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  • search_sree 2w

    #wild #wod

    This thought really made me go into a black hole of thoughts where my dream acted as a force attracting me into deeper grooves!

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    When I practice wildly,
    I clean the ink,stuck on my hands
    But I wonder,
    How does it feel?!
    When I clean the blood,stuck on my hands
    In the Operation theatre someday!

  • search_sree 6w

    Iam painting my nights with happy lies
    By telling myself that you will be mine someday!

    Moon of the night is you and the orbit in which you exist, is me.
    I decorated stars to entertain you!
    And I even painted the sky with black and shiny colours to make you shine brighter!

    I know those happy lies are momentary
    And the next day I have to face the reality
    But yet I am willing to wait for that lil moment throughout the day.....!

    I literally wanna move the time backward and drag it back to the days where we were young and innocent with kind and loving hearts...and will fall for each other again and again!

    I regret not accepting your gifts
    I regret not accepting your sweet smiles
    I regret not accepting your heart
    I regret all my choices against you!

    Only if I knew that such day would come...
    Then I would have loved you a lil lot more and lil lot earlier...this way I wouldn't be living a miserable messy life filled with,
    days of your memories and nights of your returning hopes( which is a happy lie)!

    #start #wod

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    Iam painting my nights with happy lies
    On the paper called "your heart"
    With the pen called "my love"
    By the artist called "your person"
    To the customer called "My happy lie(you)"

  • search_sree 6w

    It seemed your eyes were black holes
    But no, missing you is indeed a black hole

    Losing my ownself by cherishing our memories
    Texting you without fail for the hope of ur reply
    Calling you with the ringtone of my heart sound
    "Lub - dub..."

    I wrote many letters but never sent you any,coz I was
    grieved intensely just bcoz of no replies to my text so imagining your letter as a plain paper without any warm words will take me to grave I guessed!

    When I missed you till I hit the rock bottom
    You were doing bottoms up at pubs!

    My every sunrise,sunset & moonrise all were filled with your rememberances and traces of your love!

    Dawns were stolen with Uhtceare of ur missing
    And years passed in your awaitance...
    But lil did I knew that
    Not ur love but ur awaitance is forever

    Yet the hope of your reappearance
    Will never bend below...
    Instead will raise bit by bit,day by day!!!

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    #miss #wod

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    Tu me manques

    When you were physically far from me
    I missed you a lot
    But even though you are by my side ryt now
    Iam missing you a lot more!

    What do you think has changed?
    Time or me or you ?

  • search_sree 6w

    Was 13.
    I think my instincts already gave me a hint back then
    That my eyes gonna be nothing but an accessory organ instead of sense organ!

    All I could see was Eigengrau in the shades of phosphenes,
    Getting up early in the morning turned out to be meaningless as now I can't even see the sunrise!

    I always lifted my neck to the sky,but not anymore,
    All I now do is imagining things!

    ●Many thoughts popped up in my lil brain
    "I can't see my mom and dad anymore"
    "I can't neither enjoy nature nor it's outcomes called creatures"
    "I can't pen my beautiful writing as I did back then"
    "I can't even watch any movies too"
    Life seemed really horrible at that point!

    My hands,legs,infact my whole body was immersed in the sweat and got completely numb!

    I was able to hear mom weeping,out there
    But no matter how hard I tried,it was just difficult for me to find her in crowd(caressing her head is just far beyond my control I guess)

    ●At times I burst out into laughter when others said:-
    --"close ur eyes when you're at temple & pray to god"
    In malls they said - "Plz,try this clothes on,will like it!"
    In restaurants they said -
    "Mam,plz recheck the bill,u have paid just half of it!"
    Even my cam suggested me often that
    "Hey dumb,flip the cam to selfie mode"

    Everyday I used to just listen the voice of mom
    & used to just mock at my dad's scoldings but the visual just didn't exist in my life I guess!

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    Am blind!

    Many got replaced in my life:-
    TV got replaced by radio
    Books got replaced by Braille
    Songs got replaced by Capellas
    Selfie stick got replaced by walking stick
    Spectacles got replaced by Sunglasses
    Simple life got replaced by complicated one!

    But thank god Iam visually blind thus unable to see the behaviourally blind world!!!


  • search_sree 7w

    Once when I was young
    I built a Sand castle
    With iris of dreams
    And pupil of fire!

    Once when I was young
    I was dumb
    Was shy to express myself openly
    Was a crybaby to prove myself correctly

    Once when I was young
    I wasn't aware of society
    Thus I lived,loved,treasured
    Every moment breezily

    Once when I was young
    I screeched at dad for toys
    And yelled at mom for delicious dishes
    Though poked my sis multiple times
    Yet none scolded me nor punished me

    Once when I was young
    My life was glittered by lil happiness
    Love was pure enough within me
    Anger was a momentary action

    Once when I was young
    Bike rides with dad
    Cooking in the kitchen with mom
    Backbiting about sis to dad
    This was the life

    Once when I was young
    My Mind was filled with smart thoughts
    Tongue was scriptured with fair words
    Ears which only allowed positive vibes
    Body was wrapping up a pure soul!

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    #once #wod

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    Once when I was young
    Was curious to know about everything
    Was enthusiastic to achieve anything
    Was reckless of being injured
    Was venturesome to try something new!

    Once when I was young
    At times I asked to myself
    When would I grew up?
    Now I often ask myself
    When will I go back to my ownself(young times)!


  • search_sree 7w

    Sometimes cloudy weather is better
    Than intense rainfall
    Sometimes sunsets are better
    Than the sunrises

    Sometimes eye links are better
    Than embracing each other
    Sometimes shaking hands is better
    Than kissing each other

    Sometimes humiliations are better
    Than being pitiful
    Sometimes prayings are better
    Than cravings

    Sometimes smiles are better
    Than words, for consolation
    Sometimes reality is better
    Than pseudo expectations

    Sometimes experiences are better
    Than inspiring from others
    Sometimes longing forever is better
    Than facing the pain

    Sometimes tears are better
    Than suffocation of soul
    Sometimes aggression is better
    Than compression of feelings

    Sometimes hatred from someone is better
    Than Love
    Sometimes cracked heart is better
    Than reattached one!

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    #sometimes #wod

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    Sometimes compromises are better
    Than complicated arguments!

    Sometimes "let go" is better
    Than "Let's go"!

  • search_sree 8w

    If you assume world as real
    Then you are living in a fake reality!!!

    Bright smiles covers dark memories
    Later, dark memories brings bright smile!

    Strong revenges are weak desires
    Weak desires are strong Failures
    Failures are messengers of success!

    Some smiles are signs of death
    Some deaths lead lifetime silence
    Silence creates noise of stress!

    Some rejections are best acceptions
    Acceptions lead better choices
    Better Choices lead Great life!

    Bit love is followed by sacks of hatred
    Fragmented peace is innate of noises!
    Assuring fame is disguise of affirmative insults
    Complete happiness is just incomplete sadness!

    Clear vision is gesture of upcoming vague picture
    Cravings are momentary wishes which ends up in gravings!

    Greediness is symptom of destruction!
    Addiction is sword of heart break!

    Character is built by hidden broken bricks!
    Personalities are carved by nailing hardwork!

    Innocent cloaks are future demons!
    Today's smartness might be tomorrow's cowardness!

    Letting you go is holding on to you
    Hiding from you,is for you to seek!

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    #paradox #wod

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    Back then you said:-
    Hatred is a part of whole love!
    Now I say:-
    Love was also a part of your whole hatred!


  • search_sree 8w

    If you are a rainbow
    Then am the one who coloured it!

    If you are a rain
    Then am the dark cloud who made you fall!

    If you are a moon
    Then am the lunar highland who made you shine!

    If you are a sun
    Then am the fire who raged you!

    If you are the sky
    Then am the N2 & O2 who made sure u look blue!

    If you are a paper
    Then am the sketch who turned you into a beautiful art!

    If you are a molecule
    Then am the atom who you are composed of!

    If you are a doing "great" now
    Then am the one who made sure not to add "re"to it!

    If you have "hit" the luck
    Iam the one who made sure not to add "s" to it!

    If you are having clear vision
    Then am your lens

    If you are a key
    Then am the one who designed it in order to make you open the lock of success!

    If you are hatred
    Then am Abhor baby!

    (Abhor - more than hatred,intense hatred,
    Lunar highland- shiny spots on moon)

    #hyperbole #wod

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    If you're one in million,
    Then am the one who added 1 to ur 6 zeroes!

    If you're having rest with peaceful life,
    Then am the one who made sure, not to make you rest in peace!

  • search_sree 8w

    Me :- Kya challa hai...?
    Miraquill:- Fog challa hai!(savage)

    Irrelevant but aisehi hi bass��

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    #free #wod

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    Our life was like mirror
    Covered by fog with
    vague misunderstandings
    But we knew someday rain will descend
    As boon to make us clear!!!

  • search_sree 8w

    I don't know why but when I heard "alliterate"
    "Up" and "Shower" songs popped up in my mind!
    Seems my last two brain cells are bout to suicide too!

    #alliteration #wod

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    You are a nobody to blame
    For my inner raged flame
    Am reluctant to claim
    Coz,your love was to gain fame
    Thus, innocently I lost my aim
    Alright!You won the game
    Alas!You lost the shame!