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  • selenartemis 36w

    You are not selfless.

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    And he asked me.

    “Why are you like that?

    Everytime someone tries to love you, you always try to push them away. Everytime someone tries to give the love you deserved, you always try to distance yourself.”

    I replied,

    “Because I feel like I don't deserve it. I feel like my only purpose in here is to love. And not be loved. I have this thought that instead of loving me, those who love me can love someone else who really deserves it.”

    And I cried when he replied,

    “I hate you! You're not selfless. You are selfish to yourself.”

  • selenartemis 40w

    Be Afraid and Still Do It

    I admit, I'm always afraid. I'm afraid of anything new. I'm scared with anything unfamiliar. In a deeper sense, I'm frightened everytime I walk out of my shell. But, I will never become better too if I won't face those fears. That's why I tell myself that it's okay to be afraid, but I should still do it. No matter what happens, in the end it will help me grow.

  • selenartemis 46w

    If no one is proud of you, be proud of yourself.

  • selenartemis 47w

    The one who chooses you.

    One day you'll meet someone that is meant for your soul and you won't even have to try so hard just to let them stay, 'cause it will be their choice to keep on choosing you because they know you're worth fighting and staying for.

  • selenartemis 49w

    Heavy Feeling

    The reason why I have this fright of being attached with someone. 'Cause I get so much pain whenever they needed to leave.

  • selenartemis 50w

    When you feel abandoned, lost, and hopeless. Please do not forget that God won't let you be there forever. Light will come. You will be found. Hold there tight, just hold there a little bit longer. It will be okay in time.

  • selenartemis 50w

    Little by little

    May all those who have dreams, gets closer to it.

    Step by step.

  • selenartemis 51w

    Think. Think.

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    The Ocean is green.
    Leaves are blue.
    The world is found.
    Lost and round.
    The moon is bright
    During the night.
    Guess what's right?
    Yes it might.

  • selenartemis 51w

    I love darkness, it's a way for me to not be able to see how chaotic my environment is. But, sometimes I'm afraid of it. I'm afraid 'cause I feel like I'm lost.

  • selenartemis 52w

    I hope in the next years, we are all genuinely happy.