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  • shadesofyu 14w

    Lost Soul

    Lost, was all she thought to herself.
    Lost in life, or through winning battles,
    Lost in the day when she found herself at night,
    Plainly sitting in the dark, trying to sketch a face of who she was,
    Lost her voice,
    Lost herself,
    Lost her smile,
    Lost herself,
    Lost her tears,
    Lost herself,
    Lost her identity,
    Lost her soul,
    Looking at her and there, at faces walking by,
    Trying to find a soul,
    Who could find her smile,
    Glazing at the sun and the nigt shown upon,
    She still seemed lost,
    Her face, pale,
    Her eyes, without emotion,
    Her smile, gone forever,
    She was looking for something,
    Solace maybe,
    In the midst of being lost,
    It came to my mind,
    To just sit with her and not say a word,
    As we embarked the journey of just sitting in silence, the lost soul, moved closer,
    Slowly a small tear grew in her eye
    For when that happened, a part of me danced, she didn't seem lost anymore, her eyes told me a new story,
    Something about death,
    Death of who she was and what she had become,
    To take her back to her old self,
    In the midst of being a listener and keeping the judgements aside, she slowly found herself.

  • shadesofyu 15w

    The hardest thing in the world is to tell yourself that it's not hard at all

  • shadesofyu 24w

    Unspoken Warrior

    "He really fought for you, didn't he?!" They asked me,
    Was the battle brutal, did he get hurt?
    Was he okay? Did you see him cry? Did he have a moment for himself? Did he fight hard enough?
    These were questions hammered in my brain, everytime looking at an answer,
    And then I looked at him, there was something about him which have me solace, a solace which couldn't be explained in words, it was a feeling, like he was enough,
    For everything he did or he didn't do,
    He was enough,
    For even when there was tea and biscuits for a dinner or lunch, it was enough,
    He was always enough.
    Dad, the unspoken Warrior.

  • shadesofyu 27w

    In the midst of a crowd, thoughts keep looking around for a place for some solace, seeing here and there, if l can find a speck of shade, somewhere to rest my mind.

  • shadesofyu 27w

    Can I be yours?

    It was a day, for me to be remembered,
    When I first saw you,
    My heart did flutter,
    A smile to hide,
    A future to withhold I thought,
    As days went by,
    You were there, right under my roof,
    How could I forget those days,
    It's still very vivid, every single day,
    I didn't want to let go of you,
    But what could I say,
    I could never summon up the courage,
    It was within those days that I fell in love with you,
    As you left, one part of me went,
    Hoping to keep talking to you,
    Praying for you to reach the place of your dreams,
    I really fell for you, really kept thinking about you,
    Every single day, waiting for a call or a text,
    Such were my memories,
    And when you called, holding on to that conversation, imagining your smile or your expression's,
    I wanted you, I really wanted you, to be with me, to a part of me,
    To just sit next to me and not say anything,
    Just to hold and walk,
    Just a breath to feel,
    That part is still there with you,
    Cause I tried to move ahead, but when you came back, it all came back, and I realized that the part of me which you took with you the first time, never came back to me.

  • shadesofyu 28w

    For it was late one afternoon on that I first heard your name,
    What was the purpose, is another story in itself,
    I held my breath as I got to to know you a little more,
    Why couldn't I like you,
    Was the only question running in my mind,
    I liked you actually, but not in the way I would want to like someone,
    You were everything, but somehow I never felt that,
    That feeling never came, I tried, I won't say I didn't,
    I tried a lot,
    Day in and out, with every message, I tried to like you the way I wanted to,
    And one day you were gone,
    Not because you didn't want to be around,
    Mostly because I failed to like you, love you,
    Life went on, and after a few years, there you were, the same man, standing right in front of me,
    Still maybe hoping that history would repeat itself,
    As we embarked on that journey,
    Maturity caught us,
    We understood that it was in a way good we ended up this way,
    For when I heard your father died,
    And my shivering hands dialed your number,
    With a hello and a stream of tears,when we both cried, for I had never seen you cry and you chose to cry, to breakdown in front of me, you became even more important, even though we would never end up together, today at the least I can say that yes I do like you!

  • shadesofyu 28w

    Dated Forever

    For sometimes I sit and wonder Ke tum cheez kya ho?
    Itne Saal ho Gaye, magar phir Bhi, ye cheez kya Hain,
    Sat and wondered quite a bit,
    Kaise banaya tumhe?
    Thodi chini ya thoda namak zyada pad gaya banane mein?
    It's a funny a story to say,
    For when I met you, you were like kya chutiyapa Hain? And I was like- kya?
    You were Iike biryani and I was chai or rather idli wada,
    Matlab Kaha se aye tum?
    Magar Kahi mat jaana,
    Cause you know me and I know you,
    And that's pretty much what got us going,
    Jo bhi ho, Jaise bhi ho,
    Badi Achi cheez ho tum!
    Happy Birthday to you! :)

  • shadesofyu 28w

    Gone, has he really?

    That smile, was a home in itself, he has a world of warmth, he was a direction, he gave the world hope, he was that one person who would always and always sit and listen, no matter what, he was a listener,
    A caring Soul,
    A fighting spirit,
    Never let anyone give up,
    Found hope even the smallest of a rain drop,
    His perception was one of a kind,
    His understanding was so customized,
    He would know exactly how to get through someone, hold his heart, take charge of it,
    Push them to achieve and to keep checking on them till they achieved what they had to.
    He really never gave up,
    I wouldn't say he was one of a kind, he was the only, and one only!
    Hold on to his memories, cause we won't get another one!
    We will always miss you, everywhere, more so, that smile will always be missed!

  • shadesofyu 34w

    By unknown writer

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    "There comes a time
    When we heed a certain call
    When the world must come together as one
    There are people dying
    Oh, and it's time to lend a hand to life
    The greatest gift of all,
    We are the world
    We are the children
    We are the ones who make a brighter day, so let's start giving
    There's a choice we're making
    We're saving our own lives
    It's true we'll make a better day, just you and me."

  • shadesofyu 40w

    A Beginning's

    At the dusk of this day, a new beginning will arise,
    A begining which has been looking on you with hope, light and embrace,
    A begining which will make you a spark which you have always been,
    A shine, which you will always remain,
    As time went by, we did have our lows and highs , but then again, isn't a family what constitutes of,
    For the things said, for the things that will be said and for the things which comprise you, you no matter where you go, you will always be with us, a presence missing in the form of you,
    No matter what we say or do,
    With a clear heart and in our prayers you will always stay,
    For we only hope, that you get that every happiness, contentment and success what you have been working for, for a really long time.
    I never said this, but I truly love you, honour you and respect you as a person, for what you are and what you have become is commendable.
    All the very best for every endeavour, for we keep moving forward, but remember that we will always be there to hold your hand, to be there and to support you.
    All the best.