sleepin inside a void... no-one's there to wake me up

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  • sathii 1w

    The end

    4 cigarettes,closed door
    I m choking on betrayal
    Or am I just smoking away the pain
    Gaining nothing,still wondering
    When did I become so pungent

    1more,my lungs are suffocated
    Where did I leave myself
    Dry mouth, consuming my throat
    Drip by drip, smoke away desires

    Last one,but not the end
    Life goes on, leaving me behind
    Hindered my expectations,still not growing

    Myself will move on, just like the seasons
    Maybe the next one will have butterflies
    Or fallen leaves doesn't matter

    I wonder what if I smoke away myself one day
    Will it make any mark
    Or will I just get mixed in with the thin air

  • sathii 2w

    To my younger self

    Sometimes people who means the most
    Will change
    Someday your place will be given
    To someone else
    There will be times when you will have no one by your side
    There will be happy moments
    They will be so special
    That you may think those people are your everything and vise versa
    Maybe you mean something to them
    Or not
    That doesn't matter
    What matters is you have to be strong
    And believe only in yourself
    Remember that you came alone in this world and will go alone from this world
    There will be no one leaving with you
    The only thing you can expect from this world is that when you will be gone
    People will grieve for a moment
    But there timeline will never stop with yours
    And that's okay
    Cause you will also never stop for anyone

    Nature also changes
    Animals adapts to survive
    Caged souls also breathes to live
    So you also have to fight
    The fight will not always with the world or with a physical being
    Somedays You will have to fight with yourself
    With your mind
    With your expectations
    Your desires
    Whether it is internal or external doesn't matters if it's causing you trouble
    Just leave
    Being selfish is not bad
    Sometimes it means self love
    And love you deserve everything
    Believe in yourself

    Friends, family, country,loved ones
    They also doesn't matters
    The thing matters is you
    My 13 year old self
    You have come a long way
    And you kave to keep moving
    Achieve your purpose
    Be what you want to be
    People can sometimes become stranger overnight
    Seasons also changes so you can't expect people not to change
    I love you so much
    You will turn out an amazing person in future
    You are me
    And I believe in you

    Emotions doesn't lasts forever
    They will change
    Don't get carried away with them
    You are everything

  • sathii 2w


    I carried the pain for ages it seems
    With every second
    It grew and grew
    I will never have what I wish for

    I will float like this forever
    From one shore to another
    Never having a place
    I will vanish someday without a trace

    Still knowing all this
    My heart aches with pain and misery
    Denial gave me some strength till date
    But someday I will have to face the reality

    I no longer want to wait
    I accept thee now
    Flowing all out with my self

    I have caged you for so long
    With all of my heart I free this misery


  • sathii 7w

    Hemlock tree

    Walked miles and miles
    With sore feets and broken smiles
    I loose my mind again and again
    Created graveyard of hopes
    With strokes of pain

    Spend myself little by little
    My warmth faded long time ago
    Soul turned grey,sick and sealed
    Did I break? Was I flawed?

    Scared that I became numb
    Screamed with my heart, lost it
    My destination moved far
    More miles to walk
    Less strength to thrive

    Mindlessly I wonder
    That I start to walk backwards
    Finally reached
    Under the hemlock tree

    I didn't change my mind
    Cause now under this tree
    I slowly shimmered into dust......


  • sathii 12w


    Blank canvas of white sheet
    Placed at the corner of a crowded room
    Oo the people are watching
    Waiting for me to draw
    A piece that will soothe their eyes

    With every colour of light
    *Where are the dark ones?*
    Pellets are shiny, *what if I make them dull*
    As I close my eyes
    My soul strokes a different shade of colour
    With each breath,there are different colours

    When I opened my eyes,
    I felt myself in that canvas
    Covered with irregular strokes
    Questioning an existence
    In the corner waiting for someone to notice
    To appreciate,to see what it means

    Then a voice calls me
    Questioning me
    What if they don't like these shades?
    Will the canvas have its existence?
    Will it soothe their eyes ?
    As these voices become louder and louder
    I slowly slip the canvas in a dark, isolated cupboard to rest....

    As Time passes
    There are no new strokes
    Locked with a questionable soul,
    The Canvas.

  • sathii 13w


    I am me or some letters making a word
    Should I live for myself or for these letters
    When my body will turn into ashes,
    will these letters keep me alive
    Or will it be my karma

    Does it make any difference if the letters are shuffled,
    or a new word is put instead of the old one
    I will be me, no matter which letters will be carved on my grave

    My definition will be simple me


  • sathii 19w


    Dim lights,faded paths
    Lightening of memories
    Waves of emotions
    Ocean of tears
    Glass of happiness, cracked
    When silence started silencing me
    I heard two meows
    At different pitch
    Sunshine of hope, disappearing clouds of demons
    Found a home,with two tiny creature


  • sathii 19w

    June 5

    From sunset to sunrise
    I want you to be same
    From summer to winter
    I want your warmth to be same

    Days, months, years, seasons
    No matter what changes
    I want you to be you,whom I met once....

    I want you to hold my name
    And feel me with a heartache
    When I will turn into shimmery
    Will you cry or take me in your arms?

  • sathii 19w


    You covered your face
    Layers and layers
    You starved your body
    Morphed it into something of other's desire

    You suffocated yourself
    Closed your soul in a room
    Killed your smiles
    Hide your scars
    Suffered and suffered

    Mocked again and again
    It hurted you but you never told them
    You screamed within you
    You cried while showing a beautiful curve on your face

    You presented a jolly face
    Every time you walked in front of the world
    But there was so much agony in your heart
    Marks of self hatred are visible on you wrist

    You waited for someone to love
    While you are hating yourself
    Your soul has turned grey
    The fire inside you hasn't ignite from decades

    "Beauty lies inside someone's heart"
    You are told this so many times
    But the second sentence was always
    You can look better


  • sathii 20w


    Empty shores, screaming waves
    We walked holdin hands
    I looked into her eyes
    Pathway to her soul appears
    All my misery disappears

    Moonlight falls upon her skin
    Beautiful and radiant
    What can I say
    Sweet and lovely that's all I describe
    But she was so much for in disguise

    We walked by the shores once,
    Shores were silent back then
    She was talking,I was listening

    With stream of time
    Her footprints have faded
    Leaving mine
    All is left now are the memories
    Which the waves are whispering
    And I m still listening

    They feel so comforting
    Yet my heart aches
    Under the moonlight I recall you once again