words are a bliss.. give them ink

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  • sarkar_srestha 43w

    What are we heading to
    wearing rise tinted glasses
    Of communalism, casteism,and many more
    At stake is the trust on humanity
    Over the heap of dead souls
    I stand and ask
    What else should we pay for this insanity?
    With our buried conscience
    We walk towards
    A world so dark
    Where money buys truth
    With every biased remark.
    My questions aren't allowed anymore
    Silenced am I
    Like your silent souls.

  • sarkar_srestha 44w

    //जाने किसे भुलाने निकले हो
    किस से आज़ाद होना चाहते हो
    पास होकर भी इतने दूर रहते हो
    सच बताओ,
    मेरी बाहों में भी उसे ही ढूँढ़ते हो//

  • sarkar_srestha 45w

    You stripped me off your love
    "Love" that came in form of forehead kisses
    Yellow Magnolias
    A cup of tea
    And long walks.
    Little did you know
    I lost our love
    In strips of painkillers And Tranquilizers
    I lost our love
    In unsent texts and backspaced words.
    You painted me with blames
    You couldn't bear
    And truths you spoke
    For me to hear.
    Did you know
    I dealt in lies and
    Your betrayal?
    You couldn't accept any denial
    I couldn't breathe
    You stripped my of the love
    That escaped my soul underneath.

  • sarkar_srestha 46w

    Over a period of time when i was actually growing up I realised time isn't the culprit of us not being able to "let go". It's us. We think that letting go of the memories will heal us. Healing has nothing to do with letting go. We can hold on to all the memories while healing. Healing requires acceptance of the present of the truth of the departure.
    You and I are well aware of this truth. We have had this realisation. We know that there is no "happily ever after".
    Yet when it comes to you I stay stuck with a thought of you being my happy ending.
    You haven't made any promises. Nor did you trespass into my heart. I have gently let you in but you have hurricaned me. You stirred back all my emotions and I have quite forgotten all my realisations.
    I wish i had met you with a "please do not break my heart" label on me because I am too scared to be heartbroken again. You didn't heal me of my past but helped me dissolve them in raw sunlight.I don't know whether you are that "breath of fresh air " in my stagnant, monotonous but busy life or not. But definitely you make me breath.
    You are also the reason why I have fallen in love all over again. Trusting you is difficult maybe because I fear being scattered again but you make me stronger.
    I wish you STAY because I am someone people doesn't like for long. But then even if we happen to grow apart you will always be a part of me. You have given me so much strength yet you are my weakness.
    You taught me that we don't need to say love inorder to love. Miles away or inches over my skin love will prevail. I don't promise you anything either except for love.

  • sarkar_srestha 47w

    Amidst silence i found you
    In sighs
    When the world was tangled in chaos.
    My midnight musings
    remain empty now
    For the alchemy of your words
    Have emptied me of my rhyme.
    My poems doesn't have
    rhyming ends anymore
    For, Your rhythm rules them
    And i am busy dancing
    To the unheard tunes.

  • sarkar_srestha 47w

    Are living corpses concealed burial grounds too?

  • sarkar_srestha 51w

    You were always there
    When he kissed me or held me tight
    A little like a ghost
    And more like the
    Unfilled space between us.
    I knew it wasn't me
    That his passion seeked
    It was just us there
    But you sneaked
    Through his lips
    That tasted like you.
    Although we haven't ever met
    But you are more than a name
    You are more than a story
    A bit of you always exists in me
    As my unloved soul
    As my body which is loved
    Only to forget yours.
    You are the glass of whiskey
    He drinks to kill your memories
    You are in our night skies
    Under which we make love
    And he sleeps next me
    Only to dream of you.
    You exist
    In my sighs
    And teary eyes
    In the unfilled space
    Between us.

  • sarkar_srestha 51w

    Ours is a society
    Where girls should be smart and shy
    Laugh little and they are meant to cry.
    They should sit properly
    And talk less
    Study with all their heart
    Only to drop out for marriage
    Calm and peaceful her
    Should not know
    What is rage.
    She should look like a lady
    But shouldn't
    Talk like a woman.
    Breaking all stereotypes
    If she yells
    Let the matriarchy begin
    You brand her as a feminist
    As if being one is a sin.
    Ours is a society where men
    Are taught to be tough and strong
    Because stereotypically
    "Mard ko dard nhi hota."
    And they are never wrong.
    When he cares and cries
    Suffers heartbreaks and tries
    To mend and own his own mistakes.
    We tell him
    Do not
    "Talk like a woman".
    Maybe because patriarchy speaks like a woman
    It Doesn't forget words spoken
    By men since time immemorial
    Although all of it is wrong
    But it's woman enough to stand strong.
    So next time when someone says
    Do not talk like a woman
    Stand straight and talk like one.

  • sarkar_srestha 51w

    We have a broken marriage
    None of us tries to fix it.
    You fuel your ego
    And I have held my self-esteem tight.
    You never try to "talk-it-out"
    And I'm stuck with
    "Why should I go first?"

    Had we met in the 70s
    You would brand me
    As a bra burning feminist
    And i would hate your misogyny.
    Breaking shackles of
    The age old patriarchy
    All the underlying assumptions
    Of female stereotypes
    Were catching fire and
    Everyone saw a new uprising
    Of women as individuals.
    Our marriage would have been a game
    Of pitch and toss.
    Though things are no different but
    The differences between us would have been different.

    Had I met you in the 70s
    The parameter of our love
    Wouldn't have been "red heart" on snapchat
    Or a tale of Instagram stories.
    "I don't know" wouldn't have been the clarity
    Nor closures would have been important.
    Our love story would not
    Vanish into oblivion.


  • sarkar_srestha 51w

    I loved scribbling my stories on your palm
    As much i loved stealing your clothes.
    You are more like a riddle
    And not an open book
    Because open books have only one page open for you to read all day
    But i solve you
    Everytime in a different way.
    Like my favourite snow white hair clips
    I wear your habits and words occassionally
    Only to remind myself
    That you exist
    In all those stolen habits
    Lost words
    And your clothes in my cupboard.
    The constellations never changes their arrangement
    Just like our conversations
    And your favourite candies
    That i always keep in my pockets.
    You are like my lime soda
    Sour yet so comforting
    Afterall you speak harsh truths to break my fairy tale world
    Dragging me into reality
    And apply ointments too.
    I loved leaving you notes
    As much you loved leaving me alone.
    Our never ending wars won't ever get away
    We are our favourite opponents afterall.
    At times
    You are much like that unwanted blister on my lips
    And at times
    You are the my most comfortable pillow.
    In all those
    Honest heart pouring conversations at 3 A.Ms
    Morning walks at 6
    Deep afternoon sleep
    I loved letting you down and you never let me go.
    Few things never change though
    I say I love you but you love me more and never say so.