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  • seenuinfent 3d

    Forced love is detrimental.
    So is affection!

  • seenuinfent 2w

    There are some people in my life,
    who once were friends, but now strangers.
    And then,
    there are some others,
    who once were strangers,
    but now, family.

  • seenuinfent 3w


    Oh, my beloved month
    Orange fills your days
    Opal is the gem you embrace.
    Ought to seize you but
    Only left behind as one.
    Oddly waiting for good tides but
    Opinionated sounds I, better to be calm.

  • seenuinfent 4w

    A coward knight

    Each passing day was a reminder for Eric that he was caught in the cage of routine and he just didn't know how to break free. He would wake up every day and keep gazing at the horizon like an immobile rock. Then one day, he thought of ending this monotonous life that would never let him breathe but would rather pressurise him. He stood beside the door in the living room and kept thinking why would life be never fair with him. He was desolate and felt dejected, that he couldn't be up to his own calculations. His fate of sadness immersed so deep that they delve right into his chest and he soon felt weary. His family or his friends might never realise him, but he was on the verge of losing hope from years before. And now, finally he thought of giving up.

    Each step he took in his life was selcouth. People at times called him crazy, but he never cared. He knew no remarks could halt him, for his soul was content with his actions. He was an irenic one for his acquaintances but the irony is he never had a peaceful life. From a soul, who loved sunshine, flowers and seaside, he took the turn to a monotonous life that made him suffer long. Now, he could no longer be in this state. He could no longer feel his feet. He is numb, right now. His heart suffered alot. No more, said his mind too. The thought of giving up was a frustration before but now that's an adorable option. For once and all, everything will be over.

    He moved straight to the kitchen with no one around to see how hard this soul is trying to hold back. The cutlery kept in the rack was gazing at him and he couldn't resist the urge of his mind to pick them. He went and chose a knife that shined like a beautiful armour, which was in fact a real comfort for him. He knew it might be painful but he couldn't wait. The thought of being curseful and ending up as an otiose to his family, friends and everyone else was soul drenching. So he took the armour and kept it close to his chest and pulled it in. Greatly, I chose the right one, the armour smirked. Another knight let his life from blood to ashes for the sake of living. What an amazing life! Eric was no more. The thought of being nothing carved him alive that long ago his soul died and the remains was his body, which moved around for ending up the same.

    " Eric, Eric", his name was shouted by his mother. Dear, you got an interview today. Get up or else you will be late. What was this, Eric tried moving, but he couldn't. Is mom shocked to see him like this, confused and helpless he tried opening his eyes. Surprisingly, he was lying on his bed with no armour and with no scars. Was that a dream? He wondered. He felt it so deep and it was so real that the thought triggered his emotions touch his soul. He realized, he was not dead. It was indeed a long dream.

    He stood up and moved again to the kitchen to see what happened to his armour and exasperated was he to see his mother cutting onions with it. Nothing was real. He took his entire courage to kill him but that was a feign act. He get back to his room to get ready for the routine that promised him mere survival.

    It's said a coward might have many deaths but a brave would die only once. But today there are more coward knights than the brave ones. Eric was one such knight, who wish to give up, but couldn't.

  • seenuinfent 4w

    He winked, the stars twinkled and I blushed.

  • seenuinfent 4w

    Love is memory for me, when you're not around.

  • seenuinfent 4w

    If I could embrace books till my death,
    I would have never thought of love twice...

  • seenuinfent 4w

    Actions speak louder than words

    A fool was she,
    to be blindfolded
    and swallow each words of yours'
    honey filled lies.
    But thank God,
    She never would ever
    believe in you again.
    The way your actions spoke
    were enough to halt her
    love for trust.
    But since she was a Phoenix,
    meant to soar high,
    your words failed to clamp her down.

  • seenuinfent 5w

    Beauty is upon your eyes
    when I could see myself in them.
    The beauty is upon your words
    when they never intent to hurt someone.
    The beauty is upon your nature
    of caring someone and being with them.
    The beauty is upon you like stars in sky
    they twinkles, but not in real.
    The beauty is upon you like the dewdrops
    for a moment you were there, but now...

  • seenuinfent 5w

    There was
    a lone girl and a familiar song.
    She walked every single day
    through the Boulevard.
    'You turn a page and touch another life'
    was her favorite line from the song.
    It was an earworm and she kept
    on remembering the same.
    People on the street never
    felt concerned for her.
    And one day, the lone girl
    nevermore passed the aisle.
    The birds and the snow
    stayed wondering of
    'where did the girl disappear ',
    until the day,
    when her remains appeared.
    People grew their concerns
    for their pretentious selves
    but never knew,
    what died before her death.
    But the nature knew
    for, when she passed the streets
    she cried saying;
    I loved you more than I loved myself.
    But the moment between saying
    goodbye and leaving was the worst.
    @miraquill @writersnetwork

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    Every single day she walked,
    listening to the song,
    until one day when she disappeared.
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