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  • sarcasticbong 17h

    #polaroidc @writersbay
    Picture Credit ©sarcasticbong

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    You came into my life 
    Fanned me like an instant film
    Brought me out of darkness
    Creating the picture-perfect


  • sarcasticbong 2d

    #cityc @writersbay
    Image credit ©sarcasticbong

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    This City feels so loud
    With delirious crowd
    Phone stuck to hands
    Living inside brands.

    This city feels so loud
    With fuscous cloud
    Stuck into delusion
    Without a conclusion;

    'Bot book
    Pot cook'


  • sarcasticbong 1w

    #recipe #pod @writersnetwork @mirakee @writersbay
    Edited �� Could you read again. 14.04.21

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    Recipe for making the bong
    "The God of Unknown"

    × Half a dozen of personalities 
    × A spoonful of Unknown questions 
    × 2/3 of darkness from Svalbard
    × A Jar full of pain from the rain
    × A whole book of poetries called Unlove
    × Freshly hand-picked Metaphors
    × A pinch of verses dipped in curses 

    Even before starting the recipe, it could intoxicate you, to be safe until the end be patience and forget you have a heart to love.


    Heat the cast iron pan on high flames,
    Pour the pain boil it until you see bubbles,
    then drop one by one all the personalities stir it well on low flames,
    an ebullient aroma will start to fill the room
    Now add a spoonful of Unknown questions, Questions that have souls attached to them be careful they might jump over you.
    Now take the book cut through the pages,
    book of poetries in a zig-zag pattern,
    like the wrist of a lover who wrote poetries to hate her but couldn't Unlove her,
    Now turn the flames to high and add 2/3 of the darkness from Svalbard an Ingredient that keeps the balance of the entity, stir until everything has been mixed well
    Take a pinch of verses dipped in curses toss the pan and sprinkle the magic portion, an Ingredient that makes ripple in the timeline of every multiverse to relive the moments,
    Finally, Garnish with freshly hand-picked Metaphors only for the ones persistence for the worthiness.

    Your, Bong has been created.


  • sarcasticbong 1w


    Fate, another
    human made bait
    For a time
    When they could deny
    Being responsible
    Of what they have


  • sarcasticbong 1w


    I have made peace
    My demons
    Under my bed
    Now they lay
    between the sheets.


  • sarcasticbong 1w


    I claimed to be someone else
    Under the surreal sky
    With clouds holding
    my tears
    Birds flying away
    with memories
    I claimed to be someone else
    who thought
    The closure was a scam.


  • sarcasticbong 1w

    @writersbay #lunaticc
    Image credit ©sarcasticbong

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    ​I hope my lunatic words
    leave a print, on broken
    hearts bit by you
    and they could
    stay sane even in darkness.


  • sarcasticbong 2w

    (Celestial vibe #13)

    Mind fight shadow kite 
    Blue night clever mite 
    Redo foresight, standby.

    I feel blue, light coming through glittering diamonds speck shining around, my skin felt like a shield strengthened My heart pound as a crow dipped painted lugubriousness.

    The sky turned purple, other colours jump around clouds to the mountains, mountains to the river where a red salmon swimming around. The sun turned all black and white.

    “What ?” 

    Or perhaps it’s a negative image
    lifeless yet to sleep in red, 


    We all live in that darkness that throttles us till the last blood in this human flesh turned dark purple 

    “How do you learn such a thing ?” 

    Don’t you see it all around, those made-up names saw frames with pictures of imagination hanging.

    “Can’t you smile ?” 

    Yes, haven't you seen me inside those mirrors, reality bleeding blue shimmering smile over my face called true? 

    “Can’t you be a little positive ?”  

    Who decides what’s positive and what’s negative? 

    “It has always been so” 

    You ask questions at the wrong
    places and never find the answers.

    The protagonist have been in an induced sleep, Kindly wait for the next ride of
    'The Celestial Vibe Next Generation'.
    Thank you.


  • sarcasticbong 2w


    I'm the morning star 
    drinking whiskey on the bar 
    shooting star, smoking cigar.
    Writing red in a pool of blood 
    Puny demons keep blaming 
    Fiery thorn will burn, stop claiming 
    Hell is mine as the stygian verses, 
    I rhyme 
    Shine that's a holy crime 
    Eyes red burning mime
    White feathers wouldn't get a clue 
    Want to find me?
    Come and drown in the Styx.


  • sarcasticbong 3w

    #bridgec @writersbay
    Image Credit ©sarcasticbong

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    Obsessed with the desire
    to be consumed by chaos,
    I wrote letters hanging on a bridge
    to love that never existed.