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  • sbaryan 14w


    The clouds are forming again
    I feel scared, truth be told.
    I hope I get to see the rainbow
    This time when the sunlights hold.

    I hope this rain be kind to me
    As I lost my soul in the last storm
    I hope this rain would remind me
    You can always return to your home.

  • sbaryan 78w

    Things will workout.
    The future has better plan than us.

  • sbaryan 78w


    The heart is a weird creation, It always wants the most what it can't possibly have

  • sbaryan 79w


    I don't know
    but I have something with the nights
    I could never get away with it.
    I could never get away with them.
    My Demons.

    I stay awake in fear
    I can't let them come near
    It hurts now.
    It hunts now.
    The darkness is filled with hollowness
    The silence is filled with loneliness
    I wanna fight my demons
    I wanna end the nightmare
    But how can I wake up from a dream
    When I never slept
    How can I return to myself
    When I never left
    How can I win a battle I forfeited
    I need a Victory, it's long awaited
    I can't fight them on my own
    I am too afraid to try
    How will I ever sleep
    Damn, I need a good night sleep.

    Maybe one day I will do it.
    Maybe one day I will face it.
    The scars they leave do teach me something
    The marks they leave aren't for nothing
    I guess demons too share a purpose
    I guess the fear of worse is important
    Or else how we know how good the angels are
    If we never knew how worse the demons are
    The fear makes you live before you died
    Let it be the darkness, as it's where my demons hide.

  • sbaryan 81w

    I was wrong.

    For a better part of that stage, I felt I was finally doing something right.
    I was wrong.
    That stage in life was crucial. That stage was important. That stage was good.
    Or so I thought it was.
    I was wrong.
    That stage is a common stage. Everyone has it. Everyone goes through it. Everyone makes it.
    Or so did I think.
    I was wrong.
    I thought It was happening, I thought that was it. I thought that was my happily ever after, so naive I was to think that was a happy ending, or an ending for that matter.
    I believed in it, it felt so real, it was real but just not good or perhaps too good, perhaps too good to be true?
    Life was going my way, I was enjoying it. Not everyday of it, but most days.. Or atleast some days.. Or maybe was it just few days?
    Whatever it was, It shouldn't have ended this way. It shouldn't have ended at all. I wasn't ready for it, I could never be ready for it..
    But it had to happen.
    It had to happen to make me realize I was wrong. I was wrong with myself. I was wrong with other person. I was wrong to let it going but I couldn't end it.
    But it did end it.
    Good thing it ended. It taught me alot, It made me stronger, it was life's way of telling me that nothing is permanent. Nothing remains forever.
    People leave, things break, times pass.
    It made me a stronger version of me, It happened so I will be ready when an upset like this happen again.
    Or I thought I was ready.
    Guess I was wrong again.

  • sbaryan 82w

    It's gonna be a shinny good day

    It's gonna be all over, it's gonna be all okay
    And when it does, it's gonna be a shinny good day

    We'll start socializing again, we'll start smiling again
    Life will get busy and it won't be boring everyday

    Tough men get tested the toughest, and it's the test of humanity
    Set aside your race and cast, be a human on this tough day

    The test gotta end sometime, believe me it's gonna end someday
    Hang in there till it does cause it gonna be one hell of a day

    We're seeing the worst in ages, but it's not gonna be this way
    World will get normal again and it's gonna stay that way

    Some days the hardest thing to do is to do nothing at all
    Do nothing at all, as it is one of those days

    The night is dark but forever it can't stay
    Sun will rise soon and it's gonna be a shiny good day

  • sbaryan 90w

    A touch, A kiss pt. 2

    No one ever struck me like she did
    No one ever looked good like she did
    I looked at her once
    I looked at her again
    A touch
    A kiss
    That's all I desired
    She started coming my way
    I hesitated, trying to look busy
    Kept staring my locked phone
    Praying she didn't notice me staring
    She passed
    I sighed
    I looked at her one last time
    Her hair. Damn it her hair
    Everything is so perfect about her
    Everything is so beautiful about her
    In my stone cold heart, her grace lit a fire
    A touch
    A kiss
    That's all I desired.
    Wish she never left
    Thought I'd never see her again
    Even if I did, I could only see her again
    What Happened after made me realized
    I was wrong
    I was very wrong

  • sbaryan 90w

    A touch, A kiss pt. 1

    They said I could become anyone.
    So I became a loner
    Not because no one wanted me.
    Not because no one liked me
    But because I like the company of myself,
    more than the company of others
    People are bound to hurt you anyway
    No matter how close they are to you
    No matter how much they mean to you
    I was happy when I didn't Trust anyone
    I was happy when I didn't like anyone
    Untill the day I saw her
    The day when I lost it
    Her eyes, Her smile, damn it that smile
    The way she talked, the way she walked
    The way she was
    A touch
    A kiss
    That's all I desired
    I saw her when she was with her friends
    Damn it I wish I was one of them
    But I didn't just want to be her friend
    I wanted to be more
    I wanted to be Much more

  • sbaryan 90w

    She focused words uttered in anger
    He focused mistakes happened in silliness
    They were in love, they just didn't know how to stay in it.

  • sbaryan 91w

    We Break.

    We break. Once in a lifetime, once in a while or if you're unfortunate enough, every once in a while but there does come a time when we break.
    No matter how strong we ought to be.
    No matter how tough we try to be.
    We break.
    Damn it, we break.
    The reason's always shocking. We never see it coming. The one thing we trust so much, the one person we love so much... Break us at one point.
    Not all stories have a happy ending
    Not all happy endings have a happy journey.
    We try to be careful
    We try to be heedful
    We don't give ourself in to something, or to someone. But there's always that one person, there's always that one thing that we get careless with.
    We think it won't be taken away
    We think they won't go away
    But They do.
    Damn it, They do.
    It's hard to trust someone when you've been broken. It's hard to love someone when you've been left alone. It takes courage to give love a second chance. It takes gut to take risks again and If all goes well, the second chance proves to be worth it. But that's the thing.
    It doesn't go all so well.
    It never goes all so well.
    Every relationship, every bond, every promise, every hope... Bound to disappoint, they are. Because it's us that hope too much. It's us that want so much.
    There's a definite down after every up.
    There's no definite up after every 10 downs.
    But perhaps there's something good in all these downs. After each one we feel stronger. Perhaps they do make sense. Perhaps these 10 downs are the only thing make that 1 up so worth it.
    For the smile that comes after a struggle tends to remain longer.
    For whatever that doesn't kill you.. Makes you stronger.