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  • sanskritijindal 76w

    If you're feeling something serious or anything that's disturbing you mentally, let it out to your close ones, it HELPS! ��
    @anshikajindal @thelostdiary_ @mr_rajj @vanshikatyagi @mirakeeworld

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    Yes, it is what it is!
    You matter...
    Every blink you do MATTERS!
    Every breathe you take MATTERS!
    Every tear you flow MATTERS!
    Every word you speak MATTERS!
    Every smile you pass MATTERS!
    Every step you take MATTERS!
    Every work you do MATTERS!
    Every relation you make MATTERS!
    Every process you go through MATTERS!
    Every memory you make MATTERS!
    Every inch of your existence MATTERS!
    Coz, it's just not only you, there are many souls connected to you, sharing your problems or consulting them, surely finds a way to cross or overcome them.
    It is what it is!

  • sanskritijindal 76w

    Hello everyone��
    It's been pretty long since I have uploaded something, but now I am taking up a fresh start and I'll be trying to be regular as much as I can..
    All I need is your love and support��
    Thank you!

    @anshikajindal @thelostdiary_ @mr_rajj @vanshikatyagi

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    I have seen myself growing from sleeping at 10pm to sleeping at 5am...
    I have seen myself growing from chit chatting to my mother half of the day to talking only 15 min a day...
    I have seen myself growing from welcoming other guests at home till getting self welcomed...
    I have seen myself growing from not liking "ghar Ka khana" till craving for "ghar Ka khana"...
    I have seen myself growing from getting sweet goodnight kisses till sleeping randomly to run for the another hectic day...
    I have seen myself growing from having school groups and chilling to sitting alone and thinking various topics...
    I have seen myself growing from "I want to live away from home" to "I just want to come home"...
    I have seen myself growing from I am grown up now, I can go alone to "I just want to be with you (family) all the time...

    And like this I just grew up!


  • sanskritijindal 106w


    .....your care will mean the world to me..!!
    I will never ask for gifts, just make weird faces to make me happy..
    I will never ask for your passwords, just stay loyal to me..
    I will never ask for long holidays, just hold my hand and walk with me..
    I will never ask you to stay away from other girls, just take some personal time for me..
    I will never interrupt your personal life, just give some space to me..
    I will never disrespect you, just don’t let me down..
    I will never ignore you, just don’t fight with me unnecessarily..
    At last just remember that more than you love me please take care of me, “coz your care will mean the world to me”..!!


  • sanskritijindal 108w

    It’s been so long that I have posted anything on Mirakee..
    It’s really very important to be just like an open book.. just do what ever you want to..Being honest with your feelings and to everyone is just like an achievement also it may lead to few heart breaks but at the end it gives happiness to your heart..😊

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    Be honest with what you want to do..
    Be honest with what your feelings are..
    Be honest with what you say to others..
    Be honest with what you want to achieve..


  • sanskritijindal 127w

    The only major thing I learned from life in past all my 19 years is that we should not waste a single moment of our life in thinking either of our past or of our future..past is what is done and can’t be changed and future is what is yet to come and we can’t deal with what’s already written...the only thing we can do is enjoy our present to the most and make out “the best”...that’s it!🌝


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    Me:- Is even this much you can’t give me?
    Life:- I didn’t took it from you..
    Me:- So, can I get sure for my future about this?
    Life:- Right now I can only advice you to live each and every present moment. Do-not spoil your today in reading terms and conditions of tomorrow!
    This is how life goes...


  • sanskritijindal 141w


    Aisi bhi kya ‘mohabbat’ thi mujhe usse ae khuda...
    Ki aaj bhi bss uske baare m sochne se hi Rona aa jata h....


  • sanskritijindal 143w

    And just like that it ended................


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    ...and they were just like two parallel tracks!!
    Started up with just a normal ‘hey’ and ended off saying ‘love you’ every night...
    Started up with an ‘option’ and ended off with the only ‘selection’...
    Started up with lots of ‘formalities’ and ended off with only ‘improprieties’...
    Started up as ‘two bodies’ ‘different emotions’ and ended off with ‘two bodies’ ‘one psyche’...
    ....but they were two parallel tracks...
    (And parallel tracks never get to meet with each other)


  • sanskritijindal 159w

    When it comes to forget you only one word comes into my mind “IMPOSSIBLE”.....

    @uzairshuja @aashi_shankar @ mr_rajj @sakshamagarwal @vanshikatyagi @manasp16 @soulwriter

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    She was just a fairytale in his arms...
    Forgetting all the chaos around and leaving the world behind,
    She was just a fairytale in his arms...
    She could feel his warmth from one hand around the neck and another by the waist,
    Coz... she was just a fairytale in his arms...
    Neglecting everything around she was just listening to his breathe,
    As only he could made her feel appropriate,
    She was just a fairytale in his arms....


  • sanskritijindal 163w

    “Loyalty is priority in love”

    @aashi_shankar @mr_rajj @vanshikatyagi

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    I can FEEL YOU inside me..?


  • sanskritijindal 166w

    We all are living a life where we ourself mistakes sometime to know who the real “we” are!
    Yes we are fake and non-genuine and there is no lie in accepting this!!!

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    It’s a mask, said heart.....
    It’s a need, mind replies!!!