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  • scrapthought 2w

    until when I felt a soft feeling in my fingertips..where I could observe them both,
    The thin region where they intend to mix, yet holding the line with a complete understanding forming a friendly border,
    the evolution of those food rivals, #sambar&chutney!


  • scrapthought 2w

    அன்பென்று நினைத்து அரணிட்டென்,
    சிறிதும் உணராமல் போனேன்,
    அதன் கனம்,உன்னை மூச்சு முட்ட அழுத்தியது என்று!


  • scrapthought 14w


    T H E N : Mummy,Daddy!

    N O W : send me daw!


  • scrapthought 24w

    வினா யாதுவாகினும்,

    விடை கிடைக்கும்,

    வினை சரியாக இருப்பின்!!

    ©குப்பை எண்ணங்கள்

  • scrapthought 25w

    Of all the lies,

    "My words were never meant for you" is the the biggest one,

    I never wanted to do!

    Especially,to her!


  • scrapthought 25w

    When I want to run away from reality through IG,
    All I can see is RUNAWAY
    and the reality is,
    I can never run away from RUNAWAY,
    Better to mingle with the dark background with the best pose,

    in our life too!!

  • scrapthought 61w

    தேவையில்லாமல் பேசும் மனிதர்கள் மத்தியில்,

    தேவை இல்லாமல் பேசும் மனிதர்கள்,



  • scrapthought 125w

    Journey of Carbon twins

    Woah!That diamond,what a thing he is!That shining body,incomparable strength,classy madness ,stands tall among all those so called unique things,where this guy,so called graphite,greyish black fellow,unattractive in all 360 degree,weak,destroys himself for others,carved easily even by a 4mm blade,always in a can't_be helped state!!!

    Irony,they have same old man called Carbon,made them kind off broz,just an arrangement turned their whole life as antonym.But our introvert,graphite,hold his breath,controlled his negative things such jealousy,inferior complex towards diamond,turned his own mind towards achievement,gave some good work and suddenly,He met a bright laser light,monochromatic,gave him a hug called ablation, was like a hug which seems like warm and strong,and then it happened...

    Graphite found his cause,peeled himself,obviously a painful scenario also inspirational ,emerged as a new entity called graphene.Man,He is dominant freaky godfather ruling the research world with his bad ass properties and versatility.

    Graph..taught me to have some hope and sweat some work.Things change and miracle happens...everyday!!


  • scrapthought 127w

    Minerals Vs Rocks

    Heat an element more than its melting point and let them cool down in a step by step manner under severe containment,congrats you will get an mineral in your hand..

    And so a friend,give them some time,after dealing with different extremities,exposed automatically,You can clearly see whether he is a mineral or an ordinary rock..Hold the minerals and throw the rocks..Simple naah!!!


  • scrapthought 127w

    Whenever you feel lonely by yourself,don't worry!Just swipe through your contacts and pick out your emergency pals!At that time your mind will tell you like 'woah!This is the guy,the support team!!'Just call them!

    call everyone!Don't worry no one will pick the call!
    Again you'll return to the dude need support stage,then you'll get a headshot with the thought drilled through your skull like,
    deal yourself,dude!!Or else,just scribble something