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  • schriftsteller_sakshi 111w

    #Temporary #lame

    Was just trying to pen down life in the language of law.
    /When I took lawyer thing too seriously.��/

    Law of life is beyond reach
    of us humans around.
    With each pages,
    getting turned
    It set forth
    disparate clauses to bound.
    Life solely precludes
    to get explained by humans.
    It's a forever mystery
    of plaintiff and demons.
    First norm it entails
    is karma,
    the art of earning
    what one deserves.
    And no ultra vires exist
    in the court of life verse.
    Each individual read it,
    half or maybe less
    Yet, it's so unjust sometimes
    and molds entire into mess.
    Who's the justice here?
    Who's the prosecutor?
    Witnesses are numerous
    but voices arrive nowhere.
    Many hold resentment
    many feel victimised.
    Many try winning it anyhow,
    unaware of tryst being
    eternal mate to be precised.
    Life comes up, out of nowhere,
    with novice amendments,
    and takes no consent
    for inserting provision
    of uncertainity.
    Darkness dispensed
    is a punishment
    in diguise affirmity.
    Life is bit short
    to do masters in its law.
    Before convocating with degree
    death is what it will bestow.
    I wonder,
    this is unlawful,
    however so beautiful.

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    Life is bit short
    to do masters in its law.
    Before convocating with degree
    death is what it will bestow.

  • schriftsteller_sakshi 112w

    I know, it's long enough to scroll��
    But I just wanted to write this story. And also it's a piece of fiction.

    College fest sometimes can be really exhausting. From past three-four days, I've been really busy with these event stuffs, but my favourite part is yet to come. I've always been an outgoing person and love parties, and after parties have always been my thing.

    I was in a cab continuously scrolling my instagram solely to ignore traffic peeping outside. My phone vibrated, "I can't attend the party, Sakshi. I gotta go for some urgent work", my friend uttered from other side. This made me more exhausted then.
    Ah! finally, I reached to the place after one hour straight. There were many familiar faces, but no one to commence a conversation with. So, I decided to enjoy my own. I don't know, what sort of trouble was revolving within me, but peculiarly I wasn't enjoying at all.
    I went to have a glass of wine and glared over the crowd, "Ugh! How exasperating", I mumbled, which again was few and far between. Rolling my eyes off, I preferred silence. I moved towards the balcony area to respire fresh breath.
    While gazing aloft in the dark sky enshrouded with myriad stars, I caught a sight of a man, who was beholding the sky with much affection. "These stars entail numerous stories, right", I said. "Secrets too", he replied.
    "They imprison us betwixt pain and pretentious happiness, yet holds something that seems akin treasure, I am Abhimanyu and you?
    "That something is a relief to gloomy sombre, well, Sakshi Agrahari", I responded.

    He was quiet impressive and mysterious. I got utmost curosity inside, but had to be sophisticated. "I shall leave now", I said. Mind having a short walk or cab is more better to you? He chuckled. Walking is healthy, I guess, I said.

    We walked streets to streets and he seemed to be more mysterious and an open book simultaneously. He was opening up so much of his heart yet something was hidden inside. And that depicted an amazing charm over his face. I gazed over his face out of astonishment. "Staring at the thing you like", he chuckled. 'Shut up', I denied.

    We had a long conversation from his likes and dislikes to all the things he is aiming for. Amidst all the chit-chats, he kept adoring the dark sky and complaining about the stars. "Everyone focuses on stars but what with that dark sky?, he said. Can you elaborate a bit, I asked. Let it be, he replied.

    Who says girls are not easy to understand, I mean just look at this guy. It was 2:00 am and I neither was bored of his philosophies nor his fascination. He kept adding some philosophical aspects between all his flirtious and amusing words.

    'Icecream', I uttered. He ran with more excitement to have it. "A happy soul", I thought to myself. While relishing my icecream I caught him staring at me. "Staring at the thing you like? I chuckled. Nah! he replied with a smile.

    It was 3:30am now, and we were standing in front of my house. "It was nice meeting you, Abhimanyu. Hope to see you soon", I said.
    "It was an amazing meeting with anyone, Sakshi. Can I...Can I just hug you? he asked. Sure, I replied. And we hugged each other, like there's nothing beyond, not even a tiny space.
    Then he uttered bye with a line "Do you really have no idea, who actually I am? Is it that important to know? I asked. "You really living beneath the rock", he said. 'Mountains may be', I chuckled. Then he left the place.

    It had been five days since then, I had no clue about that guy. I didn't even tried to espy until I came across an article about a billionaire couple getting divorced. Article says:

    "This weekend, billionaire couple Ajay Kapoor and Shriya Kapoor announced their seperation after long 35 years of marriage. Life is a journey and it holds lots of ups and downs, with this we've mutually decided to put off the formalization of marriage, statement by Ajay Kapoor. Their single child, Mr. Abhimanyu Kapoor denied facing media and decided to isolate himself after giving an statement "They must have done this way before, I don't know what stopped them for this 35 years. Well, it's there matter, better interview them".

    The guy who felt happy soul to me, had lots of agony burried inside. Having huge crowd around, yet that feeling of being left alone, is really traumatic both physically and mentally. I was able to feel his all pains now. I did understood all the philosophies of that night.
    I wanted to meet him, but had no address to reach him. During deep thoughts of balancing life, out of sudden a voice shrieking my name reached my ears. I went to balcony and there was he, Abhimanyu Kapoor.
    I called him up and that day he spoke his heart out. He shared all his pain he anguished and how he felt like orphan after having both the parents, since childhood. He enunciated all situations where he found ending life more easy. "Money can't buy all the happiness", he said. Ofcourse, I replied.

    Then he disclosed that he is shifting to US for lifetime, as he have some future plans. And he wanted to meet me for the last time and wanted to share every bit of his life. I took a promise from him, to just give a phone call, whenever thought of ending life comes near his head.
    He left the place with smile on his face.

    Till today, we are in talking terms and I yet like his amusing philosophies and secrets of dark sky.

    //Come back soon//


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    I yet like his amusing philosophies and secrets of dark sky.

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  • schriftsteller_sakshi 116w


    I wonder,
    if nights are just
    holding grudges on me,
    or it's unforgiving to you, too.
    I always believe in philosophies
    and in grabbing positive drifts.
    I concur on being me,
    the better me to bliss.
    But, when it comes to you
    I lose that me, within me.
    My eyes keep revering
    those brown eyes which,
    evinces charm on your face.
    All the patterns
    and theories of letting go
    begins being so vague.
    You ain't here with me
    And, I guess
    You never will.
    Ahh, ofcourse
    that smile arc is constant
    with me, all the day.
    But this unsaid goodbye
    makes me sob.
    I sob harder,
    as nights still haunt me anyway.
    I try deflecting
    all the deplore out of me,
    by frantically craving sleep.
    As sleep is the only escape,
    Escape from the entire 'you'.
    Then morning sun arises,
    entailing novice hopes
    but I keep sleeping.
    Yes I do.
    I discern,
    souvenir won't set me free.
    Waking up will again
    bring 'you' to me.

    | I do miss you, but what about you?|


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    All the patterns and theories of letting go,
    begins being so vague.

  • schriftsteller_sakshi 117w

    Hola amigos!
    Okay, so this quarantine did solely one thing good to me, it took me back here in my exquisite paradise.��
    I really missed this place a lot. How you all doing?

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    Wind encloses my heart
    with eternal grip
    And heals my wound
    with a heartbeat skip.
    I belong to the sea
    I belong to the sky
    all the exquisite things
    that passes by.
    Discerning whether
    link is heart to heart
    Or wound to wound.
    Albeit heart liaison
    pauses the breathe
    And wound connects
    inner soul around.
    I suspire,
    the best of both worlds.
    Hushed whisper flows
    Carelessly leans skywards.
    This physical self
    may confine me
    And it may succumb.
    But this soul feels infinite
    from all wounds, and
    when the time is right
    across the realms,
    it would flutter high.

  • schriftsteller_sakshi 138w

    You were,
    embraced in the bottle of love,
    bit akin an exquisite dream.
    What to utter
    Just let it be!
    Eternal you were,
    And reiteration of your name,
    Just for your soul to be mine.
    What to utter
    Just let it be!
    In timorous dark,
    You promised to be unfading lusture
    unremitting glance of flames.
    What to utter
    Just let it be!
    Live the rhapsodies,
    of our tiny disparate world
    Your thoughts betided my fallacious hope.
    What to utter
    Just let it be!
    All your lies,
    I promulgated truths of my world
    Alas! you're just an illusion.
    What to utter
    Just let it be!
    Just let it be!

  • schriftsteller_sakshi 147w

    Adrifting in eyeful dream
    I leer in your eyes.
    Ardent to walk with you,
    for my entire life.
    This life we two live,
    at same time
    Allbeit, disparate phases.
    Just like reading of same book
    But different pages.
    Solely if one could slow down,
    And the other could stride up
    Someday may be
    You never know,
    We could be together.
    On the same text
    Escapading the same,
    Vivid elucidation
    and Wider panaroma
    We would read
    We would walk
    We would utter
    the identical line
    Utterly aligned.
    #pod @writersnetwork @mirakee

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    We could be together.
    On the same text,
    walking on same line.

  • schriftsteller_sakshi 156w

    After a long break!
    Heya my lovely fellas❤

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    I felt your presence
    and a fleecy touch.
    Satiny press
    on my cold skin.
    It feels like,
    you're here
    along with zephyr
    Brushing my hair,
    taping my shoulder,
    and holding my waist
    to pull towards.
    I sighed
    and shied.
    Each tiptoe on my skin
    made me skip a heartbeat
    and my breath entails
    pauses betwixt.
    A sudden wind
    blown on my face
    Took me out
    of my dream phase.
    You wouldn't come,
    ever again.
    I nincompoop human,
    I'm just so insane.

  • schriftsteller_sakshi 159w

    It's dark in here
    all of my days.
    I'm fading away,
    evanescing colours
    Dwindling all my identity.
    There's no space left
    for novice hope
    not even in sleep.
    I'm enshrouded with
    No smiling lights
    no glaring sunrise.
    All I have with me
    is my dark nights
    with constant lies.
    You're gone
    And so is your souvenir.
    But I'm not empty yet,
    Pain by you
    still suspires deep inside.
    I've nothing mine
    not even emptiness.
    This world entails
    fulgurating rays of lights
    but, to me
    all alludes burden to the soul.
    I don't feel like
    breathing anymore.
    I'm alive in hazy breeze
    but I don't feel
    my heart beats anymore.
    My mind screeches
    insanity sometimes.
    As I spent my life
    waiting for the tide
    that may never arrive.

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    It's dark in here
    all of my days.

  • schriftsteller_sakshi 160w

    Thankyou so much for your kind repost @writersnetwork:)

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    The moment
    when I took a pause,
    looked at his face
    His heart.
    And his heart beats.
    I sensed smell of difference.
    This life we two live
    at same time
    Is actually disparate
    in all plausible phases.
    He declaims about
    the sky so high,
    I utter the depth of sea.
    He is deific raw droplet,
    whirls effacing my ferocity.
    He's full of sunlight,
    Eclipse, all over me.
    There's an abyss within
    He often visits me.
    Mayhap, we allude two,
    unidentical human
    But an identical heart
    with healing soul.

  • schriftsteller_sakshi 161w

    May be, lame!
    But I just felt same yesterday, when I met my childhood toys after so long.��

    Souvenir of those toys
    that belongs to my
    daintiest era of life.
    forged an abode today,
    and ordained me
    to esy peace in them.
    They too had lived me,
    being mate of each moment
    and each emotions.
    I rushed to the cupboard
    of my store room
    and found my paradise
    right there,
    where it used to be
    in beatific past.
    Locked in wooden box
    whose keys were
    treasure to me,erst.
    Same trilling voice
    while opening box
    kissed my jovial nerve.
    All were there,
    my piggy bank,
    my fetching barbie
    with long hairs
    At corner, was my rabbit
    shattered by me once.
    I briskly hugged them so tight
    and drenched 'em with tears.
    They too didn't perturbed
    and cuddled me back,
    akin two estranged lovers
    got coalesced for eternity.
    I nudged my red car
    a toy which inferred
    predilection in my infancy.
    But it got snapped
    solely with my soft touch.
    Mum enunciated,
    the toy was old
    hence it broke.
    But I discerned,
    it was evincing me,
    the agony in disguise of anger,
    for leaving it alone
    from so long.
    More often,
    I don't remember them
    owing to fact of being trapped
    in muddle life.
    But deep within,
    they as well as I
    percieve to a fare-thee-well,
    We are first bezzies
    in this acquisitive world.

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    Childhood toys♡

    I found my paradise
    right there,
    in locked wooden box
    whose keys were
    treasure to me,erst.