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  • scribbles_of_azkiyah 3w

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    My own shadow follows me when I walk,
    My own voice comes out when I talk,
    My own face radiates when I smile,
    My own face frowns when I am angry for a while,
    My own eyes see when they catch a sight,
    My own eyes are dark when they catch a sight,
    My own things function when my own sense works,
    My own self is rewarded,
    My own personality gets perks
    So ,my own self is original and follows originality,
    So ,why can't I can't be truthful and always speak reality!

  • scribbles_of_azkiyah 3w

    The departed soul

    I was a dream,a feeling of joy,
    Unmindful of my being
    I was unheard, unknown and unseen,
    But you could feel, you could see !

    I grew within and oh the whorl !
    In the fulfilling life did I soak.
    But out I stepped, only to breathe
    Air mixed with the choking smoke

    I left your lap and oh brute life,
    Quite opposite to your loving nature,
    I trusted the "civilised beasts"
    For I took each as godly creature

    I grew old and boasted of might,
    And slowly I withdrew my hand,
    I went faraway and lost your sight
    Controlled by the tyrants of land

    I was mislead,deluded and fooled,
    My senses were impared, eyes blurred too,
    I returned back and there you where,
    With open arms I saw you.

    You accepted me,my morbid soul
    You sheltered me,I was reborn,
    For you were my angel,you were my mother, rest of the world was cruel and so cold

  • scribbles_of_azkiyah 3w

    When the sun sets,
    Blinking strained eyes a curious girl
    Asked her mother pointing to the sky,
    Who has painted the bulbs in black,
    That keep shining up and high ?

    Inspired my moonlit night,
    The monther answered, caressing her curls,
    These are the miracles of God that emerge,
    One by one as the night unfurls !

    These sparkling pearls scattered above
    Are the jewels of God's choice,
    These are the lustrous dots that
    Speak about the unmatched order and poise !

    These are the sources of immense advice ,
    Teaching to shine in darkness my dear !
    Together they brighten the world of all,
    Knowing no bias,the message is clear

    You have to reach and touch their heights,
    Their flare and your future shall fuse !
    So this my child..." said the mother
    Dreamly continuing her verbal muse !

    "The bulbs in black are there for us ,
    To cheer us up in the times hard "
    The mother bent the kiss her daughter
    Only to find her in the land nod

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    Tried !
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    A Heavenly Muse

    Thus sensets depicted hope ,
    And love from ex_eternity to eternity

  • scribbles_of_azkiyah 3w

    The sun sets ,
    Every night
    and dies to let its moon live

  • scribbles_of_azkiyah 4w

    I went up the rocks
    With tired soul and bleeding feet
    Midst the turbulent tornado,
    And under the scorching heat.

    I dived deep and searched in the reefs
    With choked self and confused sense,
    Midst the darkest dungeons I searched,
    For the unseen Glory immense.

    I was lost in the sky But my fragile wings
    Melted away with the blazing sun,
    Midist the magnificent Blues had I roamed
    Frantically looking for the Majestic one .


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    The way to God

    I sat down with a failed goal,
    When a thumping beat voiced a cry,
    "It's your heart where I live,look inside here I am "


  • scribbles_of_azkiyah 4w


    Someone asked me ,
    Where is the beauty seen?
    I answered,
    In the golden sun beams ,
    and silver moon lights,
    In the rhythmic greens of trees and plants,
    And the new born smiling sight !

  • scribbles_of_azkiyah 4w

    As the sparking sun rises in the Blueish sky,
    Moving away cloudy castles,I see your face sparkling brighter light !
    I see the blood Red petals decorating the flowers,
    I remember your coral lips which seem to be dipped into the goblet of beauty !

  • scribbles_of_azkiyah 4w

    The cradle of my heart ,
    Dances to the rhythm of my emotions,
    Now that you are miles apart,
    I have no interest in other creations !
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    The times came more than often,
    The lights surrendered weakly to darks,
    The flames died silently in the ashes,
    The soot buried every bright spark !
    The voice of my silence prays for your sights,
    The moments beg me to relive the times,
    Times of beautiful mornings,and dreamy nights !

  • scribbles_of_azkiyah 4w

    The dreams my eyes rented,
    Hired at the high price of love,
    Never understood how time flied,
    And the garden of my eyes flooded,
    The cottages of my dreams broke, drowned !

    Remaining pieces pierced my eyes,
    And were still beautiful but not handicapped,
    My hopes hoped to hold,
    But oh those brittle broken pieces declined
    I kept on struggling tried things adapt!

    My memories forgot themselves now,
    Digged graves in my heart are waiting,
    Coffins are coming carrying dreams,
    Oh !To bury them along with heartbeats,
    The Rubble of rotten rapture it freezed !

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    A try :)

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    Broken dreams

    Now somewhere something sometimes prick,
    A stone has freed itself from block,
    The soil has rebelled against the Earth,
    Because my life has revolted against my death

  • scribbles_of_azkiyah 4w

    I wish you !

    Let me get buried,
    In the deepest chambers of your heart
    Let me melt my existence being the sparkling sheen of your eyes,
    Unfurl the covers and hide me,
    From the world of hatred and lies !