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  • shaheema_28 5d

    // You'd hardly regret over the choices made but for not taking those chances least to try,
    because on the either side of fear lies freedom //

  • shaheema_28 3w

    //If you can smile
    through the pain,
    you're strong;
    Stronger than
    you think //

  • shaheema_28 3w

    // Once I thought it'll be OK,
    But I didn't know how deep it is within.
    Then I took chances but couldn't,
    Still waited because it's my choice I'll try
    And Allah knows me better
    For his plans are far away my dreams
    So I'm hopeful //

  • shaheema_28 3w

    // If to find happiness look within, there's a small dream //

  • shaheema_28 4w

    // Failure= another choice to dream //

    Sometimes its hard to look into yourself and accept the pricking conviction that you're just existing because you feel failed. Is that the truth, Are you falling down everytime you fail or are you just getting stronger. The later speaks loud, it's not how many time you fail, its your determination to still dream of that life you wanted. Because failures only teach you to modify your desires and designs and strengths your faith a lot more.

    We don't get everything what we wanted. But , we can atleast get inspired looking at that far away dream and keep hustling. And one thing to remind ourselves is that, there is no answers for a little things in your life, it's not a mystery but a sheer truth. Stay happy and poised with all that blessing you've because someone doesn't have that.

    You are unique in your own way, not every experience you go through is same for all, everybody has their own emotions and feelings. So before you judge another person, stand in his shoes and walk around. Similarly, when you are judged by someone have the wisdom to realize it's their perspective not your mistake. Take the positives and never ignore the negatives rather analyze them in your own way.

    It's all about just living Lest you're just existing to die. It takes a lot to walk in the direction of your dreams. It is a collective spectrum of your passion, determination, attitude. These three things defines your demand. The passion you've to keep trying everytime you fail, the determination when you've nothing, and the attitude when you have everything.

    So it's not about what if you fail, take it as an opportunity to try again, learn again and get inspired again. "Failure is another choice to dream ". You've to adjust a lot of people, compromise certain facts, but hold on to your conscience, what is right for you shouldn't depend upon your likes and dislikes, it is your perspective and your decision. Never talk about your dream because when you open your mouth you tell the world who you are, so people expect you to be somone. Never do that, you have to define yourself by the way you live let the world look at you and get inspired. Failures never let you feel down unless you let them. Live a life like your own way because it's your story, make it awesome.

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    // I'm still living not just existing,
    Maybe failing but still dreaming //

  • shaheema_28 5w

    //I know it is not just a chance to fail ,
    But nobody knows it is just my choice to try//

  • shaheema_28 5w

    //I may fall, but I'll still try
    for I'm blessed with a life to live by my own way//

  • shaheema_28 9w

    // Not every girl wanted to be a princess //

    I'm twenty years old, and I'm still unknown to myself, yet surviving just because I hope I can catch my dreams . When I turn up the previous pages of my life, it looks so dull and dark , all these twenty chapters I just finished writing has no emotion and no meaning, seemingly those who are going to read this will surely dumb me somewhere midst the garbage . And I don't want to end up myself in a nowhere corner of this Earth . I wanna live my life like I want. I'm hopefull.

    But I can't center my thoughts at a point and stand stable because something shatters my Faith. The only realization that I've is that I wasted hundreds of pages and few ink bottles scribbling the lifeless part of my story. What have I done for myself or for the world, nothing absolutely nothing. I've not discovered my potential yet, I'm not aware of my weaknesses still, I don't know what is my passion. And what was I doing for the last two decades of my life, I feel devoured by my own fear. But I'm struggling to kindle that inner fire in me and trying hard to make myself confidant and determined that I no more oblige to the opinions of people around me.

    I'm talking to you, yes!!! You who read this, have you felt the same pain, or is it just my insane speculations. I've consented everything my parents asked, I stood up saying answers in the class just because my mother feels happy to hear that I'm a smart student, I've said no to childish fantacies because I heard my parents criticizing another girl like me, I told I'm OK with what I've because I know if I ask for more they would tell me to be satisfied with what I have. I've moulded myself as an ıntrovert and kept silent when everyone went on talking and exploring , when I asked for something I really wanted to do they told you can't because I'm a little girl, and so I've crumpled all my desires and dreams. Is all this my real limitations or something that evolved around me as I was growing. I don't know.

    If every human on Earth is send for a purpose, which we call our life then why do you all raise your voice, against a girl's dreams . Ain't she have the right to make her life a beautiful story. If not, then never educate her because it's not easy to convince her that she don't having the privilege to dream a life of her own. It's hard to live under somones dictation for the entire life. I'm a girl, a matured girl, I know what all is going around me, how the world is and what is happening. And I've my own opinions and ideas, my dreams and desires, please let me colour them beautifully.

    If a girl is born, there begins her family's bothering for everything and caring for nothing. I really mean it. We're always taught to be a good girl because one day we'll be someone's wife, or daughter-in-law or mother, cook, maid, electrician, plumber, teacher, and all in all of the house looking after everybody's health and wellness. This is a girl's life, she is educated as per her parent's dreams, and sent to another corner of the world even though near her with that sparkling red bangles shimmering over the red mehndi on her pale hands, and the burden of the red vermilion condemning her to accept the sanctity of marriage at just a young age when her dreams and desires were firing bright, but finally she have to live a life where someone lights the path of an unknown road.

    Let all girls be their own kind beautiful and their own masters of life, because Not every girl wanted to be a princess. Yes, she is the strongest of you've ever seen, let her live a life like she wanted. Don't judge the way she looks, don't suppress her personality, don't torture her security, don't stare at her freedom. She is someone like you, atleast a human.

    // Every girl is a dream //

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    // I'm a girl is not a mistake
    I can't dream will be an excuse
    Let me fail is my repentance
    Or you've to kill is my solicit
    Every girl is a dream //

  • shaheema_28 13w

    //To live after the world's opinion is easy, to live the pain of solitude is easy, but to live your own way midst the expectations of the world ain't easy. And when you perceive your dreams and walk the untrodden path, you lead a great life for the world to Inspire //

  • shaheema_28 13w

    // Faith = The patience to thrive //

    We only learn to live when we learn to die. Because the moment we realize life has acted upon us so unfairly we look up for another day to live making the right choices and decisions not by mere chances and defaults . Faith is not a promise that God will help you survive, it is your patience to thrive all hardships . Everyday we wake up, isn't that the great sign God is considering you, it's a new day and a new life, just live it deliberately. Our soul is taken by God two times, one at the last day here on earth and another time when we sleep. But realize how merciful and kindfull is he for gifting back our life for a new day. Believe in his blessings and live faithfully.

    We might loose everything, the world may criticize your choice and desicion, it takes time to see the better part of your life. But, believe that Life is full of tests and trails, and keep one thing in mind, you grow through what you go through. We know that trees shed their leaves and still stay tranquil and even grow healthier and taller. After every dark night the stars leaves and the sun rises. Connect with nature and educate yourself that everything changes with time and you need to hold on faith.

    Whatever good happens, humans are still blind, we always ask for long time, great life, happiness and success. Time just slip from our hand like grians of sand, so manage your time, that you manage your life. When I say this, I know how difficult it is to cool yourself when you are questioning this existence, blaming your mistakes, Conquering your fear, enduring the pain of rejection and surviving all the negative energy around. But let me tell you one thing, the greatest of generosity for future is to give all you've in your present, comprehend the conviction behind this qoute, it can teach you a lot. Fight everyday and focus on the poised reflection of life, hold on faith and believe the better is yet to come. Every little effort is a miracle, because if you never give up and keep waiting and trying, you grow in the direction of abundant conscience of the purpose of your life.

    Faith is a sublte emotion, because it helps us to stay serene and kind during the hardest time and let us praise the enormous positive energy God has poured in our heart during the best days. Just imagine you're sitting by the shore of a sea, the sky is light blue, the clouds like a bunch of snow, the waves hitting your foot consoling all your pain, the rythme of cold breeze caressing and soothing your mind. Observe the nature through your heart and admire the magnificent creations of the Almighty, you can't curse your life for this is just a bad day. Good days are yet to come. Have the patience to thrive and live a great life making beautiful choices and adding wonderful meaning to others life too.

    // Faith is not a promise that God will help you survive , it is your patience that you can thrive //

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    // Faith is not a promise that God will help you to survive ,
    it is your patience that you can thrive all the hardships //