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  • serinktherapy 31w

    Love is blue love is you love is love love love

    Love love live

  • serinktherapy 33w

    Dearest Somebody

    I feel so alone. Truth is I am.
    Knees on the sand with tears in my hands.
    Fighting in the darkness, fighting against time.
    Finding a way to keep lit, this little light of mine.
    Dearest somebody somewhere please hear my plee.
    Help me find peace in this world, help me remain me.
    Share your life stories, teach me all that you know.
    Listen to mine, be there for me as I grow.
    I feel so alone, Truth is I am.
    Accepting nothing seems to go quite like its been planned.
    Almost as soon as I get excited.
    The darkness gets delighted.
    Ive noticed the pattern, so walk a different path.
    Still see lifes flames, still feel its wrath.
    I tried to continue on for as long as I can.
    But I no longer see a way, Ive ran out of land.
    Goodbye my loved ones, sunshine, rain.
    Goodbye universe, the sea and my pain.
    So many times it was written, my apology and my goodbye.
    Each paper smeared with tears I had cried.
    Even with no response, my deepest feelings I would share.
    I was sure some how someone some where would care.
    It became a ritual though even now the reason why im not certain.
    But Id tell the universe often how I felt like the biggest of burdens.
    How the weight on the world has me brought once more to my knees.
    How if I could be granted more strength Id be still willing to please.
    For I have enough hope, its positivity I need.
    Ive sacrificed all I have, and Im willing to sacrifice myself.
    All I ask is that my kindred be happy and remain in good health.
    But maybe theres a way to grow out of my present self.
    End a phase and start a new book for lifes shelf.
    Maybe being so lost just happened to be fate.
    Maybe theres some magic to knowing how to wait.
    Lately its been a challenge just to stay focussed.
    As I fell under a ferocious hypnosis that has me feeling atrocious.
    But im certain my absence not one soul would notice.
    Then I overcome this overwhelming feeling, inner song plays a new beat.
    Refusing to be under the category labeled defeat.
    I raise to my feet, with head held up high.
    I know my limits are those beyond the sky.
    Regardless of speedbumbs my soul will continue to try.
    And Ill cherish each memory, the dark with the light as they both pass me by.
    Watching the probable and impossible Intertwine.
    Odd against me seem astronomical but ill keep trying.
    Fight with all I have to stop my soul and this world from dying.

  • serinktherapy 34w

    Robotics of my life

    I cant be myself I must remain robotic.
    Translate the messages in my head oh so demotic.
    Tasking my brain to engage my fucking veins.
    So I can once again scratch out my problems on a blank page.

    The words that I speak dont ever matter.
    The ink I bleed ends up just useless ink splatters.
    Those unlegible scribbles of my twisted mind.
    But I do it again and again, time after time.

    On paper I can be human and not so robotic.
    Feeling human once more, I had kinda forgot it.
    Then reality sets in, my minds thoughts sky rocket.
    I hurry to conceal them back into my pockets.

    The sad simple meaning of the robotics of my life.
    Means I never do what I want, I only do what is right.
    Not complaining, just my thoughts, Im not consumed by greed.
    Just someone so lost without even the bare necesities one needs.

    You see today Im 30 but Ive been home all night and day.
    I guess I could blame covid but Ive so much more to say.
    I was paralyzed before the pandemic.
    From lifes fucking options that shit thats systemic.

    So I dont celebrate those suppose to be special days.
    I just stay in overdrive and try to make a better way.
    Wish I was joking but sadly I mean it.
    Defeat of depression has me fucking anemic.

    Itd be no secret to reveal.
    Ive more than missed a few meals.
    But imma be real.
    This is the only deal.
    So Ill make it till im dead.
    Ill take all the pain, all the killing thoughts in my head.

    See Ill miss every meal and still find a way.
    To provide you one more on any and every day.
    See my needs and wants are just foolish endeavours.
    Like me trying to fly without wings or the feathers.

    Though today....I wanted to share just one simple smile.
    Maybe even a laugh, its been quite awhile.
    But reality sets in, forced again to do whats right.
    So I day dream as I reboot myself for the robotics of my life.

    Tired, but tediously tasking myself with treachery of three fucking types.
    Physically exerting myself without energy to replenish.

    Mentally starve myself, hiding every black and blue blemish.

    Silence the stellar nature of my sweet salty soul.

    Remember being a robot and not human ever, that is my role.

  • serinktherapy 35w

    Late at night

    I cant sleep tonight theres too much on my mind.
    Ive been trying since the beginning of night and now its the wee morning.
    Ive not gone but from my bed to my couch but woah , what a journey.

    I cant sleep tonight theres too much on my mind.
    My mind and heart are battling inside.
    My body is running out of time.

  • serinktherapy 36w

    Light of hope

    You know when you wanna be anyone but yourself?
    When no matter how you fight its still a battle with your health?
    Weights start falling everywhere around.
    Started off so tall now so close to the ground.
    So far regardless of its beauty, the rain is just terrential.
    Ever feel time ticking, thinking you lost your potential?
    Sounds real negative but im just trying to say.
    Could you wear these weights and still carry on each day?
    Maybe its a yes
    So for you diamonds in the rough
    No disrespect and stay blessed
    Im simply just trying to point out the edges and how theyre rough.
    See if anyone knows what im saying they know its fucking tough.
    See, I use distance as a luxury,
    A set in place device so people couldnt fuck with me.
    With problems I'd just run from, with no where to run to.
    So I'd run in circles prenteding thats what I wanted to do.
    If you only knew my other choice.
    Stay underwater or above and still lose my voice.
    That's when I decided to finally break free.
    Released the something or someone upset inside of me.
    Drag them all the way to a mirror big enough.
    So we can all reflect and see exactly just how tough.
    This world has to be.
    Tolerating approximately 7 billion you and me's.
    As we shit where we sleep.
    Have a footprint that's bigger than our feet.
    Most advance creatures and this is how we fucking dwell?
    Staying blind to the tragedies and pretend its all swell.
    Lets really try to grasp what the fuck is up?
    Half the world is screaming no! , the other half is cheering yup!
    Ever look to see how many people are living in misery.
    Day in and day out repeating broken history?
    I mean I hear the people daily with their screaming voices.
    As they cry to no one about their lifes choices.
    And others look on like so glad that aint me.
    Oblivious to what a helping hand could be.
    Its ridiculous truly how we mesh together.
    Much progress to be made and a will to control the weather.
    Hope I help you realize how fucked up this world can be.
    Cant believe it truly and dont want that part to include me.
    Ive been struggling for sometime to find the right word for emphasis.
    Only words that come to mind is "our we truly meant for this?"
    Two thirds of the population sheep next third goat.
    Dont know what I am, only that my mind is in overdrive dreaming about hope.
    Cause even with the bigger picture unraveling at its seems.
    I remain with passion, love and some huge fucking dreams.
    Regardless of me feeling every emotion and having a heart a mess.
    I still have my light and I can and will shine it in the darkness.
    Powered by my love, when its dims my heart restarts by trying.
    Powered also by the notion of not another someone somewhere crying.
    So if youre in the shadows trying your damdest to cope.
    I think I know a way, just look for my light of hope.
    Powered also by the notion of not another someone somewhere crying.
    So if youre in the shadows trying your damdest to cope.
    I think I know a way, just look for my light of hope.

  • serinktherapy 36w

    My biggest enemy, my very best friend.

    My biggest enemy, my very best friend.
    Stuck with bitter sweet time till the end.
    Half seconds to break my heart, decades for it to mend.
    My biggest enemy, my very best friend.
    Days mesh to months, those months to years.
    As I try to hide and carry on through the fear.
    The fear of this worlds creation, finding a place amongst the chaos.
    Trying to stay neutral in all the biased cases of ethos.
    Though it seems even the radicals have been silenced by their sadness.
    The worlds in disarray, there is no more method just pure madness.
    I mean YHWH himself couldnt even have planned this.
    The worlds living a lie, future generations have been forcibly curtailed.
    I refuse to believe that somehow we already failed.
    I feel all the pain and see the dissarrangement.
    But its easier to see clear without years of sheeps wool entertainment.
    But how do you get the masses to take off their blinders?
    When we were born with them and were given extras as reminders?
    Mind stimulated from birth to be tame.
    But we are more than just our ID's, more than our names.
    More than any possession, any 15 seconds of fame.
    Exactly what we are worth; cant possible be measured.
    But with our great value comes responsibility and there lays the pressure.
    For we are just the protectors
    Of something much more precious!
    We have the knowledge and resources to make the right choice.
    To protect all biodiveristy and give the voiceless and voice.
    To be truly the guardians of the galaxy.
    Explorers of the stars, held together by gravity.
    All intricate parts of an ancient modern puzzle.
    Who need to vow to not give up no matter how hard the struggle.
    I can foresee the logistical nightmare, but still know we must try.
    For the nightmare is a dream of heaven compared to what will actually transpire.
    If we dont help mother nature reclaim her spot as queen of earths empire.
    My biggest enemy, my very best friend.
    Itll sure be lonely for you if it all comes to an end.
    For we will be no more, no rythme, rhyme or reason.
    But there would be no better fitting punishment for commiting this type of treason
    Than to be cast in pure darkness for an everlasting time
    Just know ill will fight against it, my biggest enemy and very best friend of mine.
    From a child of the universe
    To the bitter sweet body of time.

  • serinktherapy 37w


    More than a pitty hearing that discussion.
    Mouths were moving, producing no precussion.
    Just straight fussin.
    On how the needy should be budgeting.
    So corporations can stay bussling.
    As they skewed the view of the worlds actual present tense.
    Have the masses convinced the new norm is to accept someone insulting your intelligence.
    As we try to gracefully stay poised amongst their poisonous spewing of eloquence.
    As they hope we get trapped and wrapped inside the elegance.
    Offer us a broken system and cry dont worry about the pink elephants.
    Here is the one path allowed, but of course you have options.
    Dream as you like, and drink devilish concoctions.
    Whatever you do dont let your mind sway.
    Thats just when youll see the demand to obey.
    Ive said it before I fear were all doomed.
    How do you stop consumers from being consumed?
    The forces were fighting have no vision of a future.
    They rage war on the world, creating wounds when whats needed is a suture.
    With never ending money coupled with unforseen power.
    I hear a ticking of the clock and its on the last hour.
    We came, we saw, we conquered and then we devoured.
    Now were standing on a dead earth reminiscing when last the rain showered.
    Can you see what I see? The destruction of the seas?
    Can you see what I see? Civilizations being brought to their knees?
    Can you see what I see? The mass deforestation of trees?
    Each underlying secret that has made this world turn.
    Each ever amplifying  extinction event that breaks my heart and gives birth to every deep yearn.
    I cant stop or hide from reality  the truth and all if it i must learn.
    I must unspin this world from all its wrong turns.

  • serinktherapy 37w

    Mother Nature
    Dedicated to my beautiful mother.

    The blood that courses through your veins, boils.
    Your mind is forced to out source some type of strategy.
    Its because Mother Nature is pumping through you,
    You finally feel her pain, doesn't it feel like tragedy.
    She's broken down and beaten, but somehow brings forth life oh so nutrional.
    She wears her bruises like war paints and still loves oh so unconditional.
    She has trained herself to be numb to her own needs.
    She's placed herself last and placed first her seeds.
    She spoke frozen words of winter to them and said "my darlings you are only half of me".
    We responded with sweet summer songs and reminded her " half of her is half of a galaxy!".
    Song vibrated on deaf ears as she's past the point of breaking.
    I watch and hold my breath as I see the whole world start shaking.
    I remember things she did way back when with passion and pride.
    Now I see her losing herself, her soul retreats to hide.
    But we'd all be lost with her, couldnt find our direction if we tried.
    How can you bare to see her destroyed?
    How can you watch her as she cries?
    How can you expect her to love you forever?
    If you stress her so much she dies?
    Everyday I wake to run away, only to begin stumbling.
    But then I hear the quiet, since when did the Earth stop rumbling.
    Look out my window and see Mother Nature painting the morning dawn.
    I stare in amazement wondering, how does one engulfed in chaos stay so calm?
    Somehow she fixes herself and absorbs the shrapnel making wounds of her feelings.
    When she feels the pressure adding, she just raises the metaphorical ceiling.
    I mean I've just been watching for goodness sake.
    I watch ,admire and wonder still could her painting be a mistake?
    How does one stay strong enough to hold us all together?
    How does one stay so humble, when she can conjure up the weather?
    Maybe its becuase she'll love to love and love no less.
    She'll watch the destruction in disbelief, still smile and pick up the mess.
    Maybe this is wrong, but from what I can see.
    Circumstances are tearing the Earth apart, half of her is ceasing to be.
    And I refuse to say to that part of life "just simply rest in peace".
    Now I know I could go one, some points I know I've missed.
    Simply put without her love and guidance we could only wish.
    Wish for life's mercy and hope not to be brutally hurled.
    But maybe.
    We could show her love back , so she can reclaim her world.

  • serinktherapy 37w


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