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  • shabz_felix 4d

    When Jesus comes

    The flight I hope to catch
    Is on resurrection morning
    when Jesus comes again
    I will meet him in the air
    To live with him eternally
    In the home called heaven
    Jesus himself will be there
    In all of his glory
    To welcome us
    The saints died in Him
    Will have part in the first resurrection
    And those that are alive
    Will be caught up to meet him in the air
    Face to face I shall see him
    I will fly a way and be free at last
    From from crying ,from pain
    Free from sorrow ,from death
    My flight will not be in vain

  • shabz_felix 5d

    Poetry to do

    Today i make new discovery of raw water rhymes then the paint the sky on melancholy hymns of old and let the sunrise refreshes cold storage of painful memories to rain down online drops verses condolences to many off springs Wrinkle with hopeless regrets and to do fire on the mountain distraction in the bronchial conditions so to breathe deeply life in the veins of poetry dry bones

  • shabz_felix 5d

    @writersnetwork @miraquill #wod #todo
    @writersnetwork I appreciate the read and like ❤
    @miraquill thank you so very much for EC ��❤

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    My to do

    Give thanks for the break of day
    Sing humbly thankful praise to the master of all
    Prepare to receive blessings from on high
    And count them one by one as I go by
    Gladly take the task he gives
    And encourage someone along the way
    Greeting friends as I go along
    I put on a smile cause it can go a long way
    Though the road can sometimes be steep
    I elegantly wear high hills to create rhythm pattern
    Don't want to leave no stones unturned
    For i deal with the growths of cotton buds
    Though they sometimes hang me dry
    But I put on a gladden hat face
    With wings like the eagle I seem to soar on high
    I am inspired by their fragile hearts gain.
    As I watch them learn to walk and talk
    I wash my faults in the blood of the lamb
    Best of all I lay my self to sleep
    After I soaked my mind in a tub of poetry soaps

  • shabz_felix 1w

    I live to tell

    Remember me as a drop dead gorgeous woman clothed with garments of scars from wounds
    mainly fashion to destroy lives while i put on faithful robes to disentangle with cords that have been broken but end form blanket stitches when a prayer was delivered on my behalf from the fear that would stumble me low with skin barely hanging loose for vultures to devoured to shreds ,but with every situation that confronted me I rise to live to tell my life stories in the tales of poetry with an attitude of gratitude.

  • shabz_felix 1w

    Writersnetwork saved me

    Remembered me as the songs of storm etched on the wings of medley evicted from the battle ground when my heart rhythm backfire verses of cloudy rhymes making melodies to my burden soul as waves took to me under and feel I was drowning in poetry bubbles floating on the promising walls of writersnetwork who by their saving powers perform CPR on me and brought me to a save placed , by their saving grace ,saved me from the dead metaphors that was driving me insanely mental.

  • shabz_felix 1w


    Remember me as a character that hatch poetry in the heart of miraquill trying daily to
    match what would be declared as straightforward prose or some other title therefore as i dispatch lyrics I try to active good works but i back balance some of my contents when I think they don't match the criteria .

  • shabz_felix 1w

    The Kidnapped teen

    Run fast like crazy with her soul dreary
    Her body was feeling cold and damp
    As she had underestimated her kidnapper quick trap
    She felt exhausted and weary

    Her cry for help went unheard
    The walls surrounding was sound proof
    Wickedness cause her emotional and physical scars
    Often she was deprived of food, but fed with all sorts of curse words

    Way of escape she arrange and attempted
    But to terrify to go through every particular time
    She would often nipped in the bud as she was often threatened
    Thinking she must never give up or she'd be condemned

    Soon he succumb to her charming ways
    He began slacking the rope a little more each day
    Waiting for him to let his guard down
    So she could make her dare getaway

    Weeping but very distinct ,trying to maintain her composure
    Grimacing with pain and confusion
    After many years of suffering and prayer
    But very grateful to God how she was watch over

  • shabz_felix 1w


    In the wilderness of wonder
    Hundreds of sweet words flood my mind
    Travelling with emotions dealt me boldly
    Background layout notable pages of love i ponder

    Time past by so quickly since your love note echoed triumphantly in my bosom
    Repeatedly humble lines filled with me mutual feelings
    Gathered to my heart as embroidered thread chain stitch
    Tears of joy filled with every thought of you daily blossom

    Passionate with comfort care on the wings of faith
    You confess your love for me wholly and jolly
    Fulfilling desires to be my one true shining armour
    Promisingly to love me forever on the twenty eighth

    If I recall correctly imagery of your loving words
    Look as if verses were toasting champagne
    Celebrating in spring with nothing to compare
    Making music to my ears with your vocal cords

  • shabz_felix 1w

    Love letter

    Intoxicated with lyrics
    Authentically unique
    Erect from the heart
    Words of I love you sweetheart
    Play music with my emotions
    I dance to lyrics in motions
    My thoughts rhyme
    In memory I recycled as i dip each time
    True ecstasy cause me gravity
    Loving words poetry printed in my chest cavity
    Perfectly running my heart race
    Drive me to merriment grace
    In the shoe box of dreams
    My love emotions screams

  • shabz_felix 1w

    Miss Felix Cross got exhausted with writing
    Could not feel nor fix bad lyrics that got graded gravely
    As her root canal dead copse carried gloomy stories
    Impacting painful mouth to basically recite melodies poetries