how much I'll try,
    Words can't justify what I feel or will make up for you.

  • shaliya 1w

    I already ditched this world.

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    and i often come here,
    when im broke like fragments untouched but with fear.
    hopeless yet kissed with turbulence,
    Lost and twisted in dark webs wide circumference.
    i'll be gone till you'll reach here,
    only my words will survive in this void sphere.

  • shaliya 1w

    all you need is little faith,
    because it can move distress and gift you miracles.

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    and after a unlightened turbulence,
    comes a sunrise of tranquilty.

  • shaliya 10w

    You & I

    {AUTHOR'S LIL NOTE: This story is purely based on my imagination. Kindly do not copy the segments or stuff from my work. The book is teen friendly topped up with cringey hopeless romantic movements.}


    Enola wake up! Yelled my mom as usual. Nothing new. It was 10 am of boring tuesday. I don't know how I'll survive this week. Im already dreading and desperately waiting for weekend.

    Who can relate with me, lol. Finally after 30 minutes of brain storming and hearing out the same repeated telecast of my mom's tantrums. I finally made my way from bed to washroom. Got my hair fixed, splashed out cold water. Wore some lens because your girl has some major eye issues. Brushing my teeth, I turned on my shower. Let my body soak in bubbles and allowed the hot water wash my anxiety topped with dullness.

    After 30 minutes of staring my wardrobe. I finally decided to go with some baggy sweats and shirt. Basically looked like homeless. But, hey who cares? Right.

    I chewed my toast and sipped tasteless orange juice. Can't demand more when it's already going to be lunch time. My mom kept hovering around, kept rummaging the drawers and when I finally asked what was bothering her. Note: the first mistake I did in my not so glorious day.

    Enola dear, Im trying to find my passport and some documents for presentation which I prepared the previous night. I'm already running late to office and also I have to visit bank.

    Now I regretted because I already knew what was coming my way. Yes, If you still did'nt get the clue. I had to do her bank stuff. Where I had to deposit some cash and ask about couple of documents. Now usually I would deny but today Mom legitmitly seemed desperate. Anyways I had the car so maybe the least interactive person on the planet earth could survive this.

    She planted a kiss on my forehead and left. Taking keys, cash and lipgloss because that shit is important. I turned my music on blast and drove across my metaphor dead neighbourhood.

    Within 15 minutes I reached my destination and went inside deposited the cash and looked for the manager. Things were normal trust me. Only till now. Until I saw drop dead earth gorgeous looking man walk past me. He had the combination of bossy and hot aura. Muscular body perfectly fitting in his formals, the upper buttons loose and he seemed probably in late 20's or maybe in middle God knows! Tanned skin, lushious hair and before I could scan more he went inside the room.

    Eyes wide open, I engulfed my saliva. Don't judge me guys because there are very, approximately very few times where my inner hoe has taken a form of wild wolf. I kept thinking whether he has noticed me as well or not.  I went to for exit when my moron brain pinged and realised I had to ask for important details. I went to the counter and asked her. She pointed out the door. A.K.A door of hottie heaven and told me to enquire there.

    Now this is the time of my life where I was so embarrased because the way I was dressed. Usually Im a girl with high waisted jeans and cute tops but today was different. Maybe this was the fate. Bad sucking outfit and had to meet a hot guy. Anyways my curiosity and guts would have killed me If I did'nt went pass through the door.

    I did what I felt irrespective of being in my definition of bad outfit.

    Knock, Knock.

    The sound of my fingers knocking the wooden door echoed. I could hear my heart beet racing and everything felt a shun when I heard rough yet somehow soothing voice, Yes, Come in.

    I stammered to be honest because my eyes once again kept staring at the beauty which sat infront of me. Not my fault to be honest. Somehow I managed to ask for documents. He kept explaining the stuffs. But for me, the entire surrounding was inaudible. I did'nt wanted to leave the place yet I found the room extraordinarily toxifying with dark floors, navy blue curtains, Mac products, It screamed professional and this guy jawline already started piercing my heart into pieces.

    Was this love at first sight. I was old enough to understand the difference between attraction, lust and love. But the cologne and appealing voice made sure to block my senses. I did noticed the name board in front of me Velcro Guzman Damelio. How come 15 minutes passed away so quickly.

    I strongly assume he knew very well that I was lost. Infact out of place at that moment. He paused and kept locked eyes with me. For a momemt I felt like running away but I was scared because his eyes told a tale of something else, something scary perhaps.

    My phone started ringing suddenly. Shutting it off, I gave my very quuck farewell. Picked up the documents and fled from that place. I lost all the courage to even turn back and give a glance. My major focus was to leave. What did I do? How can a person be so intimidating?

    Or maybe my mind is making up stories. What would he think of me? Oh goodness just a stupid teenager day dreaming and wasting his time. I've never found myself in a situation like this before Nor I have so mamy thoughts and anxiety at one place.

    My car belt felt safe. Cluthing my steering wheel I went to more safer zone which is none other than starbucks. The guilt was killing me alive. I already had several missed calls and text from mom regarding the documents. What should I say her?

    I tried to avoid it for a moment. The least I could do was to be present at that time and listen atleast few words which he said or did he even spoke something? Now maybe Im overthinking and letting myself fall in spirals.

    Java chip frappe is the my go to drink and Im always open to refreshments. As soon as I sat and revived my engine. I notived a black SUV following my car. My instinct made me believe it because every single turn or round I took, I found the SUV following my car. Now God! Why two blasts at same time?

    I need to stop freaking out and increase my speed. Soon the freaking large SUV overtook and blocked my path.

    This is it.
    I was all ready on top of my lungs to scream for HELP!

    Hey there amigos, If you read this story till here in first place. Then I do owe you a big thankyou and warm hug. Please support, like, follow and share my work. It would mean a freaking heaven to me. See yaa in the next chap soon.

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  • shaliya 10w

    You & I

    Genre:- Romantic

    Story Description:-

    He wrapped his tie around my neck and let his large hand discover the tingliest parts of my body. I moaned crazily, I needed him to stop yet I wanted more. I bited my lips while his greedy eyes playing with my emotions. "We will ride till sun shines and back again count infinite stars in midnight" his dirty motives fuelled my inner soul and what can I ask more?

    18 year old girl whose world revolves around stardust aesthetic, starbucks, scribbles and in search of love.

    25 year old Bank CEO who likes to invest in business, always hungry for opportunities, heir of Magno Versate (designer brand) and unusually stubborn.

    What happen when do different sides of world will collide?
    Will they repel or attract?


    Hey angels, This is my new story which Im working on for wattpad. I was thinking that I'd post here too.�� Do let me know If Ya'll be intrested to read it.

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  • shaliya 10w

    �� Stay Blessed Angels ��

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  • shaliya 11w

    A regular sufferer from this situation.

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    Healing becomes more painful,
    When you never loved yourself in first place.

  • shaliya 20w

    Who is the biggest theif?

    Stay blessed angels������

    #mirakee #writersnetwork @mirakee @writersnetwork

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    I steal kisses and hugs,
    But you go for hearts and minds.

  • shaliya 21w

    Your fault, Honey.

    Thankyou, next.

    Stay blessed angels������

    #mirakee #writersnetwork @mirakee @writersnetwork

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    She is dripping drop dead gorgeously,
    Colourful in so many ways.
    But as usual you chose to be blind and walk away.