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  • sarahcandlemagic 38w

    for all of the 'thank yous' never said
    and for all of those yet to come
    I am grateful for each day we share
    I love you Mom


  • sarahcandlemagic 38w

    ribbons on a wish tree
    fireflies in the yard
    running around with bare feet
    soaring with the stars

    the gifts that you have given me
    are those I didn't know I had lost
    you taught me to be free again
    I'm so blessed to be your mom


  • sarahcandlemagic 39w

    Come witness the holy communion
    The time when two becomes one
    Hear the thunder of hoofbeats
    Of wild stags out on the hunt
    Feel the gentle, warm wind
    As the Goddess lays herself down
    As bonfires blaze off in the distance
    The King and Queen don their crowns


  • sarahcandlemagic 46w


    I am me
    I stand here in serenity
    And claim every little piece

    Shadow and light
    Merging now as one

    In the Universe of my own making
    I know I am the Sun

  • sarahcandlemagic 52w


    love - grace - forgiveness - peace
    whatever it is that you need
    feel it wrap around you now
    like a warm embrace

  • sarahcandlemagic 54w

    I am grounded in the mother
    My soul flies oh so high
    Receiving wisdom from that
    which in us
    is divine
    Meeting in the middle
    Connected at the heart
    As above and so below
    We are living, breathing stars

  • sarahcandlemagic 54w

    The Apple

    My juices exploded inside her lips
    And she saw the secrets of time
    Pour out from between her hips
    Some say it was the snake
    Some say it was she
    But the one that called out
    To her, that day
    Was me

  • sarahcandlemagic 71w


    A time of transformation
    not quite the beginning or the end
    A time of perfect balance
    between winter and summer's end
    Be grateful for all you're given
    and the ways that you have grown
    You are guided by the Goddess
    as your darkness, you learn to own
    No longer the fertile mother -
    yet, not quite wise old Crone
    The wild woman walks between
    what is - and the unknown
    It's the season of the wild witch; who dances in the night
    High on summer revelry, and following the light
    It's time to come to centre - cross the threshold now
    Enter into your shadow - let the Goddess show you how

  • sarahcandlemagic 72w

    By unknown writer

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    why candle magic?

    100% natural soy wax
    Scented with 100% essential oils
    Blends are divinely created with intent
    Wicks are hand dipped
    Meditation, chanting, singing work done while candles are being made
    Blessed in my sacred space and charged with crystals
    Many ingredients hand grown and hand foraged
    Each candle comes with a spell/incantation/poem card and list of ingredients and intention

  • sarahcandlemagic 75w

    Lie in the grass
    let Mother Nature
    compose you a symphony