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  • sarcaustictwo 1d

    I'm strolling in my new shoes
    In the dying winter sunshine.
    The day will end soon
    Twilight beckons in dark corners.

    In new shoes...
    I'm lamenting poor life choices
    As traffic crawls alongside me
    And the same familiar glances

    None of this is new to me
    My reckless rhythm
    Memoirs of another ill-begotten year
    That served me well enough
    The reckless rhythm
    Of my odious odyssey.

    At times I'm held together
    Only by new laces of my shoes
    And those who do not notice
    That I'm falling apart.
    Slowly but gradually.

  • sarcaustictwo 2d

    I've gone too close to the embers.
    Just for the sake of a thrill.
    Summer is long gone
    With ashes all around
    And I feel
    I'm burning still.

  • sarcaustictwo 2w

    With winters to see
    and summers to be
    I see it now
    The seasons are in me.

  • sarcaustictwo 2w

    Rock bottoms aside,nobody has seen you at your worse-than your neighborhood beauty salon.

  • sarcaustictwo 3w

    The earth is wet this morning.
    The grey sky frowning still.
    Drops of patter on windowsill
    Masquerades everything.
    The summer stays deep buried
    Like an unborn child,nestled in.
    Biding for time,when it's right.
    To sprout out
    With frigid bones
    Or an intact will.

  • sarcaustictwo 3w

    I want to be in awe
    like a child's face pressed against
    a candy store window.

  • sarcaustictwo 4w

    People who aren't happy for your happiness,
    aren't your true friends.

  • sarcaustictwo 5w

    It will hurt.
    To be apart.
    The pieces that are
    meant to be one.
    It will haunt.
    This unfinished business.
    In this life
    and beyond.
    Under the black moon
    and empty sky.
    It will chase.
    Those broken promises.
    Between moments of peace
    and lucid unforgiveness.

  • sarcaustictwo 5w

    I don't know if I'm brave
    I just survived to tell the tale.

  • sarcaustictwo 6w

    I don't need more time
    To take myself more seriously
    than I do right now.
    Frenzied words forming
    in a fervent mind.
    I think I'm ready
    Now,it seems a time
    good as any
    to leave this fever behind.