i love to write quotes it feel good to write to express our thoughts through our heart to touch there soul...

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  • seema5 8w


    Having patience is very mandatory in life
    It's being worthful when it come in real situation..
    ©seema jadhav

  • seema5 9w


    Never hurt someone who love u....
    Never disrespect someone who care 4u ...
    Never ever demotivate someone ...
    Who really appreciate u....
    ©seema jadhav

  • seema5 10w


    क्यों इस कदर इंसान गिर जाते हैं
    अपने उसूल पर कायम नहीं हो पाते हैं ।।
    सच्चे प्यार को झूठा समझ कर
    हर वक्त उससे बेवफाई करते हैं।।
    © सीमा जाधव

  • seema5 10w


    Sacchi yaadein sacchi baatein kabhi tute nahin sacchi yaadein sacchi baatein kabhi tute nahin waqt ke saath
    chalte chalte ankhon ke ansu ruk te nahin ...
    ©seema jadhav

  • seema5 11w

    #life is unfortunate#life is undesirable#life is misleading..

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    Why I'm not becoming worth it
    Life is giving me so many
    chance but
    I'm denying the way of
    describing it
    It really misfortunate
    for me
    Does it become
    reliable for me
    Or it will be remain
    constant through out
    the year ???????????
    ©seema jadhav

  • seema5 11w


    Life is uncertain
    Life create opportunities
    Harsh words ruined ur life ...
    ©seema jadhav

  • seema5 11w


    People see day dreams and
    dreams to fulfill it...,
    Life give us many chance
    to drive it ....
    People get many
    To describe it ......
    ©seema jadhav

  • seema5 11w


    Dil ke baade hamraaz hai hamare ....
    Dil par kitne ghav hai hamare....
    Kahane ke liye hum akele hi Sahi ....
    Waqt ke aage hum mohtaaj tho nhi....
    ©seema jadhav

  • seema5 12w


    I'm alone I'm alone
    Can't believe ,,,,,,
    I'm alone
    My desire is alone ,,,,,,,
    My feeling is alone
    Why people don't understand
    My feeling
    That's why I'm alone I'm alone ....
    ©seema jadhav

  • seema5 12w


    Life is beautiful
    But people make it worst
    Life is short
    But people make it worth full
    Life is miserable
    But people make it wonderfull
    Don't be surprised to see ur life complicated
    But see it reach at high level of expectation ...
    © seema jadhav