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  • senroshni295 11w

    A lil girl i was
    Grew up watching you play
    & I knew you were the angel
    Who crossed the heaven's gate
    We've same favorite songs
    And same favorite color
    Like a river in the desert
    You make my life better
    Remember when we were kids
    I fell from your bicycle that day
    I was hurt,
    & You were crying in the next room
    Trying to hide your care away
    The day I said
    You sing really well
    And all day you were
    Jingling like a bell.
    I remember the day i read your diary
    It really made me cry
    Saw my name
    Expected something funny
    But you wrote you missed me
    You're sweet as honey.
    Though we ain't so good to each other
    We'll probably through each other in the trash
    But the days when I was blue
    You always had my back
    You make me calm As a summer day
    I tell you, you're ugly as a butterfly
    When I was losing hope
    You said I could touch the sky
    I wish all you problems
    (Except me) they fly away
    And I get a lot more days
    To say, happy birthday.

  • senroshni295 11w

    Like an unanswered question
    And a bird who haven't stretched her wings
    Fire bursting out of the Woods
    and all those problems you can't fix
    I'm a truth you don't wanna hear
    I am a lie you can't hide
    I'm a fiction you couldn't live
    And a reality you can't write
    I am the Fall you are scared of
    And the crawl in your nightmares
    The clock stuck at eleven past eleven
    And the mystery in number seven
    You don't know me
    But I have walked beside you
    all these times
    I know all your secrets
    And i hear em too
    The whispers in your mind
    I've seen you being cruel
    Seen you being kind
    I met you when you made him cry
    And too when you wiped you tears in your pillow dry
    I'm known for being just
    And for being unfair as well
    For recording the data of deeds
    And for leaving people in their needs
    But all I do is to balance
    Balance, what you get
    And what you deserve
    Sometimes I take you loving things
    Cuz I've drawn the path of your story
    When to give you grief and when glory
    The down you need to climb up
    The dark you need to light up
    The beauty in misery
    And the pattern in a mess
    I can be the tragedy happening midnight
    I can be the calm in your stress
    No one can understand my rules
    But you've to agree to the golden law
    " You can't get what you haven't given
    Can't win if you ain't driven
    You gotta pay for everything
    And the only key is trying"
    I'm beyond magic spells and charm
    I'm a friend evil and a enemy kind
    I'm with everyone you or your grandpa
    Can't believe, ask him who's Karma?

  • senroshni295 11w


    I'm so in love with the word drowning
    Maybe that's the only thing I've ever felt
    Running numb with no desire
    I see fancies & rose gardens
    But they ain't enchanting at all
    I climb mountains and valley of tulips
    But I don't feel like a winner
    No, I don't see no beauty
    I've seen Auroras
    But they don't amaze me
    I don't wanna hear the echo of my voice
    Because I've been hearing
    It all this while
    Inside my head
    Everynight I die
    And my go to grave is a tiny bed
    I see greenery and clear sky
    I can't feel any peace
    No terror by the roar of thunder
    neither by the idea of falling in abyss
    But as I reach the flowing river
    I can hear a known whisper in the flow
    I can see my whole world
    In that transparent glow
    I see myself
    Through those infinite steps
    They've taken so far
    In the silence of the scream travelled
    And in all the things they are.

  • senroshni295 11w

    I was his first doll
    His favorite untill he got another
    He thought I was the most wonderful
    Untill he got one better
    I don't remember the days
    He used to play with me
    But I know I had felt the best thing
    And now , I stay on the shelf
    He loves his new dolls
    He loves em till he gets another
    There's an ache in my heart , I keep ignoring
    I'm begging for some love
    But he touches me only
    When he's angry or numb
    He scolds me
    And counts my flaws, the loudest
    But I choosed to stay
    Thinking that once I was his best
    Pretending I'm not ignored
    I stay on the shelf to rest.

  • senroshni295 13w

    Love and peace are two different turns
    One soothes another burn
    It's the choice your's whatever you choose
    It decided whether you'll end up with a trophy or hors d'oeuvre and booze

  • senroshni295 13w

    Imagine having a single person in the world of 7 billion who can make you happy or sad
    And that one person chooses to make you

  • senroshni295 14w

    No one comes with a smiling face
    But meeting my Mom would have been the most wonderful thing
    Some blurr memories of maybe when I was a couple years old
    Pyrexic, in her arms
    In my safest place , terrorizing her
    She lost a young girl before me
    A beautiful one
    Time flies, with the best picture you clicked
    Funny that, before I even knew myself
    I was keeping her secrets
    I was her best friend
    Knew some scariest realities, not every child gets to know
    Made my head a little older than my heart
    I was her best friend
    Little did I knew, I was special
    Perhaps I still am
    Cuz she never fakes it
    She laughs the hell outta her
    And cries her heart out.
    Though she can control herself
    Enough to smile through a crisis
    To Stay mobile by a pause
    enough to melt a rock
    To feel relief through a loss
    I love laughing at her jokes
    And she makes me even if I don't want
    She turns gloom into Merry
    Like my birthday when I turned fifteen
    Over the phone I told her
    I was grateful that she's my mom
    Her giggles turned silent, yet warm
    She loves like nothing and no one
    generouse and genuine, so gentle
    It's like the colors that beautify
    Gives life a meaning,
    Like green grass and blue sky

  • senroshni295 17w

    You'll sing songs of me & will make movies
    But I swear they won't be about velvet and rubies
    Like those outlaws,
    I'll escape the prison, you made for me.
    I'll be a story of dream , freedom and Victory.
    With blood, I'll write my own destiny.
    A scar to your abilities,
    I'll challenge your audacity.
    Like those women of history,
    Bonnie Parker and Anne Bonny.

    I'll wander with pride,
    Will haunt your dark souls, like a sword and a knife.
    Maybe you'll prove me wrong,
    Yet you'd be the lackadaisical and I'd be the strong.

    "Femme fatale" is what you'll call me
    Though you'll just be scared that a woman is free.
    Like those infamous legends
    I'll break all of your rigid boundaries
    Will end the toxic masculinity.
    I'll be an empress, catastrophic.
    Will fight like a worrior, sober and Stormy.
    & I'll die like a queen of humanity.
    Like those women of history,
    Bonnie Parker and Anne Bonny.

  • senroshni295 19w

    Spilled water,
    The ink faded,
    I tore the pages of my diary.
    Each, which had your name on it,
    Ashamed of the girl you made me
    But thank god, i grew up.
    Ashamed that I was listening to every word,
    But thank God , I forgot the voice.
    Maybe, THE noise.
    I should've burned the pages,
    But coldness hurts the most.
    Now I'll smash it and throw it,
    Cuz it's as worthless as my time spent with you.
    And I guess it's funny,
    That how those fragile pages were always vulnerable to fire and cold.
    They could never stand it.
    Still we scribble our hearts out on them.

  • senroshni295 19w

    "Bye" he said ,
    Like he always used to.
    And a long pause
    The melody in voice
    That I've always I known
    Started sucking.
    Flowers to knifes, Words change.
    Worlds change.
    Always afraid of the line between hell & heaven.
    Same eyes
    Weren't reflecting the same soul.
    He was gone
    and Never came back.
    From ninth cloud to on my knees.
    Lost a lot, learned a lot.
    Happened, the once in a life time.
    And ended like a forever.
    And I regret,
    Like everyone does.
    Not that it happened,
    But the words that are still unspoken
    The question, still unanswered.
    The jokes, I wanted to laugh at.
    The memories, I wanted to miss.
    That unhappend sparkle and that unhappend bliss.