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  • shaann 154w

    The only way by which someone can hurt u is through your own thoughts

  • shaann 167w

    *last day of school*

    Everyone was busy in sharing contact no. with each other

    I was busy in searching that face last time.

  • shaann 169w

    Happiness is a journey
    Not a destination

  • shaann 170w

    Life goes on with or without you

  • shaann 171w

    Relationship won't heal you
    Being single won't kill you

  • shaann 172w

    Current mood?

    Let's go somewhere far and never return to this mess.My soul is too tired.My heart is too heavy.I want to breathe in peace.I want to live more

  • shaann 174w

    I am so consumed with her thoughts,
    my everyday is only about her.