Half agony. Half hope.♠

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  • sara_adnan 14w

    Drenched in agony

    They say emotional abuse can be fatal too. May be she was hurt today like never before. Not physically but emotionally. May be something was killed inside her. She wanted to scream but all these feelings and emotions and the never ending WHY was choking her throat making it hard to breathe. The ache never stops. May be today she was made to believe that nothing will ever be okay again. She's losing control, it's too much to suppress. The heart burns. The pain finds its way out of her eyes. It's like a volcano erupting. Her heart has turned into a graveyard of emotions. Gashes and the ashes all in waiting for their funeral. May be today was the last burial held or perhaps there will be more, She can't be sure. She'll never be sure.

  • sara_adnan 18w

    Have you looked at the birds sitting on the bare autumn trees, singing despite all the sadness around. I wonder what makes them so sanguine about the changing season? May be it's the divinity of the sky or the aspiration within of an inviting future. It has always been an epitome of hope.

  • sara_adnan 18w

    One day, a man was drowning in the water. And a boat came by and said, Do you need any help? He said, No, thank you. God will save me.
    Then another boat came by. Said, Do you need any help? And he said, No, thank you. God will save me.
    Then he drowned, and he went to heaven. And he said, God, why didn't you save me?
    And God said, I sent you two big boats, you dummy.

  • sara_adnan 18w

    All that I am
    All that I ever was
    Is here in your perfect eyes, they're all I can see
    I don't know where
    Confused about how as well
    Just know that these things will never change for us at all

  • sara_adnan 19w

    That's the remedy. Your analeptic love is what's keeping me sane. It's the balance that's giving me hope. Take your love out of the equation and all that'd be left is the consciousness of nothingness, beyond which, is nothing but the desolation of my heart.

  • sara_adnan 19w

    "Sometimes, the most simplest thing becomes the most complicated. You'll understand it when you're defeated in love", someone said. He gave an enervated sigh. Who would have known that better than him, he thought. The light he had been chasing eventually burned him. The peace he was after eventually brought his heart to pieces. The chaos he got used to turned into a deadly silence. And then it was just him and his best companion, the silence, covered in the murkiest memories of the past. And he became forever homesick for the place he had lost.

  • sara_adnan 20w

    Someday, it would be us
    chasing each other into the wild
    laughing everytime our feet muddle
    the crisp autumn leaves.

  • sara_adnan 46w


    Contentment with everything you have today.

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