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  • sel_ethereal 47w

    The Call of the Voice

    It calls,it beckons from within
    It screams out the unheard,
    It speaks the untold
    Never anything but soothing;
    Tells me to do the unthinkable.
    It is the call of the voice.

    That one true thread
    Entwined among the million magical ones;
    Urging me to think the unimaginable;
    That one voice which latches onto reality
    Yet leads me to a fantasy.
    It is the call of the voice.

    It makes me do things I never had the courage for
    Lets me imagine the ethereal world.
    The ray of creativity shining in the darkness,
    It clasps my hand and leads me on
    Through the road of my heart.
    It is the call of the voice.

  • sel_ethereal 53w

    Today I am going to use this platform to talk about something sensitive.
    No it's not about racism.But it's about something that is equally controversial. Mental health. We grow up hearing people with a notorious character streak being called 'mental'. That's where the seeds of that false mindset are sown. You start believing that it is weak to admit being mentally ill. Because at the end of the day, you don't wanna be left out. You believe that it's fine, everyone goes through such things. You convince yourself that you are perfectly healthy even when you are crumbling inside.
    Because you have been told that being "mental" is scary. Because you don't want to be a burden to your loved ones. Because you still believe that one day you"ll riseup from the ashes and fly to new heights. Because you are convinced that you can fight these monsters alone. But why? We admit our physical illness and get it checked. So why do we not care about our mental wellbeing? It's ok to feel lost sometimes. It's ok to keep it all in if that's what you want to. But most importantly, it's ok when your cover cracks once in a while, it's ok to loose that fake smile once in a while. It's ok to feel frustrated. But it's not ok to give up. Because you have so much more to achieve in your long journey called life. Keep going. You got this.

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    Break the stigma
    [Mental health]

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  • sel_ethereal 54w

    Why is there is a need to prove
    When black lives are in fact PRECIOUS?
    Why do we need to emphasise
    Time and again that one's race and skin color
    Isn't one's qualification?
    Why is it that we stand silent
    Until a brutal murder occurs?
    Why does the need to fight
    This battle come up?
    In this era where man is said to be the smartest creature on Earth,
    Why does such shameful things occur?
    We don't differentiate between
    Dogs of different colours and breed,
    Are black human lives not worth
    More than that?
    Let's speak up, not just for George Floyd,
    But for all our black brothers and sisters,
    To make this world a place where
    They can cherish their lives
    And fulfill their dreams
    Instead of hiding in the shadows
    For the fear of loosing their lives.

    Because their skin colour isn't as dark as some hearts.


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    Black Charm

  • sel_ethereal 57w

    Finding ourselves

    We have travelled through different lands,
    Walked through diverse terrains;
    Now it's time to travel to the worlds beyond,
    Walk through the paths within us.

  • sel_ethereal 59w

    What do you do, when the people who were the reason you once smiled, the reason you wanted to go ahead in life become the reason for your sorrows?

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    They say that I look sad.
    As if a shadow had fallen over me.
    But maybe it's just that
    Their company had managed to
    Shatter all those pieces I had been holding together
    For so long.

  • sel_ethereal 64w

    The race of life
    Is not about
    Finishing first,
    But about
    Running well.

  • sel_ethereal 68w

    Let's put the world behind us
    And do what we want to do.
    Cause we are too young to care.
    And old enough to believe
    In the magic of every moment.

  • sel_ethereal 78w

    I agree,
    There are a few mysteries surrounding you,
    Which make people push you aside,
    But come, walk into my embrace,
    And I'll never judge you.
    Instead I'll let you escape,
    Let you be happy
    Just the way you are.

    PS: Don't forget to bring your passport and camera and your smile :-)

    - Journey


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    An escape.
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  • sel_ethereal 78w

    Don't go looking for reasons
    Why the Caged Bird sings,
    Look for reasons why the bird is caged.

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  • sel_ethereal 79w

    Even if everything falls down;
    Even if my whole world tears apart;
    Even if I am a bit small
    and not as strong as some,
    Know that I shall still rise.

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    I still shall rise.
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