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  • sapna2019 2d


    Life is a gift from God
    so am trying my
    best to value
    the most

    By living positively,
    trying to be
    I know ones this
    life is wrapped
    up there
    is no another
    life to


  • sapna2019 4d


    Never say goodbye
    say bye
    with the hope
    of meeting the
    person again....
    Goodbye is painful.


  • sapna2019 5d

    Rhetorical questions

    During this pandemic situation there is a common rhetoric question to God by all human being......

    Ho God when will this corona viruses end, when will there be a stop to this suffering?


  • sapna2019 1w

    A day.....

    "How was your day?"

    My days going dull
    but I try my best to do it well.
    I wait for the new day to start
    with freshness, peace and health.
    Keeping a smile on my face
    hope in my heart,
    I see that the day goes safely.

    Spending all my time in work,
    I see that I give quality time for my students,
    Keeping all my worries aside
    I make their day smile.

    I try keeping my home positive
    finishing off my household work,
    without any complain I try to keep my loving members happy, healthy and in peace.

    Though I don't get time for self,
    I keep my home mates contended.


  • sapna2019 1w

    Ode to my books

    You are my friends my companions
    You are the doorways Journey to my mind and my heart
    You have given me knowledge and joy
    I had held you for hours in my hand,
    Sometimes you been adventures sometimes romantic,
    You made me create stories in my mind.
    You have put me to sleep sometimes keeping me awake,
    You had slept on my chest sometimes been thrown on my bed.
    You look so good lying on my shelf,
    I love you for the company you give though am happy, sad or lonely.
    Reading you makes me a better person,
    My books my best friend who give me peace.


  • sapna2019 1w

    I can feel the same feeling
    in my daughter
    as she misses her father.


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    Dear dad,

    There will be never a day
    that will pass by
    without thinking of you.


  • sapna2019 1w

    Flower show

    There were gorgeous flowers, I
    was confused which one was beautiful....
    The fragrance of each fresh flower
    will leave you longing more.
    They are of inherent beauty.

    The roses colourful red, yellow, pink
    were all spreading fragrances.
    I moved ahead to see beautiful lilies that showed their purity.
    There were white and beautiful jasmine the value of modesty looked so lovely.
    There was also yellow brightful sunflowers that was said to be loyalty, adoration and longevity.
    So many countless flowers each one had their own beauty.
    Atlast I passed through tulips my favourite ones.
    They are classic flowers attached with meaning of love they won my heart leaving all the other flowers behind.

  • sapna2019 1w

    Wind & hours

    Close your eyes and enjoy
    the wind that blows
    swiftly through your face
    giving you the freshness
    saying all the secrets
    let that hour
    pass by without
    any worries.

  • sapna2019 1w


    Our relationship ended,

    souls are still in love.


  • sapna2019 1w


    Most of the political leaders living in this century,
    should have been living in the stoneage period.

    They would realise the hardships and togetherness, how to live in peace.

    They hunted animals for food not for pleasure.
    They never harmed their fellow man they lived united.
    They used tools to hunt animals for food and protection, and not for violence.
    They knew how to protect their groups with whom they lived with.