I'm not crazy , my reality is just different from others ��

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  • sejalkesare_ 72w

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    A day during the lockdown seems quite pacifying until it does not . How do you get away from something that's being so familiar to you forever ? It was very difficult for me.

    I tell myself that this is the time to channel my concentration into doing something useful . But I simply cannot .
    My mind is disturbed with the sufferings around me --
    People dying trying to get home . People at this time have been reduced to mere statistics , which tends to fuel fear every passing day .
    I tune my ears to the news in hope of hearing something good but all I hear is number of deaths and infection increased.

    The afternoon passes with onset of evening . I stare at the sky long enough to see the sun disappeare , as a frightening silence engulfes me again .

    These day I utter a prayer to no one in particular Evey night before going to sleep and I wish each day , that we wake up the next morning in a place far from where we are now .

    But you have a family who is everything for you .
    As I make my way through my room . My mother's voice wafts in from the kitchen , she is singing , then my father hands me a piece of paper with names scribbled on it . He explains there were names my mother consider for me before I was born and I see my current name on top of the list .

    Heart-deep as I am in this nostalgic Whirlpool , I now see my father stnad up . And as if in a surreal vision , I hear and see my mother's singing voice pave a path for my father , as he moves farther and farther away carrying the box of my childhood memories with him and my brother giving training of how to use phone to my �� dog ( Kittu )


    Hey guys I'm finally back after 7 to 8 months ...this quarantine gave me lot of time ...and I thought to be back ...I miss you a lot ..hope you all are fine and doing well....

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    My quarantine story


  • sejalkesare_ 100w

    Sometimes I wish I could get a refund on the time I have invested in people that weren't worth in the end .

  • sejalkesare_ 113w

    Somebody ask me if I knew you .
    A million memories flash through my mind but I just smile and said I used to .

  • sejalkesare_ 114w

    I can fake a smile I can pretend to be happy , I can do lot of things , but I can't pretend that I don't love you

  • sejalkesare_ 118w

    We're a mess
    You and I ,
    But the truth is ,
    You captivate me in ways
    No soul ever will

  • sejalkesare_ 119w

    I will never be that friend who rings you everyday but I will always be that friend you can rely on when your world collapse .

  • sejalkesare_ 120w

    Distance yourself for a bit .
    You'll realize a lot .

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  • sejalkesare_ 122w

    Dear friend �� @solely_you_
    I have never actually met you in person . never talked to you to face to face . never heard you laugh out loud right in front of me . just listen your laugh over the phone miles away .
    And though this post could never fully tell you how blessed I am to have a friend like you ��and thanks you for always making me smile. No Matter how crazy our conversation are . you never fail to cheer up me . belated happy birthday.

    Due to busy schedule I could not post any thing earlier so little bit late ��

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  • sejalkesare_ 122w

    Someone asked me what is unconditional love ?

    I looked at my mother