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  • shabz_felix 8h

    Two hearts

    Two hearts were on display of life art gallery
    One of gold and the other of stone
    The heart of gold look pure and refine
    Whilst the stone heart
    Look cold and broken
    Every one attention was
    Turned to the heart of gold
    Whist the stony heart grow lonelier
    And felt rejected day after day
    Like the rain drops cloudy dusty road
    Heart of stone fade with each passing moment
    But the heart of gold everyone heart got stolen
    That brush to paint sunshine in beautiful sight
    That brighten souls even in the darken of night

  • shabz_felix 10h

    @writersnetwork @miraquill #wod #heart
    I have no idea what I wrote there

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    Two hearts

    In my artistic heart was placed a dagger
    It was left there by my a lover
    He could not control his anger
    And there in the cold was left to die
    To love and die for thee sweet art
    As i Farewell to my young heart
    Hold me close to the breast with a slow beat
    Clinging to life induce in me body pain

    But before all these brokenness
    I was beautiful and Innocent bless
    I had dreams hope not die, trust
    Bright hope for future ,cherish
    Settle down in sight ,display
    And serve soul my happy smile
    Paint a heart that let love ,love me more
    And hear voices whispers love in heart

  • shabz_felix 1d

    @thanks for the ❤writersnetwork @miraquill #wod #brave

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    Circumcised by this strange boss
    Tackle and tortured by aching loss
    Accompanied by wind criss cross
    hurriedly agonising the cost

    Like a brassiere strap
    That got trap
    And whilst trying to get free,snap
    Threatening to embarrassed your dress mode

    Wishing to crawl down a deep hole
    Grew reluctant to seek help thread remote
    But put a brave attitude control
    And disappeared ,call me wind if you please

    With every thought of sadness
    Clogged my brain in regress
    Exhausted from life bitter conditions in progress
    Moderate in freedom of rest

  • shabz_felix 2d

    Tough life

    There comes a time in life incision
    When we have to make tough decision
    Even if it tore us apart
    Or break our heart (s)
    Or maybe send us to the grave
    When we have to act brave
    Signing a love one on certified book
    Cause diseases had them on a life support hook
    Life can be tough confusion
    Emotionally and physically after blood transfusion
    Live it ,love it ,cherish it while you have it
    Because a blink of an eye you can lose it

  • shabz_felix 2d

    Mother's Portrait

    By beholding became change
    Be aware of her golden rules

    Fight a good fight of faith baking treats
    Smelling like flowers scented breath

    Bloom when ever sunshine feeds the soul
    Cultivate fruits from planted seeds as a humble task

    This is my Father world with dew drops rain
    her voice sounded like some good old gospel song

    Melted the heart of stones
    Created sculpture to experience art

    Visualizing her different stages of growth
    Tested waters capacity on daily basis

    Subjected to cross rivers up hills
    Run the race of life trouble seas

    A perfect picture of strong minded, love
    Purpose of believe in yourself ,is faith

    Even when the back stands against the wall
    But rightly God got her back

  • shabz_felix 3d

    @writersnetwork @miraquill #wod #song
    Wrote this a while back . but just made a few changes . I hope this make sense
    Inspired by a song but didn't really take into it.

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    Give a reason

    Teardrops fell like rain that day
    This heartache is like curse to my soul
    The air that I breath ,had to exhale
    The center of joy blow my mind
    Loved you like you never care
    Sad to say , time and again
    You played your games skillfully prepare
    And artist of great design ,

    Give me the reason
    Why you had to walk out of my life
    Tell the reason why you had to go
    Text me the reason why you no longer care for me !

    My love for you is far beyond compare
    Said you never ,ever leave my side
    Oh baby ! Tell me where did I go wrong
    How can you make feel this lame ?
    I feel weak as my heart becomes an open space
    My world keeps spinning and spinning around
    And every thing comes crashing down

  • shabz_felix 4d

    Let Christ build you

    Every time a changing is coming
    Build yourself on the Holy word
    For in the word of God
    You will find a strong foundation
    Nothing will hinder your progress
    On Christ the promises
    Reconstruct your home
    Though storms may arise
    Nothing will shaken your walls
    He is the shelter in time of storm
    Hope for your broken home
    Your home (,body )is his temple
    He promise never to live
    Or forsake you
    Build your trust in
    And he will strengthen thy heart
    Teach you the way to build a strong foundation

  • shabz_felix 4d

    @writersnetwork thank for you ❤@miraquill #wod #home

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    Renovating my home

    My home is build on nothing less
    But Jesus word of the lamb
    Covered by his precious blood
    Through my open window
    Let the people see Jesus in me
    With his grace supplies
    My walls are surrounded with
    Praise and adoration
    On the solid word I stand
    Filled the empty spaces
    With design memory text
    As I replace the paper on the walls
    I sanitize the interior decoration
    With prayer to keep the rooms
    Strong in faith and power of might
    Then as I painted the outside walls
    I chose a few colours of the rainbow
    To remind myself to always make
    Jesus is the center of my home

  • shabz_felix 5d

    Forever Friends

    Call into existence by the master words
    To shine in the soul of men hurried world
    Cheerful and cheer all the while
    By the day glorious is beautiful smile
    At night accompanied by some faithful friends
    That dress up with their dazzling blend
    At mountain top peek through the trees
    As they sway through the gentle breeze
    Sometimes sun turns off the blaze with freight
    But in the stillness of night moon brings hope delight
    As the sun rise to obey on hand
    Moon shall shine at God's command
    While some parts of the world take a rest
    Later sun let out its blazing flame to the test

  • shabz_felix 1w

    To my younger

    Dear younger self ,
    As my mind wonder back from time to time
    I am casualty of unfinished task
    Wrestling with words ,on pen and paper
    I begged for peace of mind

    Many things you did were wrong
    With heavy heart in the dark
    Pour out the early contents
    Wearing underskirts way up high
    Behavior of error in terror

    Time I wish I could change
    But heart is filled by your deceptions
    Stale motives of opportunity rejected
    Causing paths to starve me brighter future
    Feeling like an abandoned building birds visited

    Because of your careless mistakes
    The naughty things you said and done
    Will haunt me for the rest of my life
    But I now be of good courage
    And strong for the ones after me
    So in poetry I set a new way of redemption

    I will not my past dictate my future