Documenting the musings of an old soul.

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  • scribblesandmemories 18w

    I sit in the dark
    To the rhythm of the rain,
    I watch the world brighten up
    As the lightning sparks
    Again, again and again!

    I sit in the coolness
    The earthy fragrant breeze,
    My soul starts healing
    My heart leaps in joy
    Finally I feel peaceful and also at ease!


  • scribblesandmemories 30w

    I open my sleepy eyes
    To the crisp rose-y morning air,
    The soft sun intrudes through my window
    My heart fills with happiness so rare!

    I walk through unnamed untamed flower-bushes
    Soft dewy grass beneath my feet,
    I let my soul sour as high as it can
    As I listen to my heart contently beat!


  • scribblesandmemories 37w

    The sun-kissed smooth grass
    Tickles my bare-feet
    As I walk along,
    Standing there
    I breathe in the morning air
    And try to understand the wild bird-song!

    The soft slanting sun rays
    Fall on my face
    And pierce through my skin,
    Even my soul feels the warmth
    A wild happiness engulfs me
    And I feel like giving into a spin!

    It’s a beautiful morning
    And it promises me
    An even more beautiful day,
    And somehow I believe it
    Even though I have no way to know
    Even though it could go either way!


  • scribblesandmemories 37w

    The evening seems dark,
    Covered in a shroud of mystery
    And a shade of blue - so stark!

    I try to look up at the sky,
    Wishing it glittered bright
    And made me leave a happy sigh!

    And then they appeared like magic,
    The flock of sparkling fireflies
    They swayed with the breeze and left me ecstatic!

    So I walked into the little piece of heaven,
    Soft dewy grass below my feet
    I float like a piece of cloud - happy, content and enliven!


  • scribblesandmemories 38w

    The last bit of daylight
    Hides behind the distant skyline,
    I drown in the afterglow
    And the cozy warmth that feels so fine!

    I live for moments like these
    Ones that are common yet unique everyday,
    They fill my heart with precious joy
    And make me smile, dance and just dream away!


  • scribblesandmemories 41w

    I lay here
    On a bed of grass
    In the golden sunlight,
    The warmth brings me joy
    I look up at the sky
    So soothing, clean and bright!

    It's a beautiful morning
    One that inspires me
    To dream more and dream big,
    And so I close my eyes
    Think of all that I want to be
    As I inhale the crisp air like a delicious swig!


  • scribblesandmemories 42w

    I inhale the morning air
    Crisp with a new promise,
    A rare warmth engulfs me
    Leaving me pleased & at ease!

    A new beginning it is
    Ripe with new hopes & dreams,
    My heart is elated & skips a beat
    As I catch a beautiful glimpse!

    Let love shower on each of us
    Let our hearts fill with peace,
    Let happiness kiss us everyday
    Let us build a brand new world- piece by piece!


  • scribblesandmemories 51w

    I let my thoughts wander
    As I take a walk
    On the baroqued boulevard,
    The golden hour lights
    Make my soul bright
    And so I keep moving forward!

    There's a chill in the air
    And a certain fragrance
    That's so typical autumn,
    My heart leaps in joy
    It feels like soaring high
    As though it just tasted freedom!


  • scribblesandmemories 53w

    I inhale the autumn breeze
    And my eyes fill up,
    I feel a volcano of emotions in my heart
    I sigh deep, lest they erupt!

    Nostalgia drowns me
    I go back to some careless days,
    Of picking fallen jasmines
    While soaking in the golden sun-rays!

    Amidst this man-made jungle
    I now long for those tiny drops of joy,
    Ohh! What I wouldn't give to get them back
    Even for a day, even if it's just a momentary ploy!


  • scribblesandmemories 53w

    I'm grateful
    For a beautiful day,
    My heart is full of love
    And joy that's here to stay!

    I'm grateful
    For my dreams that are coming true,
    Everything seems just right
    I don't know how, I really have no clue!

    I'm grateful
    For all the good that's come to me now,
    I'm grateful for the bad too
    After all, that taught me to keep fighting, and oh boy, how!