not a professional writer❤ but definitely a writer who tries to be perfect in everyway❤ writing is what makes you happy❤

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  • sariaquraishi 7h


    The time you acquire a high status in the society
    Everyone starts appreciating you,
    They forgets how you appeared beforewards
    What matters is the amount of work you can do for them afterwards.
    The days of struggle when no one stood
    When Ruined up the days of your childhood
    Now Seeks for your consideration
    It is the time changing situation.
    Double faced human beings
    How tracherous will they act?
    How tremendously they react?
    Well ofcourse your success shuts their mouth
    Oh my god?what to say now!

  • sariaquraishi 1w

    Her smile was enough for my happiness
    Her smile never expressed her sadness
    You had a talent of making me laugh at my worst
    Why did you left me then my friend?
    She was a girl who always favoured me with help
    I miss you yusra,we miss you yusra
    There would be no one like you
    You had such a beautiful eyes
    Now who will stare me for my lies
    Your love would remain be alive
    I will cherish the memories i had with you untill i live my life
    U have been taken away from me so early
    You left this world with a beautiful journey
    This heart is filled with grief while feeling your absence
    This heart cries for your presence
    May you live a best life there in heaven
    My friend,you live inside my heart
    Memories of yours,still carried by my heart

  • sariaquraishi 1w

    Cannot deny the fact that life is so uncertain
    What might happen the next?
    it is unknown.

  • sariaquraishi 3w

    Being there for everyone ?
    Getting it back from no one.
    I never knew i was this much abandoned
    Everything feels to be dejected in life
    I seek for someone to ask me well even i am fine?
    Growing up with such a heart wrenching trauma
    Left over with no more insane drama
    I asked my life:-
    Why is it so harsh for me?
    Why am i feeling disable being me?
    Why arnt you making things go ease?
    In response it said:-
    I am harsh as i am real
    Its a phase of pain just bear.

  • sariaquraishi 5w

    Our life asks for several sacrifices in return of which it feeds us nothing but, hardships,Mental health issues,unbearable pains.
    Eventully It encourages us towards the power to tolerate the upcoming miserable and unpredictable fortune.

  • sariaquraishi 6w

    They asked me why dont i enjoy my life with happiness?
    I smiled with a reply in which i said:-anyone with such a traumatised heart couldnt laugh with joy but only cries with pain!!

  • sariaquraishi 8w

    Living in a deep condolense of my soul
    Soul of happiness,Soul of joy
    Left with the soul which no more enjoy
    This is my sober life on which i daily cry
    This is how solemn i live and die

  • sariaquraishi 10w

    However dead our body feels,The hopes should be alive and that's the only thing which will make us go through everything in our life. ♥️

  • sariaquraishi 10w

    This will also pass
    You do not need to break your heart!

  • sariaquraishi 10w

    The splash of tear from my eye
    It determines the weakness of my life
    It contains many trauma's which did arrive
    It only comes when this heart starts crying
    The splash of tear from my eye
    It comes when i look up the sky
    When i miss my loved ones by my side
    My life could not be cruel this much
    As it took everything away from my touch
    Inside the heart, all mess is going on
    All the Feelings are now withdrawn