Fear is what bounds us......fear is what compels us to break all boundaries

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  • searching_soul 91w

    Never break one's belief.
    It might be something that makes them the individual who they are.

  • searching_soul 91w

    I wake up from my land of dreams just to walk into the chaos of reality.

  • searching_soul 91w

    जिस दिन सीरत से प्यार करने लगोगे,
    वो इंसान दुनिया में सबसे खूसूरत लगने लगेगा।


  • searching_soul 93w

    No amendments can now be made,
    For fire in the heart has been raged.
    In your cold words did she always shiver,
    And now all it has made her is just bitter.

  • searching_soul 100w

    Company of the old
    can redefine your
    messed up soul

  • searching_soul 101w

    My words, my prayers, my work
    Everything is in my books.
    Their thoughts surround me,
    While I fight the world on my own hook.
    My intelligence would speak all
    Is what I mistook.
    Because all they concern me,
    Is with what I look.


  • searching_soul 105w

    Go with the flow
    It might just teach you how to swim in the right direction

  • searching_soul 105w

    Go for it slowly,
    It's not a race till the end,
    But the beautiful paths you wanna ascend.


  • searching_soul 106w

    "Lily, after all this time?”


    And that's true love we never speak of.

  • searching_soul 108w

    It's never too late to start again.