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  • shadowofthoughts_ 1h

    #onec ��

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    One Death, One Life, One You.

    One beat at a time,
    You see, even the heart
    has a mechanism.

    One love? I wonder the validity.

    One breathe, who knows If we'll
    be able to borrow the next.

    Few words, feel them all inside.
    All talk, yet you are not allowed cry.

    One song, and everything flashes
    on the screen of the mind.

    One moon, one sun. Oh love. One life.
    One lie, followed by other.
    One truth but it's going to be left untold.

    One good bye. And all hi's.

    One thing at a time.
    One step ahead the unending line.

    Yesterdays you.
    Todays you.
    Tomorrows you.
    Is all you.
    It's one - you.

    Diffrent ways, yet the same words.
    Black and white. Still colored worlds.

    Could you find one way.
    Because it's one destination.


  • shadowofthoughts_ 6h

    #notdeath #wod #end
    #1310 - EC. Thankyou so much WN. ❤️��

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    Same roads,

    On the way which lead nowhere
    In your world I had no share.
    Lost in my own self
    I stood there.
    Ignored. All ignored.
    I STILL stood there.

    Blood coloured our streets
    Dust covered the hearts
    Lives blinded by errors and
    Eternity got folded into dreams.

    The flowers we planted,
    Became bruised in their
    own pigments.
    The petals withered
    with each rain we showered.
    Our sun forgot to shine.
    A blow of wind,
    and everything shattered.
    A cyclone in the eye of storm.
    Shattered, Ruined.
    All but just a punishment
    and not death.
    How naive of me, I
    thought love would last
    forever : I was wrong.


  • shadowofthoughts_ 22h

    #dearfuturelove #start #wod #patternc
    @pink_berry @princessfuzzy you made me want to try it. I know it lacks. But.. : )

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    When the flowers will bloom
    at the darkest corners
    inside your heart.
    I'll fall as rain to make
    them grow like natures own craft.
    I'll fill my poems in a cup
    until it overflows. I'll catch you
    when you'll fall. I might drown
    in your eyes. But I don't know how
    I'll be like in there.
    I need you to tell me how it feels.
    I'll put your name in my sky.
    I'll be your sun. I'll be your rain.
    And I'll be your grace.
    I won't tell you any lies.
    I want to read your mind
    but you know I can't.
    So, ask me as much as you can.
    Tell me how you feel.
    I've heard love is
    complicated. So, I'll not
    try to sort it. for they said
    complications are like phoenix
    rising amongst the ashes.
    And I don't want any
    backlashes. All I want is
    you to show me some signs.
    Don't tell me I'm wrong, just
    teach me the right way.
    Let me in. Like I do.
    My voice is pretty high.
    Burning like fire, I can too cry.
    My shadows are dark,
    but they are always
    supported by the sunrays
    for the lights to pattern a way.
    So, let me wipe your teary eyes.
    I'll be the tittle of rhymes.
    Oh love, nobody matters like you.
    I don't want you to fade away.
    Don't cut me down.

    I'll bring some flowers to
    bloom in the garden,
    Just make sure to pour some
    rain and sunrays equally.
    Whenever it's dark,
    You can count on me.


  • shadowofthoughts_ 1d

    A living sunshine,
    that rhymes.

    Her eyes look like unheard stories,
    She is made of ancient glories.

    Your smile is a lie,
    But darling, she knows how to live under
    the blue sky.

    The rain is falling,
    she knows how to absorb the breaking.

    She collects her tears in a glass jar,
    To make you taste each scar.

    Her eyes look like unheard stories,
    of two lovers who never traced jollies.

    But she's an art,
    Who can make flowers bloom in ones heart.


  • shadowofthoughts_ 1d

    Just ignore, if you don't feel the same.

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    Resistance and violence are two different things.
    Living among the crows and becoming one is cowardice.
    Suppressing the voices is wrong.
    But killing innocents who did no wrong is idiotic. Celebrating the killings is like
    cutting your own roots of humanity.
    Using innocents as weapon is
    like turning yourself into poison.
    No matter the religion, no matter the gender.
    A human is a human.
    We all deserve to live.

    Tearing the people will eventually leave you in pieces.
    Be careful while trying to drown others, you might sink deep in those waters, where you won't see any sunlight.


  • shadowofthoughts_ 2d

    5-7-7 #mondo #wod @writersnetwork

    The color of life is the one between
    the dusk and dawn.
    It's the one that can be as bright as yellow,
    and as dark as black.
    In between the grey's it has thousand shades.
    It can bleed like red. It can ink like blue.
    It can be warm like orange,
    and shine like yellow sun.
    It's something that's as enough as everything.
    It has no color, yet it can paint every color.
    It has no perfect definition yet it can define everything.

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    What's color of life?

    It's somewhat like tainted moon,
    meeting the brightest star - sun.


  • shadowofthoughts_ 2d

    Even the winter breeze gave me warmth,
    As I narrated my story.
    The bullets are on their way towards me,
    Don't I have the right to allow the sunrays
    to fulfill their promises?


  • shadowofthoughts_ 3d

    Glass hearts and sand castles.

    Stars folded her secrets
    Moon represented her scars
    Always ready to let go,
    rain drenched her pain
    leaving her with nothingness
    for all her gain was the pain.
    Swiftly her heart flew
    without letting her know.
    Making her let go.

    The mud house
    where she would bounce
    got covered and shattered
    Like her feathers.

    Blinded by errors,
    She kept filling hope in barrels.
    Eternity seemed like a punishment,
    But it wasn't death.

    Still she folded her dreams on her sleeves.
    But sunrays failed to keep their promise,
    And autumn ripped her like leaves.

    Moving through the gears,
    soon her hometown too got ruined
    as if it was made of sand.


  • shadowofthoughts_ 3d


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    Readymade filthy human

    Darkness makes me crumble.
    Inner me jumbles.
    I try to speak but I fumble.
    I've been living in a light bubble.

    My lips are sealed,
    sealed to speak the truth.
    Sealed to speak my mind.
    Sealed to make me die.

    My eyes are wide open,
    Open to see the fakeness unfold
    Open to see my reflection shatter.
    Open to make tears roll down my cheeks.
    Open to close after my last battle.

    The last battle,
    that will make my brain surrender.
    that will end up in me being sleep, for once and all.
    that will make my heart stop the beat.

    The battle that'll fix me.
    After I loved myself. And have to surrender.
    Tell me, could it be any worse.


  • shadowofthoughts_ 4d

    You make me cry as if I'm rain.
    But Darling you don't know I'm soil,
    I can absorb it all,
    and grow flowers tall.