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  • saniyapatil456 181w

    By unknown writer

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    "You treated me like an option,
    So i left you like a choice"

  • saniyapatil456 181w

    Guide me when
    I loose my hopes
    Teach me what wrong goes
    End my fight when i will be sleepless at nights
    Just because my future should be bright

  • saniyapatil456 181w

    Me-i dont care what others say about me

    *also me after some time*

    Benchod iski aukat hye ase bolne ki

  • saniyapatil456 181w

    Zindagi na mile dobara
    Esi dobara chahye bhi nhi

  • saniyapatil456 181w

    Generally i used to like you but now
    I am in love with you ❤anywhere any
    Time i can be there for u because
    Each and everyday reminds me you
    Jealous of everyone who is with you

  • saniyapatil456 181w

    Dear maa,

    I am going to work hard and earn a lot
    And then,
    One day i will take you for shopping
    And make u pick your favourite dress
    And say,
    "Not now,put it back".

    Your naughty,

  • saniyapatil456 181w

    Don't change to please people
    If they can't accept you for who you are,
    You dont need them in your life

  • saniyapatil456 181w

    Opened the chats
    Read all the conversation
    Felt bet emotional
    Closed the chats

    And one question flashed in my mind:

    Where did the things went wrong?

  • saniyapatil456 181w

    Amul ka makkhan
    Mera/meri bestfriend dhakkan

  • saniyapatil456 181w

    I always tried
    To motivate people,

    Now i just want Someone
    To look at me and say,

    "Because of you,
    I didn't give up".