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    एक नगरी में एक नादान रहा, कुछ नाम उसका मालूम नहीं
    दोडता फिरता किसी अदृश्य के पीछे,बस ठीक ठाक मालूम यही।

    एक बार रुक मैंने देखा,एक सुबह कुछ बुदबुदाने लगा
    हाथ जोड़, शीश नमा के, बतलाता हुआ समझाने लगा।

    मानो सुबह की दुआ मांगी हो, देख उसको उड़ते भागते
    आखिर पहुंचती क्यू नही, ये जान ने निकला घर से।

    अपनी दुआ की रक्षा करने, वो चला हर डगर डगर
    कभी दूर से छुपते-छुपाते, कभी उसके कगर कगर।

    एक झलक देख कर लगा, कि मंज़िल तक छोड़ के आता है
    फिर असलियत पता चली, हर रोज़ वो भी ठिकाना ढूंढ ने जाता है।

    हर दिन ओझलता देख, पूंछ पकड़ उसकी, घर को लौट आता
    अपनी मां के पल्लु से लिपट, फिर दो आँसू बहाता है।

    नम आंखों के साथ सो, फिर उठ वहीं कथा सुनाता है
    आखिर में ये सवाल पूछ, कि ए दुआ तू ही बता आखिर तू जाता कहा है।

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    सूरज भी अब किसी का चाँद बनना चाहता है,
    यकीन मानो वो ठहरना चाहता है।

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    She died!

    I found a bird
    And i named her hope.
    She used to
    flutter her wings
    twerp and
    Hither tither
    One day
    I caged hope.
    She moved
    here and there
    Out of worries and questions.
    Looked for exemption.
    And Hit her head against the rods.
    pushed it hard
    But she didn't know
    It was a cage
    made of loving words
    And fake promises
    Which are as strong as an iron.
    After looking her struggle
    I relieved her from the cage
    But I was scared,
    That she will fly.
    So the brutal me,
    chopped her wings.
    And told that' it's good
    For both of us.
    But She started bleeding...
    Bled ..
    over my hands
    And eventually hope died.
    she died.

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    If I go lost
    Find me in a
    shipwrecked sea,
    Drenched in tears
    With debris all over.

    If I hide
    Seek me in the
    Troubled waves,
    For I move up too quick
    And low too soon.

    If I get afraid
    Soothe me with the
    Ripples of your love
    To energise
    My dreary pacemaker.

    If I cry often
    And smile less
    Then just Pat
    On my head
    And whisper-
    "you are doing good".

  • scribbler77 84w

    Why is it that anything given easily or free, is valued less even if it love or time?

  • scribbler77 84w

    I am fine,
    May be!
    Just in case
    you ever cared.

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    Anxiety is personified here.

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    I run
    But he finds me back
    There, he
    Holds my ankle,
    drags me
    On the floor
    Like some
    Muted mannequin
    Why muted?
    I always scream
    for help.

    Just when I am
    not heard,
    I cry,
    Then I see him
    Getting stronger
    With every lost tear.
    Just to not
    Let him feed,
    On my teary marks,
    I scratch,
    Until it wounds.
    Irony! you see,
    he frowns
    Looking at my scars
    And only, seeing
    Him around,
    I choose to stay
    Beside him.

    That is how
    He finds me back.

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