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  • sarah_writes 62w

    # HBD jaan
    #missing you alot

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    ❤Happy birthday my jaan ❤

    I tried to make you happy, but I guess my efforts weren’t enough. I hope you find someone who gives you the happiness you are looking for.

    Happy birthday my love. You’ll always occupy a special place in my heart even though we are currently living Or separate lives.

  • sarah_writes 62w

    At last he lost interest in me ����

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    what hurts the most..?

    "When you realize that the
    Person with whom you used to
    Share everything & every detail
    Of the day

    Slowly losing interest in you. "

  • sarah_writes 63w

    Smell the sea and feel
    the sky, let your soul and spirits fly

  • sarah_writes 63w


    Life takes you down many paths,
    But the best ones lead to the beach

  • sarah_writes 63w

    My mood....

    Mera mood,
    Jab kharab hota hai toh
    Mere pass har baat ka
    Ek he jawab hota hai
    "Pata nhi"

  • sarah_writes 63w

    MISS YOU.......

    Khamosh hoon, magar
    Intezaar sirf tumhara
    Karti hoon

    Kehte nahi hai...! Magar
    Aaj bhi pyar sirf tumse
    He karte hain....! ❤

  • sarah_writes 64w


    Agar duniya mein
    Yeh jaat-paat na hoti,

    Na jaane kitne dil tootne
    Se bach jate...!

  • sarah_writes 65w

    Zindagi me sab kuch
    Phir se mil sakta hai,

    Waqt ke sath khoya hua rishta
    Phir nahi milta...!

  • sarah_writes 65w

    #stayhome staysafe��

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    Kon jaanta tha..!
    Aisa din bhi ayega..!!

    Positive insan se door, aur
    Negative insan ke pass baitha

  • sarah_writes 65w

    #love of my life

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    My ❤

    Pyar agar saccha ho, toh
    Kabhi nahi badalta,

    Na waqt ke sath
    Na halaat ke sath...! ❤