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  • shadesofyu 2w

    Am I really there yet?

    There comes a time,
    When you are right there,
    But you are not really there yet,
    When you feel that you have given enough,
    But you haven't really given enough,
    When you feel that you can't do it anymore,
    But then again, you can take one more step,
    Maybe it requires only one more step,
    One more sighed relief,
    One more voice in your head,
    Which says, common pick yourself up,
    You can do it,
    You always have done it,
    Even though you feel you have reached the brim,
    Maybe the brim isn't really the brim,
    Maybe one more sip of water can be filled,
    Only if you get up and see,
    How much more is required,
    For that one piercing pain,
    And after that is that finish line,
    You can see it,
    But you feel you won't reach it,
    But it's just one step away,
    I ain't joking or giving you a fake hope,
    It's just one step towards that finsh line, my love,
    And as you turn back, you see,
    That line vanished,
    Not because you crossed it,
    But because this line was there, but then again, was it?

  • shadesofyu 2w

    Blood Donation

    Blood donation camp organised by Fakhri Medical Centre in association with Rotary Club on 17th October 2021 at Burhani Masjid Mawaaid 1st floor, Bohra Layout, Gottigere.
    Open to all.
    Donate blood, Save lives

  • shadesofyu 4w

    Battles with Victory

    "Hold on", was the only thing that everyone told her,
    "What to hold on for?" She asked,
    A prayer?
    There was a constant battle, something which was to be fought.
    A battle where a new life was destined,
    A battle where a new her would be found,
    But who would say it was a battle?
    "Was it really a battle or was she faking it?" the world asked!
    For when the sun came up and it showed upon her,
    They saw a light, a gleam, where fear was kept aside and love was engraved,
    Where self doubt was laid to rest and a new me was risen,
    Where care came forward and took over the singleness,
    Where I became we and me became us,
    Where we all stood by you, and walked with you.
    So when the world asked again, did she win the battle,
    We came forward, like the risen sun, in unison to see not new her, but a her which was loved by herself.

  • shadesofyu 6w

    You never know the biggest day of your life is the biggest day. Not until it's happening. You don't recognize the biggest day of your life, not until you're right in the middle of it. The day you commit to something or someone. The day you get your heart broken. The day you meet your soul mate. The day you realize there's not enough time, because you wanna live forever. Those are the biggest days.

  • shadesofyu 7w

    A Toy

    So I removed time for you,
    Cancelled my appointments for you,
    Kept you first, while the butterflies in my stomach kept dancing,
    My heart fluttering as I came close to you,
    The idea of spending the day with you made me go all weak in my knees,
    Like to just be there and not do anything,
    To see your face and stare at it the whole day,
    For when you are with me, it seems the world is at our feet, you treat me so well, that I feel that all you can see is me,
    I am the one that you always wanted,
    I am the one that you always cared for,
    I am the one whom you always longed for,
    The soft touch, the gentle caress,
    That beautiful smile,
    And the day went by,
    As the sun set and it was time to go home,
    I knew that I won't be all that anymore,
    That 'i love you' while I left your car was something I would hold on to,
    Cause you being you, will vanish like a speck a dust,
    I was just someone for you to play with,
    For I knew that, I wanted to believe otherwise,
    I wanted to hold on to something else,
    But a toy I am, I somehow dont want to be that,
    But I know you will always want that, and somehow you never even realise that.


  • shadesofyu 7w


    "Care" she told me,
    "What to care about?" I asked her.
    "About people, places, things, love, life," she replied.
    "Does everyone care about that?" I asked her again.
    She laughed at first, then she looked at me,
    Her laughter turned into a something which looked like suddenly a breath was taken away,
    "Why?" She asked me again
    I had no response to that,
    I couldn't feel anything,
    For even when she came to comfort me,
    What had happen to me, I asked her?
    She stared at me,
    She tried to look me in the eye,
    In the depth of another life through them,
    The life she saw, she moved back,
    Turned around,
    Looked around
    Then she pinched me,
    "Did you feel that?" She asked
    I said yes,
    "But no emotion," she replied,
    "You killed them all," she said
    I killed what?
    Something about feeling something, of joy, sadness, fear, doubt?
    And she- "the emotion" looked at me and said,
    Bring me back, for you without me, is a soul without a body.

  • shadesofyu 8w

    Lost Soul

    Lost, was all she thought to herself.
    Lost in life, or through winning battles,
    Lost in the day when she found herself at night,
    Plainly sitting in the dark, trying to sketch a face of who she was,
    Lost her voice,
    Lost herself,
    Lost her smile,
    Lost herself,
    Lost her tears,
    Lost herself,
    Lost her identity,
    Lost her soul,
    Looking at her and there, at faces walking by,
    Trying to find a soul,
    Who could find her smile,
    Glazing at the sun and the nigt shown upon,
    She still seemed lost,
    Her face, pale,
    Her eyes, without emotion,
    Her smile, gone forever,
    She was looking for something,
    Solace maybe,
    In the midst of being lost,
    It came to my mind,
    To just sit with her and not say a word,
    As we embarked the journey of just sitting in silence, the lost soul, moved closer,
    Slowly a small tear grew in her eye
    For when that happened, a part of me danced, she didn't seem lost anymore, her eyes told me a new story,
    Something about death,
    Death of who she was and what she had become,
    To take her back to her old self,
    In the midst of being a listener and keeping the judgements aside, she slowly found herself.

  • shadesofyu 8w

    The hardest thing in the world is to tell yourself that it's not hard at all

  • shadesofyu 17w

    Unspoken Warrior

    "He really fought for you, didn't he?!" They asked me,
    Was the battle brutal, did he get hurt?
    Was he okay? Did you see him cry? Did he have a moment for himself? Did he fight hard enough?
    These were questions hammered in my brain, everytime looking at an answer,
    And then I looked at him, there was something about him which have me solace, a solace which couldn't be explained in words, it was a feeling, like he was enough,
    For everything he did or he didn't do,
    He was enough,
    For even when there was tea and biscuits for a dinner or lunch, it was enough,
    He was always enough.
    Dad, the unspoken Warrior.

  • shadesofyu 20w

    In the midst of a crowd, thoughts keep looking around for a place for some solace, seeing here and there, if l can find a speck of shade, somewhere to rest my mind.