poem is an expression,that blooms off my depression

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  • shakthi_dr 15w


    I experience the meraki when I roam around the foggy garden,
    Giving me a relief that my maximum are done
    I experience meraki when those tender flowers brush the tips of my fingers,
    And the sweet dessert at the end of my tastebuds keeps it sweetness to linger,
    Riding on the night sky roads on a long trip,
    Make us meraki, the reliving the grip,
    Being surrounded by the chirping birds and the clear sky- watching these gives meraki,
    The unplanned trips are nerve wrecking meraki,
    There is a meraki in every small moments of life,
    Noticing is the one thing that we fail in life,
    Start enjoying your positives among the sadness is also meraki,
    Fill your life with meraki ,
    That will make you sit in the highest position of hierarchy....!

  • shakthi_dr 15w


    Love isn't something that we can experience all the time,
    For receiving it, you should sacrifice something just as the saving the dime,
    It will surely be returned with high interest,
    Until then keep providing love,
    Until it's time for you to recieve it....

  • shakthi_dr 27w


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    Her tears

    Seeing her tears run down her cheeks,
    Crushes my heart to several shards,
    I want to be her bespeak,
    While she remains mum during those chads,
    And tantrums thrown at her,
    Which she never deserved,
    In the whole preoccupied world I was always reserved for her,
    But she was never able to accept me....

    As she got crushed in the world of hatred,
    I tried hard to put a smile on her pretty face,
    Each time she came back shattered,
    She never had the great little trace of smile,
    Which was last seen before she lost her parents,

    I want to rip the heart of those morons,
    Part by part as they took her brightness,
    I want to tell that she is my world,
    Where I feel at home,
    Soon I will rescue you from all these misery,
    Each and every tear you shed now will be answered...

    He returned after 10 years to take her hand in marriage. As the most powerful CEO of the country.

  • shakthi_dr 29w

    Excruciating pain

    Even though the cause of it is unknown,
    It drills and drain all my energy,
    Making me to surrender to my failure's condone,
    Although I want to say, there is more to my life,
    It stops me as that in a denary,
    Giving me false hope of a life which is infinite,
    Just like the harsh kernite,
    Which produces a soft scum,
    Just the moment I think I have got my wings,
    I get pushed down deeper into the void like an invisible gum,
    That is adhesing my feet to the ground,
    The moment my mind get clouded by the sense of being proud,
    A burning heatness decipiates the cloud,
    Showing me the harsh realities of life...!

  • shakthi_dr 37w


    Friendship is a sweet bitter pain, when it is present we wish for more, when it is absent the pain is unbearable than the pain from a gore

  • shakthi_dr 47w

    Time travel


  • shakthi_dr 52w


    Tag yourselves if you have expectation on yourself.

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    When you start putting it on others, the result will be so painful, that you start paving your own path which is a baneful one, but it can be changed if you start putting it on yourself and the result will be fruitful...
    Ig @the_phoenix_writer25

  • shakthi_dr 52w


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    She sits at the window side,
    Watching the rain drops make it's stride,
    After a great shower from the sky,
    And the moon light entering the glass with pride,
    The petrichor making its ride,
    Into the olfactory, makes her goosebumps fly,
    Thus makes her weep,
    Making her realise how lonely she feels in the deep,
    Letting all the waves of memories to make a sweep,
    Those she wishes to keep,
    But the pearl keeps rolling down her eyes,
    As she cries,
    But it haunts in her dreams,
    Where she hear many screams,
    If sarcasm, which she endures for a long time,
    But she gets waken from it by the chime,
    That chime is just like the ATP,
    which motivates her to improve her GDP,
    The source of light for her life,
    All her shattered pieces get rebuilt like that of the Ducan Phyfe,
    The only person who knows her plight,
    And how her smile is so bright,
    Her innocence is just as delicate as a flower,
    A petal which got withered from the hands of a fairy,
    Falling in the hands of a cherie...
    But lost her in her long sleep,
    Just wondering her importance in others life,
    Just like the stars in the high sky......

  • shakthi_dr 52w


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    Power of smile

    A bright smile from your loved ones can break any bitter moments of the day.

  • shakthi_dr 52w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 6 word short tale on Texture

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    The smooth touch of the silk