trying to look for sanity the mind goes insane

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  • sassydan 14w


    Is it dark in here
    Or is it just my eyes
    Feels like I'm blinded by the sun
    That has lost its shine
    My heart skipping some beats
    They meld into my grave
    A feeling of pure greed
    Something that I can't seem to brave
    Rubbery and dead
    My flesh tears apart from bones
    Browning on the edges
    Becoming dark as my soul
    I walk and walk
    To find purpose, or maybe the end
    The sole of my feet aching
    And so they bend
    Cracking under the weight of stares
    And suddenly the burden lessens
    My mind gets clouded
    And in a daze I smile
    Feeling as if I'm being born anew
    Whilst i knock on death's door
    And it welcomes me with choking hands

  • sassydan 19w


    Stand at ease
    Face the wall
    Call the demons 
    You've yet to come across
    Feel their reign
    Feel their beat 
    As it pours on you
    Now you can breathe
    Drain your soul 
    Into a water container
    Quench the thirst 
    Of your wailing disorders
    Bleach your insides
    Wash them out
    Till you can't feel the pain
    Of your weeping doubts
    Tell them the things
    You haven't dared to say
    Jam your fingers
    Into their eye displays
    Murder their intent
    Feel it boil
    The want to kill
    That lives in your mind
    Stuff your capillaries 
    With their drying blood
    Shut them up 
    As you sew your cuts

  • sassydan 23w


    Gliding through the wind
    Rougher than the air
    Something floats above
    Cold with layers upon layers
    I am nothing profound
    Gently screaming as my love breaks
    Colliding with despairity
    You look at me to say
    You are nothing but a scratch in time
    You are heavy as water
    Gone with a flash in mind
    And smooth like gushing stutters
    Filling mouths with tar
    You plant the poison seed
    Filling up to par
    Get tainted in my defeat
    Shoulders to knees
    Bend myself to see through
    Push myself away 
    Screeching time with guilt so blue
    I ride through my memories
    To find what i fell in love with
    Gazing into the world of yours
    I come up with faults in our stars

  • sassydan 23w


    It's harder to feel nowadays
    Making circles on the ground
    The feet move their own way
    Seemingly lost in the crowds 

    Staring in the eyes of love
    To find nothing but contempt
    A profound feeling in the guts
    They are now heavily clenched

    Trying to look for sanity
    The mind goes insane
    Tethering flows of humanity
    The heart is now inhumane


  • sassydan 78w


    Under the world of yours
    It has been easy
    Finding you while getting lost

    The melody of you
    The lyrics of me forgotten
    As i looked a little blue

    What used to be mine
    Hidden in the chest of yours
    Years lost and i couldn't find 

    The thought of you
    Until you live in my mind
    While my chrysanthemums grew

  • sassydan 80w


    The littlest of things
    That you used to gave
    Even when you liked it more than me
    Made me believe in love
    You were never perfect
    But you still tried to protect me
    Even when my own shadows
    Seemingly turned on me
    You were there and i trusted you
    More than the beliefs i had
    Portraying even the bad things as good
    Cause everything for me was never enough
    You used to roam the roads
    With me on your back
    As you took me to places
    Where the sky looked the best
    You made me love more and more
    As we grew up i was filled completely
    You dealt with all the bad things
    While i slept in my dreams
    Didn't let anyone break me
    You were more than a shield
    You were far more than anything i could ever ask for
    You were the brother who got choked while i breathed
    But i couldn't see as i was in another world
    A place made by you, a place full of wonders
    So i lost you in a blink of time
    And now the world feels too lonely

  • sassydan 88w

    ♡With You♡

    If i showed you my world
    Would you care to roam it?
    Water my flowers
    So they aren't wilted
    Would you take a walk
    Beside my broken dreams
    So they can remember
    What they used to be
    Would you quench the thirst
    Of my soul less eyes
    That wanna see you
    And the way you smile
    Would you take my hand
    And promise not to leave
    Cause i wanna hear you sayin
    "You are made for me"
    "And even though we are not perfect"
    "But we have each other"
    "To love ourselves and to share our tears"
    This is all i want to remember
    This is all i need
    I dont want a happy ending
    I just want you with me

  • sassydan 90w


    Whispers of the night
    Swinging on the bed
    Creeping in my mind
    Playing with my breaths
    Closing my eyes
    Wanna shut them close
    Keep them in chest
    So they won't fly along
    The pain in my heart
    Comes back every night
    Playing my part
    Killing the appetite
    Picking at the seams
    Of my broken dreams
    Wanting the pleasure of
    A peaceful sleep
    But they still return
    Spreading their wings
    Choking me with hands
    As if it's the devil's will
    Filling my head
    With thunders of thoughts
    Slowly killing me with
    An acutely sharp bow
    My defeat is at their feet
    Licking with all my might
    To even get a whiff of life
    But alas! the soul has already died

  • sassydan 91w


    I see you
    Standing over me
    Giving me hope
    Shadow for eternities
    Feeling a little blue
    The mind is numb
    It's too silent right now
    Smaller than a single crumb
    The world looks jaded
    So i lay down at your feet
    To find a home
    And victory in my defeat
    Don't want that much
    No more than a sweet touch
    Wanna feel what it's like
    To be a white dove
    And for once not be
    The ugly black swan
    Waiting their whole life
    To fly high among the stars

  • sassydan 93w

    The Words that were never said

    I remember the time
    When we were young
    Playing with you
    Was so much fun
    We would play
    Hide and seek and tag
    Found you many times
    Beneath the bed
    But now
    Time has changed
    You and me
    We can't stay
    Cant hide under the bed
    Or play tag
    As you were made
    To rule the world
    You were meant to fly
    Just like a bird
    I understood that
    But i chained you down
    Tore down your wings
    So you wouldn't run around
    I had to do it so
    I let you go
    Did it cause
    I love you so
    You couldn't even notice
    How could you know
    As i couldn't even hear
    Couldn't even speak
    Didnt want you to see
    My true identity
    Couldn't let you see
    What was behind the mask
    I was ugly on the inside
    Had a broken heart
    Too broken for you to love
    So i tried
    Made my heart stop
    So you could be alive
    Cause if i lived
    You wouldnt exist
    I killed myself
    It wasn't easy
    It wasn't in me
    As i wasn't so brave
    Took the words
    I couldn't say to my grave
    The three words
    That i wanted to tell
    Died with me
    What a fate
    I will always remember you
    As i say
    "I love you" the Words
    That were never said