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  • satyampandey 20w

    Covering the scars

    And I chose the ink again,
    This time to cover my SCARS,
    Etched deep into my soul,
    Travelling miles over my skin,
    Scar, you can't see close or AFAR,

    And then I painted all of me black,
    Cause black hides all they SAY,
    I gave myself layer of disguises,
    To get out of the pain, not realising,
    A part of me left, and went AWAY

    Into the darkness, never to be seen AGAIN.
    It vanished and life was never the SAME.

  • satyampandey 30w

    Each wave pushing me further away,
    Just to pull me back, asking me to stay,
    Ocean of tales and glitters of lies,
    There's an enigma in those eyes.

  • satyampandey 34w

    As the bright flaming pages,
    Crumble to a heap of ashes,
    All my stories dark and wild,
    Are now in smoke and free,
    Burning the bridges did feel good,
    But now I have nowhere to be.

  • satyampandey 39w

    #Silence #WOD #Mirakee #Writersnetwok
    @binaryocean @writersnetwork

    I don't know whom to tag! Don't know who's still here, feels good to be back, feels good to write again ! Stay safe all of you ��

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    Why can't I just run away?

    In a world of agony,
    Where silence has more to say
    I see souls suffering,
    I see helpless gods pray!
    For there to be light,
    For there to be a way,

    Drenched in this darkness,
    Falling deeper each day,
    I pray again for a morning,
    I pray for the winds to sway!

  • satyampandey 49w

    Unseen umteen umber and pale
    Like the grass on your lawn,
    We grow through ourselves eachday
    With hearts a half,
    Love far forgotten & feelings long gone.

  • satyampandey 51w

    While I crease the paper sheets,
    And fold them to life,
    I pray for them to sail this time,
    Through inch of water & miles of strife.

  • satyampandey 58w

    Why Perfect Endings?

    (Inspired from Linda Paston's original)

    Aren't we all Perfect,
    A perfect portrait of our imperfections?

    Or the lubb and dubb precision,
    Of the heart that beats inside you,

    And don't the wind sun, and rain,
    Shower over all alike, in harmony?

    What about the mole ,
    So perfectly placed on your left cheek?

    Isn't the canvas so pale,
    Without the perfect stroke of a hand,

    When God created sinuosity,
    He didn't banish Symmetry,

    He insted invented
    Crystals and flowers,

    Or do you mean why I crave perfection,
    Don't we all crave what we have lost?

  • satyampandey 60w

    Don't remember the last time I got 20 likes ! From 650 to 6 active followers , the writer inside me Is slowly dying��
    #Sad #PoetryWednesday #pain #Popular
    @writersnetwork @bitterxsweet @fairytales_

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    Tonight, I don't know what to write
    Which words to rhyme
    And the syllables to choose,
    Tonight, the quill is too heavy for these hands
    And too few words there to use,

    Tonight, this body is burden
    Too heavy to carry itself
    Air too dense to breathe,
    Tonight, Is a book of mystery,
    Which I don't have a will to read,

    Tonight, I can't recall my name
    But my words sharper than ever
    Powerful enough to make the gaints shy,
    Tonight the ink is too dark
    And emotions ample to a make heartless cry,

    Tonight, there's a storm inside me
    A storm of emotions, painting me in scars
    Tearing whatever is left of me apart,
    Tonight its too strong to let me be alive
    Yet not strong enough to stop this heart.

  • satyampandey 64w

    I see the night sky,
    Dark, Mystic and Wild,
    And all those twinkling stars,
    Bring back the lost child,

    The ever-changing moon,
    Peeking through the cloud,
    Still searching for it's purpose,
    Lonely in the middle of a crowd,

    And I feel the wind gushing,
    Soothing ,Clear yet mild,
    Singing songs of me and you,
    Of The God, the King and Hilde,

    And there i see a swirling storm,
    I'm caught in the middle of it all!
    And I choose to look at the stars,
    While I can ,before I finally fall.

  • satyampandey 69w

    And the light can annihilate the dark,
    Still who wants an everlasting sun?
    Learned say the pen is mightier than a sword,
    But never reveal, fools don't carry one.