Just another mundane in Archimedes' creek Yet wonder, why's the devil afraid of this bleak August 31

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  • sehgalvedant 3w

    First watched The Witcher
    Then watched some depressed teens on instagram
    Then watched the mirror
    Then picked up the pen
    @miraquill @writersnetwork
    #pod #miraquill #writersnetwork

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    Courage is Tough to Come By

    You know, courage is tough to come by. Fear is an illness, as Geralt of Rivia said, it consumes you from inside if left untreated. The best option is to face it. But we are not wired that way. Maybe I could have come for you, maybe I could have saved myself in an attempt to save you. But redemption is just an idea that gives you hope in the silence, when you yearn for voices. It's easy to idealize the perfect life, to do things you always wanted to do, to say things you feel, to run after something you long for because apparently, life is too short and nobody wants to have a feeling of emptiness on their deathbed. But the fact is, we may not live for centuries but we are certainly going to wake up tomorrow and face the consequences of our decisions. I, for one, have never felt whole since the day I took my decisions, but sometimes it feels the part I removed has grown too much to be placed back. Certainly, it brings with itself lessons I can’t ever forget but it has memories I can’t really dismiss. And all the fast I can run, I run, but it makes no difference if the path is circular. If I could, I would’ve come back but the fear of losing what I may have earned in this void, the ability to embrace the darkness, holds me back and the fear of forgetting where I came from doesn’t let me move forward. It’s funny how our human minds love complications. But like I said earlier, courage is tough to come by. I wish it were that easy…


  • sehgalvedant 12w


    There's something about the cold
    That makes me go back in time
    Like I travelled along the shiver down my spine
    Maybe I'm a fallen soldier
    Or perhaps another leaf of the autumn
    Maybe the reverberations that escaped as I hit the rock bottom

    How so many like me fall for you
    Just another leaf in your garden
    Is it the crackle of those like me
    Or is it the symphony of your laughter
    That still brings me joy, after I've lost so much
    And brings me out of my web of despair
    I remember a time when I judged no one
    And now I don't even pretend to care

    Years I adorned this smile
    Only to see the winter come and turn me cold
    When all I needed was a friend to call
    In times when I saw the darkness unfold
    And I breathed and breathed, till it was all I got
    And somehow managed to make it through alone
    Slowly the cold seemed way more comforting
    Than living with my fears untold

    There wasn't a word that didn't hurt my soul
    But somehow, with you, life felt secure
    Made me see all the little things
    Made me appreciate my life more
    And one day I started to wither away
    You saw my colours fade and my sanity break
    Only if you had tried to hold
    Imagine if you hadn't let go

    And now it's been a long long time
    I've reached the surface just to find
    How long can I even stay
    Till my breath starts to fade away
    I'm trapped in this painful web
    The bare wall has stories to tell
    My art has someone else's sign
    My tale doesn't end that well

    At last I'm just another fallen soldier
    Or perhaps a leaf of the autumn
    But this time I'm way above
    Please don't let me hit the rock bottom
    One day when you're walking through this forest
    Perhaps you'll hear my sound
    Am I just another fallen leaf
    Or will I get the benefit of doubt


  • sehgalvedant 45w


    Take me back to the time
    When I was one cheerful soul
    When exurberance followed my footsteps laden
    And sands had a layer of rock beneath
    And time was a friend who waited and waited
    And never did I become my biggest critique
    When I could cry and make a flaw
    And let it go as a childhood fallacy
    When pain was a concept in books and business
    And worry was not stuck inside my frown
    When I was a poem that flowed like a river
    And I could meet my eyes in the mirror
    When heavy was just the bag of groceries
    And future was not a pondered upon topic
    When sleep was only to rest my heart
    And not a path to another dreadful reality
    When I was loquacious and a child of dreams
    And never refrained from letting it out
    When my mind could fly freely inside
    And never did I fear how far it wandered
    When the melodies only enchanted my soul
    And the lyrics never mattered a lot
    When nostalgia was all the missing memories
    And not the uncertainty that lied beyond
    When my pleasures were limited and little things mattered
    And my failures were laughed at by me all along
    When loss was subjective and insecurities were futile
    And I would run but wasn't scared to fall

    Take me back to the time
    When life for me was a euphoric ballad
    When my head was light, my heart was free
    And I was an artist of mirth and glee
    When pain was a concept in books and business
    And worry was not stuck inside my frown
    When I was a poem that flowed like a river
    And I could meet my eyes in the mirror


  • sehgalvedant 58w

    It's been hard for me, faking a smile. And I know there are a thousand others like me who are going through tough times, and the pandemic is only making it worse for them. I as a writer wanted to connect with all such people, to have and give a feeling that neither you, nor me, nor anybody is alone. We are always together, and I think it's time I appreciate you all who have always stayed with me. Let's all just stay strong like this, fake a smile, pretend to be happy, and then one day, we'll not be pretending anymore
    I don't know why I am doing this, but sometimes giving love is all you need to be happy.
    @mirakee @writersnetwork #pod #writersnetwork #mirakee

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    You Are NOT Alone

    I can't even imagine how hard it must be
    For the people who are suffering mentally
    But I am a sufferer too, I must tell you
    And you are not alone, we are always there for you

    We are people, we are emotions
    We are creators, we are the notions
    We are the questions searching for answers
    We are the music, we are the dancers

    We are the sorrows of the joy we lost
    We are a reflection of the times we fought
    We are the shadows, that merge in the dark
    We are the lessons, that made us what we are

    We are nothing but a group of painful smiles
    We are nothing but a journey of a thousand miles
    We are the tears that have drained our eyes
    We are nothing but the ponderers in sleepless nights

    We are happiness we lost on the way
    We are the confessions, too hard to say
    We are expectations that are broken
    We are feelings, yet to be spoken

    We are overthinkers whose minds have gone astray
    But we are the problems, that aren't here to stay
    We are the past that has merged into the today
    Just remember everything happens for good, and we'll be okay!


  • sehgalvedant 65w


    A flat storyline is not enthralling enough to reverberate between hearts over the ages. The peaks of a heartbeat stand justified when adventure is blended in the blood of a being. And as appealing as it may sound to have a clear path ahead, with a regular flow of timely necessities, our death bed shall not feel the need to make us jump and live a memorable life. Work should arguably be on top of our lists, but at the end of the day, our pen should itself be able to write a riveting fable of our existence.

    Peaks of a lifeline are not always upwards, and there's no triumph unless we have a pit to crawl out of. Having a spirit is not enough, for freedom will always require us to embrace the challenge and trust the rocks.
    Rising requires us to take a fall, and the most who enjoy the warmth of their beds, hardly have something to smile over before their departure.

    You are not expected to skydive over the Grand Canyon. But feelings altogher can enhance the meaning of our existence. Moments can be lost, but the deeper you dive into them, the longer their essence stays. The cold in the October, the breeze of the autumn can be astounding enough to be relished. The loss of your shadows into the night can be insightful enough to intrigue you into what lies hidden from your eyes. The noise of the world around you is no less than a symphony, unless you have the dance in yourself.

    Even the most memorable stories we read today are called Epics. And epic is what stays recorded and remembered over the years, not a flat lifeline. So don't die a hundred deaths daily, live a hundred lives daily, so that at your death, your life can proudly announce, "Finally I am flat."


  • sehgalvedant 68w

    Just a simple post appreciating love in our lives ❤
    @mirakee @writersnetwork

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    She's different
    She's like a flower that spreads her fragrance
    She's not a person, she's a feeling, she's an aura you surround yourself with
    She's an obsession
    She's the one who absorbs you
    She's not someone who comes and goes
    She's the wind that carries you along

    Her laughter becomes a rythm for your ears
    Her smile is like the cresent moon, you can just gaze for hours
    Her eyes are an addiction, you cannot just look away
    She's perfect, with a beautiful heart, a beautiful soul, and that sweet little dimple on one side
    She's like a dream, because you don't know when she became a part of your heart, but you just feel lost into it
    She's an intricate art form, with complexities that embrace you from each corner, till you are just a drop of paint in front of that magnificent canvas
    She's just like I said, and at the same time she's someone else
    Because she cannot be described in few lines
    You just can't describe her
    She's like a sword that turns into a petal with each hit
    She's just a beautiful mess, like the autumn leaves that create a texture on ground, that hits the soul
    Her memory is enough to make you write for hours, and still end up feeling frustrated because she's still so much more than you can explain
    She's an ocean you can't swim
    You just drown and drown, and there's no coming back
    She's too good to be happening to me, and I am too lucky to have her in my life
    Her presence is enough to soothe me
    She has the most beautiful heart, beautiful set of lips, beautiful eyes, beautiful nose, beautiful hair, an irresistible charisma, she's a blessing.
    Her movements are like a goddess, her each movement is a blissful step touching your soul
    She a rush, a passion, a choas for your mind
    She's everything I could've ever imagined


  • sehgalvedant 96w

    Long time, no see, huh!?

    Thanks @mirakee @writersnetwork for your resposts ❤
    #pod #mirakee #writersnetwork

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    What do you want to know,
    What do you want to see,
    Are you okay with what you are,
    Where do you want to be?
    Do you ever escape the ordinary,
    Or silently accept what they want you to see?
    Do you like to sit back and relax on your couch,
    Or are you in search of answers constantly?

    Does the silent night excite you,
    Does the dripping water send shivers down your spine?
    Is the battery of your phone just for your dose of Netflix
    Or have you ever tried to explore the lithium inside?
    Do you happen to challenge your beliefs
    Or are you unaffected by anything whatsoever?
    It is said that Einstein used 10 percent of his brain
    Did you even think of doing slightly better?!

    Do you drink and scream in your heartbreaks
    Or hug someone and share your pain for a while,
    Or did you ever sit locked inside in a corner,
    Weeping silently, immobile on the bathroom tiles
    Have you ever kept things to yourself,
    Just because of your inability to share it with others,
    Did you ever try the professional act of overthinking,
    And realize that you can do unspeakable wonders?

    Are you so interested in watching movies
    And waiting for the ultimate climax to unfold
    That you never come up with a beautiful thought
    Of writing an incredible storyline of your own?
    Does the tree in your window look good
    Or honestly, you never noticed it before?
    Well, it has around 584 leaves per branch
    And I am still counting, just so you know.

    Does your weekend plan sound good
    With inclusion of a cafe and your large group,
    Or have you ever tried to brew your own coffee
    And sit on a white chair alone on your patio with a book?
    Does being on the stage excite you and seem like an opportunity
    And do you feel amazingly confident in front of the lens?
    Ever thought what it would be like for those
    Who can't even be a part of the audience?

    Have you ever meditated in the morning
    Or tried to spend some time in the quiet?
    Those EDMs may seem appealing in the concerts,
    Ever tried the taste of Beethoven's Sonata Moonlight?
    Did you ever engage in a fight and win
    Or got a chance to inflict some pain?
    Atleast you never had to absorb your anger
    And use your diary at your home to drain.

    You have never tried to question life,
    Never did you try to explore your brain,
    Too absorbed in the reality you seem to be,
    Trust me, the fantasy of your own mind is truly insane.
    Fiction is beautiful and divine
    And much more pleasant than reality,
    What could be more amazing than the power
    To control and be whatever you want to be.

    Yeah we are indeed those introverts
    Welcome to our world, my dear
    Shh, now please be quiet
    Minds are at work here


  • sehgalvedant 106w

    Been a long time since I wrote something, hope you like it. Maybe the lack of practice is evident, but I'm hoping to get back on track.
    This is just another chain of dark thoughts crossing my mind, considering the present war situations between different countries. I wish everything gets back to normal. Have a read, hope you like it!
    @mirakee @writersnetwork
    #mirakee #writersnetwork #pod

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    S U R V I V O R

    With seering pain and crippled eyes,
    I wake reluctantly on the liquid ground
    Just to get a glimpse of the lightning skies
    And the horrors of the macabre bloodshed around

    Waking on this corpse filled road,
    Shall I sing a ballad of my own
    A land I once trusted for a living
    Withers away beneath the flesh and bone

    Crimson blood oozing out
    Of forlorn scars embellishing the skin,
    Trickles down the crooked ground;
    Mementos of the demolished kin

    Never did I dream of ravenous ravens
    Nor did I wish to expose these hideous fiends
    From reality to paper, I painted my thoughts
    Blood red, fiery yellow became the canvas of mine

    Land of science that once hoped
    Of artificial minds and cheerful days,
    Begs for a cell to evolve
    For the birth of a new race

    A lonely me gets to taste the doom,
    A filthy me gets to rule this shattered home,
    What am I, the Solitary Reaper of the farm
    Or the Khaleesi from Game of Thrones

    Just the tiny bits of flesh I procure
    Force me to renounce my faith,
    The tangerine sky soars high above
    While the red decorates the surface

    Wherever I turn, the stench of blood catches me
    And my pondering mind takes a fall
    Am I blessed to be the only survivor
    Or am I surviving the worst fate of all?!


  • sehgalvedant 119w

    October is one of the most enchanting months in India.
    From the Navratras to Diwali, the chain of festivals give the nature a different allure. It's neither too cold, nor too hot; it's a perfectly pleasant weather. The wind starts to blow a little bit and everything seems to be surreal.
    And how can one forget the lovely powerful fragrance of Raat Ki Rani flower (Night-Jasmine)
    I get a different feeling in this month which makes October very close to my heart. As a result, I wrote this
    #mirakee #pod #writersnetwork #ceesreposts
    @mirakee @writersnetwork

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    A little cold blends in the air
    As the zephyr brushes past my merry hair
    Scented flowers puff a cloud of glee
    Ahoy! Nature's got a sense of tranquility

    The grass is greener, even on the other side
    The tree discovers it's branches got wide
    The wind blows across the patio as I drink my wine
    Somewhere the players sigh; their shuttlecock's no longer in line

    Autumn or spring, all envy the weather
    Even the insects understand, nothing can be better
    A pleasant sky above; crumbling leaves below
    Fireflies got a greener room to glow

    The cold morning is what the paper guys hate
    My door knows the newspaper's gonna be late
    My frappes turn into hot coffee and tea
    The blankets and water heaters suddenly start to suit me

    Festivals start to spread their allure
    I see my friends and family more than before
    The flames sparkle brighter than the stars
    The wind's whistles are more mellifluous than the guitars

    The beauty enchants me as I lay under the dark night
    The stars dazzle around the faint moonlight
    The Night-Jasmine gets stronger than ever
    The fragrance makes an hour seem like forever

    There's a certain pleasure, even though my nose gets sore
    October just tapped on my summer door
    A feeling I get, I can't describe
    I fell in love at first sight


  • sehgalvedant 131w

    Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder
    ~John Keats

    #mirakee #writersnetwork #pod #ceesreposts
    @mirakee @writersnetwork

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    Down the sun went when the hour arrived
    Across the horizon; sprinkling cries
    Triggered waves on the bed beneath
    Till the surface scattered the moonlight

    A million little stars did shine
    Twinkling conversations, seemingly clandestine
    With a large sphere in between, all white
    Complementing the resplendent design

    Gases disembodied with each star's fall
    Wishes rested upon the shoulders of the ball
    Saw the most alluring scene before melting
    A little hopeful smile on the face of a doll

    Explosives inherited the space above
    Vivid nebulas reproduced assorted curves
    And filled the voids with divine hues
    Till the black hole got on their nerves

    Galaxies narrated the entangled stories
    Of sparkling formations and lethal theories
    Each glistening dot connected to the other
    And the constellations announced their glory

    In the middle, the moon brightened
    The stars dazzled, the sky enlightened
    The fields and the waters rejuvenated
    Whilst the graveyard guard got frightened

    My eyes turned weary and the night got colder
    I got off the roof and glanced beside my shoulder
    The night sky had a charm of its own
    And I, perhaps, got the eyes of the beholder

    ©Vedant Sehgal