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  • saniyapatil456 165w

    Rest all boyfriends be like bby sona jaan
    But my boyfriend be like a bhavane

  • saniyapatil456 165w

    Its hurt badly
    When your partner don't trust you!
    When you starts getting restrictions!
    When you have to behave how he thinks to!
    But if your love is true you will never give up
    Let your patner realise the mistake

  • saniyapatil456 171w

    Rishte nibhana har
    kisi ke bas Ki baat
    nahi hai

  • saniyapatil456 171w

    Chiiti na koi sandesh
    Jane who konsa desh
    Jaha tum chale gaye

  • saniyapatil456 173w

    Yaa i agree with it some people who are really a part of your life they can ditch yo too everything changes according to there needs and time
    They are ok with it they have new peoples
    If you are fine i am fine too

  • saniyapatil456 174w

    Sometime we can't explain at which situation we are going through
    We are just in that thoughts we even don't know what is going on in over surrounding

  • saniyapatil456 175w

    I was unable to confess
    My love as he was and eagle
    And i was a dove

  • saniyapatil456 175w

    Highest zombies killed
    Real chicken dinner

    Players:-Indian air force

    Jai hind!

  • saniyapatil456 176w

    Indian army soldier

    They never lied
    Then too they died
    They did right
    Because they never lost there hopes the alway fight even at mid-night
    Rest in peace


  • saniyapatil456 176w

    Not every one deserves your soft open heart ♥