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  • sbwonders 13w

    "I'd rather wait a week for the right answer than get a wrong one in a hurry."

    - Joe, Downton Abbey S1:E4

  • sbwonders 88w


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    when you criticize somebody,
    do you feel good about yourself then?
    remember you also have flaws
    if nobody wants to hurt you
    u won't hear what it is

  • sbwonders 130w

    I'm confused about me

    I love being in a company of people
    I feel alone when friends ignore me
    I'm happy when I spend quality time with them

    On the other hand, I also drive people away
    Sometimes I just want to be left alone
    Sometimes I don't wanna talk to people
    And sometimes I just think I just totally cut myself off from them.

    Is that strange?

  • sbwonders 151w

    nakakamiss maging masaya...

  • sbwonders 152w

    You know why some people likes to be distant?
    Building walls around themselves
    Never telling you why

    It's because the closest people they have
    Had hurt or disappointed them multiple times
    Left them broken without realizing

    They decided to choose silence
    Than completely losing the one they still love
    In a ruined or messed up relationship


  • sbwonders 153w

    Is it true that it's not impossible to have
    what you've been dreaming of
    as long as you never give up?
    That there is hope while there is life?
    If it's true, is there a timeline of how long?

  • sbwonders 153w

    - S.B

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    i want to stop falling in love in movies

  • sbwonders 153w


    Sometimes I feel like...
    I want to fall in love...
    To know what its like...
    To feel how my heart beats as if its going out of my chest
    To look into his eyes and know what he's thinking
    To hold his hand and lock our fingers as if we will never let go
    To lay beside him all night in his embrace
    To miss him every minute and every second because my day will not be complete without hearing his voice
    To hear my name in his lips with his sweetest smile
    He'll brush my hair behind my ears, whisper he loves me
    And kiss me in the forehead
    To have a shoulder to cry on whenever I'm down
    To hear him say
    "Everything's gonna be okay because I love you."

    But sometimes...
    I wonder...
    How far is my someday? and sometimes..
    I wonder if he's gonna come.

  • sbwonders 153w

    waiting for that man
    who'll embrace me in his arms
    look into my eyes deeply and say,
    "I don't deserve you"

  • sbwonders 180w

    By unknown writer

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    My happiest moment every day is when I got my bag on my shoulders and turned away from my desk.

    -working girl