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  • say_me_krish 19w

    | When poetries bring life |

    I wish I wrote the way I thought,
    like the "autumn leaves falling like pieces
    into place" bringing back vintage memories,
    like the silvery rivers which take with them
    a whole ecosystem brimming with life,
    like the gladiolus which beams to the sun
    adding illuminance to the daylights;
    but expression is a tough occupation
    unlike that of reclining imaginations.

    I'd write myself into nervous breakdowns
    and unsung elegies with elegance
    inviting the dark masquerading empyreans
    and their fluttering candyfloss clouds
    so that when they rain down again,
    they wouldn't smell of the day old treachery
    and resemble the fading constellations once more,
    for happiness is a priceless champagne
    which deserves plauds after every gulp.

    I'd write to the point of suffocation
    until all my emotions travel into the pages
    and drape their attires with imageric metaphors
    and align themselves into blank crevices
    like threads which conceal the blemishes beneath,
    so that when a heartbreak glances through
    the verses which hold my elixir of life,
    they would hold an euphoric epiphany
    and rather not decorate its abysmal nothing,
    for hope is a flower meant to glisten
    in a heart which only knows to wither.

    ~ S r i K r i s h n a P S | July 21, 2021

    > The first lines of each stanza is from the poem 'I wish I wrote the way I thought' by Benedict Smith.
    > The phrase in "----" is from the song 'All too well' of Taylor Swift.

    Thank you for the warm repost @writersnetwork ♥️ (79, 17) #skp_writes

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  • say_me_krish 20w


    They hurled him to a desolate corner and
    dressed themselves as sanguinary mortals
    to smother his scared buds of snowdrops,
    and when the sun sung songs in the suburbs,
    he woke up with crimson pools and cuts all over.
    And when a twelve spring old irony woke up
    with autumns all around, he decided to paint
    his canvas with shades of daffodils and roses,
    to find more than mere air for another breath.
    Now when he looks in the mirror, he smiles.

    ~threnodies of a threadbare tulip~

    ~ S r i K r i s h n a P S | July 14, 2021

    > Snowdrops symbolise innocence.
    > Daffodils symbolise hope.
    > Tulips symbolise rebirth.

    I did not cry while writing this. No.
    @writersnetwork #skp_writes #introduction

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  • say_me_krish 20w

    | I k i g a i |

    I battled a thousand storms
    and survived a hundred cuts,
    but there is something
    about that one smile
    which destroys the warfield
    and embraces my lips.
    Something that makes me feel warm.

    I painted a thousand nights
    and drew a hundred moons,
    but there is something
    in the way how she walks by
    and all the colours
    merge into a single shade
    and let the stars make their patterns.
    Something that makes me feel light.

    When I stitch my spurting wounds
    and reverberate my hundred cries,
    she rests her hands over mine,
    and there is something
    in her spiritual touch
    which rebirths invisible strands
    and sings scars to slumber.
    Something that makes me feel alive.

    And when her deep-set blue eyes
    glance my nuances over time,
    there is something
    which makes the moment paraylsed
    and the heartbeats refurbished.
    Something which aligns the sunflowers
    towards the sun fervently.
    Something that makes me feel fulfilled.

    ~ S r i K r i s h n a P S | July 12, 2020

    'Somethings' can be described so much that they go indescribable. Paradox? Cliché?

    Thank you for the kind repost and EC @writersnetwork (77, 16) ♥️
    @squared #skp_writes #words #wnnkrish

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  • say_me_krish 20w

    Life is a perspective put together by nature. Everything in us starts by nature, a creation of nature, continues with her nourishment, ends in her own laps and essence, and that's how it's meant to be. You never know how much of herself she puts out in vibrant hues just to see that contented smile on your face. It is how her heart is - a labyrinth with unending curves leading to the point where you feel that everything is alright, but actually isn't. There is more than just haemoglobin being pumped; there are also different shades created by her flaws only to put them all in different slots and fit it in style. A style that suits your smile.

    When all these colours can come over a conference and agree to hug each other like it has always been a great morning with linen clouds and silky sunshines, she births her best form as a rainbow. When darkness still resides inside her own labyrinth of suffering, she knows that she serves a purpose to have the mankind in fountains of happiness, and she paints those blemishes with warnishes only to let know that she has won the worst of battles plotted for her with a triumph so strong that you stay surprised. She isn't worth just two normal almonds which can observe only those seven colours and take a snapshot with mere shutters. Special immortals deserve an artistic sight which can find more than a myriad tinges she has painted on her canvas, and yet say that there lies more than just these colours. Shades of an unending lifetime. Chaos. Darkness. Battles.

    And yet she chooses understanding over everything, and molds herself into something more than an incarnation. Faith. Smile. Love. She deserves more than mere words painted green. And they don't suffice the stardust she has sprinkled on her planet to see the humankind together. Nature is more than just a person, she is a vibe who demands to be felt. And when you've done that, you've found a perfect person in the distant horizon.

    ~ S r i K r i s h n a P S | July 10, 2021

    @manasaa Thank you for staying there, always. I've learnt virtues from you for which I'm always grateful. I also hope you remember why I posted this by 10 am.

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  • say_me_krish 21w

    (Part 04: Of laurels and love)

    Disclaimer: Don't just scroll down and drop a single congratulations. Your fellow friend needed around an hour to do all this ��
    (You can still skip the disclaimer itself ��)

    *grabs the mic*

    Welcome to Malpe beach, one of the famous beaches in Udupi. My team of "A verse and a pen challenge" has brought you all to this place (with free flight tickets and hotel accommodations, of course) due to many reasons which I will let you know, hoping that you are all enjoying the place and the vibes associated here.
    *clichépenname appreciates the setup and takes the seat next to kairos_*

    One, we are here on the request of my friends who are a part of the self- help group "Pathetic Plastic". The dumping of polythene bags, and many other plastic items have indeed caused harm to the marine life here, and hence, as a part of our programme, I am proud to let you all know that we will be a part in this campaign and contribute towards making this world a better place for the marine life, as well as for the terrestrial ecosystem. We are also accepting money donations for the campaign, and the entire fund will be utilised for the drive. I hope you would all like to be a part of the initiative.
    *claps and hurrays from the lovely Miraquillean audience*

    Two. We have seen many people in our paradise complimenting about nature, the seashores, the tides, and of love and harmony. So why not experience life on a seashore at least for a moment?
    *squared and manasaa meanwhile get ready to grab as many seashells as possible*

    Three, it was meant to bring you all together, since I have seen the community charm in ourselves vanishing bit by bit. It is just my attempt of gathering my lovely people of a paradise. (Four, because it is my hometown and I'm proud of its beauty ����)

    *everyone are served hot tea with 'golibaje', a signature snack of Mangaluru. (basically like a pakora, but not a pakora lol)

    laus_deo: If it is going to be too formal, you'll be tasting the sands and then the sharks, okay?

    me: Okay, fine!
    So, without any delay, let us start our Prize Ceremony!!!!!!!
    *takes a deep breath*
    *voices from the audience*
    sereiin, Amsterdam and inhabited: Krish, we hope that you're starting the challenge with the revelation of the judges. We already have the stones ready in our hands. *wicked smiles*

    me: Uhmm, well, I have planned the epiphany for tomorrow. So........

    kairos_ , my_cup_of_poetry and zohiii : No! Take the blames away from us. We want to prove these people wrong. Don't hide the truth and laugh there, okay?

    jerry_21: You got me thinking all night regarding the same, and now see you, a man awake from a snory sleep, smiling in all cruel ways possible, duhh.

    me: la la la la laaaaa, no no no! It's all happening tomorrow!!!! Hold the anxiety *laughs weirdly*

    audience: KRISH!!!!!!!
    *meanwhile ignoring all the voices*
    Huhh people, to be honest, all of your submissions were as great as helllllllllllllll. I would have died of stress if I were to judge the prompt. But luckily, I'm alive today, thanks to the judges! The prizes have been decided based on the combined scores. :)

    So, the third prize goes to....
    ��@someone_you_know, for participating in this contest with her lovely submission describing the pov of love. Congratulations!!!!!
    Here we have our docs (XD) kairos_ and clichépenname to award you this medal and my handwritten note. I hope you like it :")
    Thank you! ♥️

    And, the second prize goes to......
    �� @natasha_a for her lovely piece which I am not finding on the platform for some reason *sighs*
    Maybe it's my eyes which are too lazy *-*
    To award you the medal and my small prize, we have lovenotes_from_carolyn here. Let us welcome her with lots of applaud!
    Thank you very much! ♥️
    (Has your username changed? *-*)

    The time you have been waiting for, is here...

    aditii_: Drags are too cringy Krishii, okay? Please don't say that you got the first prize, we've seen the same boring dialogue twice.

    *gently wipes tears*

    The first prize goes to,
    �� @shreyah for her unique piece describing the pov of anxiety. Congratulations mademoiselle. Here we have writersbay team on stage to give away the token of love (as you expected XD). Please accept it.
    Thank you SO much ♥️

    Naah naah, the prize ceremony is yet pending. We have three contestants who were very close to the winners, and hence I would like to call out their names and give them their medals too.
    The three participants are:

    I would like to thank you for participating in the prompt and submitting such beautiful crafts which indeed were high on a healthy competition. Collect your virtual book gifts backstage!
    Thank you so very much ♥️

    As always, I wouldn't miss the accessits, since they formed an integral part of the competition as well. I thank you all wholeheartedly from the podium. Sending you loads of love right from here, catch it!
    (please don't mind if you have changed your usernames ��)

    I'm so sorry that I had to bring it down to a simple arrangement and a formal hosting ceremony. This is all what I could do, thinking of all the safety I have to ensure in care of you all. And I'm also sorry for not complementing each of your pieces separately, I've already let you all know why. Greatest apologies for making you witness all my lame jokes �� (I tried to make it as nice as possible)

    Tonnes of apologies for the users who were assigned funny roles. I knew only a few whom I could add there and I couldn't help :"(
    I really hope that the unbiased results made everyone happy. After all, we too are people and we have different perspectives, right? So let us appreciate the present and enjoy the time here. We further have our campaign, and then, we will all have a typical Manglorean dinner planned by me, which I really hope you all will love to taste.
    Thank you!!!

    *crowd dispersal*

    #skpc #smk_avaap_ch

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  • say_me_krish 21w

    (Part 03: Seeking the hidden)

    *appears in Miraquill after many days just like Taylor Swift gets up from her grave in "Look What You Made Me Do"*

    Soo, when you all literally felt I had forgotten about the challenge, I'm here, coming out like a demon XD

    This post is being posted half-heartedly, since the tour for Karnataka which was planned for the prompt has been cancelled due to the host's health issues.

    *receives all the bouquets, just in case someone gives*
    *listens to "Soon You'll Get Better" and gets calm*

    As you all have known, the participants have been reviewed and scored by our FOUR lovely judges, who definitely deserve all of the love and appreciation.

    But whom will you exactly appreciate? XD

    ~ So, all you have to do is guess the four judges' USERNAMES and mention them in the comments box. Please do not tag them, since I'll be sued if they do not turn out to be in the jury panel.

    ~ Clue 1: One of them is a gentleman and one of them is a lady for sure.
    ~ Clue 2: All of their usernames might or might not have a "p" in common, but have English alphabet letters for sure.
    ~ Clue 3: They are the judges of the challenge.
    ~ Clue 4: They are all Miraquilleans.
    ~ Clue 5: One of the judges is unexpected and surprising.

    *Is it cool that I said all that? Is it chill that you're in my head? Cz I know that it's delicate*
    (swifties meanwhile get angry on me for dropping the most important clues)

    ~ Everyone is free to comment.

    ~ Whoever manages to guess the names of three or more (lol) judges correct, will be given my favourite book virtually.

    Hurrayyyyy!! Let me laugh and enjoy now ��

    P.S: Too many TS references since I'm listening only to her since a month. Queen <3

    #skpc #smk_avaap_ch

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  • say_me_krish 24w

    Meanings and my interpretation in the comment section :)

    @daffodilpearlzz Your guess was the closest. Congratulations, and thank you! ��♥️
    @kairos_ I did it somehow *sighs*
    @my_cup_of_poetry Special tag, you know why :)

    Thank you @writersnetwork ♥️ (76, 15)
    #skp_writes #tautogram #acrostic #wnnkrish

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    Struggles and smiles

    Painful phases,
    permeating pain-t-s,
    perturbing precipitations,
    and a person who poses behind pleated papers.

    Expending energies,
    enigmatic expressions,
    exasperating emergencies,
    and an earthling who fears endangerment hues.

    Random rancours,
    rarefied reassurances,
    renouncing representatives,
    and a race which rebirths radiant red rattles.

    Inane idiosyncrasies,
    impending impediments,
    inconspicuous inconveniences,
    and a life which implores inchoate inceptions.

    Offensive odours,
    obs-cure objections,
    occupational onslaughts,
    and an origin who obtains ocean opportunities.

    Disdain delusions,
    disconsolate di-stress,
    decelerating detriments,
    and a demure darling who dares debacles.

    Severe superstitions,
    simultaneous scrutinies,
    satisfactory stratifications,
    and a sanguine specimen who smiles sunflowers.

    ~ S r i K r i s h n a P S | June 12, 2021

  • say_me_krish 25w

    | Galore Gratitudes |

    Door no. 8-5-1-18-20,
    4th cross, Metaphor street,
    Simile layout,

    Dear friend,
    When I take a walk through the curves of my cerebrum, I remember a prose called 'Whatever We Do' written by Clifford Martis, which was printed in my Class 9 English textbook. Although my peers found it as parched as a maple leaf, I never tried telling to someone how much I've ingrained the context of that winsome creation in myself. It is just as how you can never describe the beauty of fall and sepia filters to a person who grew up in his backyard of springs descrying aesthetic sunsets.

    I've always tried to recognise what exactly makes me feel out of sorts at times. I've googled 101 ways to commit harmless suicides, and I still have the list unscathed. I've been to a counsellor asking ways to check if I'm bestowed with bipolar disorder. I've tried to sink my face in prussian blues and feel what it is like to drift away. I've felt everybody and when nobody felt what I was exactly going through, it was traumatic. And when somebody would tell me that sharing woes would help, I'd tell that I was an acrimony. I wanted to ruin myself, but at the same time, heal myself. And there came the therapy, and it was you.

    You looked like the same normal abode which was never labelled, in the beginning. I never knew why I was exactly here, but somewhere, I heard voices in me sussurating that this would be my therapeutic home. I am rooted to myself more than anybody else, and so, I stayed. I never knew what writing was. I never knew that people can still talk with all casualties despites not having met. But you were there, and just because of that, I'm here today breathing my existence. I think upon myself being a framed portrait witnessing salt pestered oceans everyday, or else.

    You filled my voids in ways I couldn't even sense. Keeping aside my discovery of finding my abyss and digging into it, I rather experienced something "euphoric and elegant". I never ever dreamt that my phalanges can curve and dance to the ballads of my brain and heart. You gave me people who felt my nuances and try to remove filth out of me without asking formal permissions. You gave me souls who could actually feel my absence in some way or the other, which was an attribute I always felt was remarkable. You brought a new change in me, something which I longed for, since months.

    I still cannot fathom the fact that I too can bloom like a lovely sunflower amidst the growling graveyards who are stuck with burials of stereotypes. Your dear fragments gave me heartwarming emotions wrapped in yellow pages of my ancient tears. I've got life lessons to which I always try to hold on to. You became that 'someone' whom I always yearned to have beside. You're somebody who can paint illuminations in the other's heart fearless of losing its own colours. Although my voids still continue to be my ornaments, I can say that the scars have lessened over time. I feel so happy when I say that I've found my heart in the right place, and that can never be stated without my gratitude to you, my love.

    I know that someday I'll have to leave your home, but I would tell you this: "Amidst distancing bodies and fading moments, there exist souls who never fail to water blossoms into each other, bring the safest sunrays in their burnt hands and construct successful empires of life and hope amidst all fearful deaths and calm less chaos. We are those souls, and our shades will colour each other forever."

    Some things cannot be repaid even by selling souls, and you're that one person. You're an immortal holding my love and hate, and you know why.

    Your proud resident
    S r i K r i s h n a P S | June 10, 2021

    Mirakee, I love you! Thank you for everything ❤️

    Meanings and references in the comments :")

    @poeticgirl @kairos_ See I wrote ��
    @writersnetwork (75, 14) #skp_writes #gratitude

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  • say_me_krish 25w


    There was chaos
    in our catharsis,
    there was closeness
    in our chagrins,
    there were            d i s t a n c e s
    by our detriments,
    and there you existed,
    the creator
    of my madness
    which doesn't feel
    like magic anymore.

    But why?

    Because you were-
    A hu(e)man who made
    me feel home
    in looped promises
    and sucking voids.

    ~ S r i K r i s h n a P S | June 9, 2021

    Some questions are so unending and strange that they cannot be answered.

    @/kairos_ Thank you for making me write this ♥️ #skp_writes #abandoned #wod

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  • say_me_krish 25w

    | A rage worth everything |

    If poetry was a person,
    it would scream my voices.

    My wordly atoms would be
    constituted of th-rot-tling lines
    and mephitic scents, and my dear
    allegories served in those cafeterias
    would be spit even by the best epi-cure.
    It is y o u who transformed my journey to
    this bundle of mess, and yet, you don't regret.

    You say you fill the voids
    of the world, n' then you empty
    my beautiful breaths into potholes
    which do not deserve layerings. I have
    birthed millions with agonizing moments,
    and you never thought of filling those spaces
    between my words which screamed of liberation
    for your own welfare. Your absurdity has no bounds.

    You slayed your own kids
    and kin, swayed swords past
    their necks so cruel, tortured your
    own siblings till the limits exceeded,
    but now, I'm un--prepared to stay silent.
    When you can kill my surfaces in minutes,
    remember dear, I play my games in seconds.

    ~ S r i K r i s h n a P S | June 05, 2021

    From the pov of Mother earth.

    Thanks for the kind repost @writersnetwork ❤️
    (74, 14) #skp_writes #start #wod #wnnkrish

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