whenever you fall, pick something up

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  • shalini_guha 1w

    And there they were
    My insecurities
    Pinned to my sleeves
    As I stand naked
    With my soul hung out....

  • shalini_guha 1w

    When time is a tyrant,
    You do not wait for it to pass
    Find a way through the loop
    It has always tangled you in...

  • shalini_guha 1w

    As he stepped inside, he found the house in mess, soiled utensils lying over the floor, unwashed clothes lying in the corner, television was turned on and there was no human in sight. He instantly called his wife, only for phone to be found on the couch, vibrating under the magazines, lost among all the rubbish thay couldn't be taken care of.
    How can a week have this much baggage, he thought? But where is she? Is she alright?
    With all these questions on his mind, he takes careful yet trembling steps towards the bedroom. The creaking sound of the door was like a warning but to the person lying unaware on the bed. Even in this cold winter, the pale skin looks supple to him. The woman of his dreams was his better half for life and feeling her presence, made him breathe.
    He goes up to her, grazing his fingers across her forehead. Lying on the other side, his eyes follow her profile, as if he he can't remember the curves of her eyebrows, her cheekbones, her pointy and rounded chin enough. His hands reach out to push the fringe of hair that disrupts his view of her face, behind her ear.
    When she opened her eyes, as if looking at the ocean, he was drowning on a call. She smiled at him but her eyes had emotions that couldn't be deciphered.
    As confused as he was, he was still mesmerized, just like the first day of orientation in the university. She looked so perfect that even the sun was a prop to her grace and brightness. But what is this conflict he could see in her eyes. Why is she asking to let go? Was love not enough or was it too much to bear? Wasn't our companionship meant to be for a lifetime? Then how can he let her leave now, he insisted?
    But she had to leave, her place was not in this world but she also isn't supposed to be just lost. She had to find her way and go where she belonged and wish for him to find his passion and desire, wait for him to find his salvation...

    Your love is enough, so just love me enough to let go.....

  • shalini_guha 1w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 10 word one-liner on Envy

    Edited it after so....

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    Rainbows envy the presence
    of night that cannot be forgotten...
    All the colours seem meaningless
    When it cannot greet the sun without the rain
    When it cannot see the moon with the stars all glazed....

  • shalini_guha 5w


  • shalini_guha 8w

    Remembering good times
    And humming with the tune
    The song of this heart
    Is the forgotten message
    Of the playing flute....

  • shalini_guha 9w

    Time is running
    So, why should we walk?
    I don't have wings because
    My mind can race me to the top....

  • shalini_guha 9w

    Looking out for you
    I forgot the Me,
    I had to save...

  • shalini_guha 9w

    Everything is Art
    And Art is You
    For you can be the Canvas
    and the Colours too...

  • shalini_guha 10w

    Thoughts in passing

    I am thinking of a story,
    That seems familiar to this pen.

    I am thinking of a song,
    That seems my heart is humming.

    I am thinking of those shoes,
    Which were my Navigating wheels.

    I am thinking of the gloves,
    Felt, as if it was your hand, I was holding .

    I am thinking of the jacket,
    That felt warm like your hug.

    I am thinking of the house,
    That felt home of our making.

    I am thinking of that secured,
    A feeling of safety, in your presence.

    I am thinking of the many things,
    That went missing in this universe, still listening.

    I am thinking of a story,
    That I am living unknowingly...