well i don't have much to say for my ink fills my job .....hope u may like my work and possibly a repost or a follow up that'll be gr8��

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  • sanity 152w


    So this isn't any sort of update about poem or quote but something that I really wanted to share....

    Well the thing is, I've received an offer to publish my poems in a book and I sort of am excited to get published and printed as a physical book for which I have some and conditions one of which is to take down all the content I've uploaded anywhere and so guys I soon am going to take down some of my poems but not all but yea some and will be back after a few months due to some personal reasons and issues.....

    So this is kind of Haiti that I intend to take but dear frnds I would still request to be patient and wait for me and also support me for this.And please let me know what you think about all these not because to sugar coat or something but because I consider you guys my family and family makes decisions together.

    Mirakee was a place from where it all started and I don't intend to loose my ground for sky cause this was the place where 'SANITY' was born.

    And guys I promise to come back soon after this all is over. :-)
    Till then I hope you won't forget me. ;-)

  • sanity 153w

    Stories that pass us are forbidden and the stories that are behind us are forgiven
    but yet not forgotten.

  • sanity 153w

    Righteousness comes by choices and actions,
    And not by swords or words.

  • sanity 159w

    Being a failure is better than being an imposter of success.


  • sanity 159w


    When I feel like giving up,
    I count the stars on a cloudy night,
    When I feel like giving up,
    I feel the warmth of a winter day,

    When I feel like giving up,
    I think about the gentle breeze,
    That caresses hope,
    I think about the sky,
    That brings the stars to shine,
    I think about the sweet raindrops,
    That brings life,

    When I feel like giving up,
    I stare at the shallows,
    Trying to fill the hollows,
    Lighting up a candle,
    I stand up again,
    To chase away the shadows,
    And the mayhem they bring,

    With a new-found light,
    I stand side to side with a day,
    Where skies lay down,
    Beneath the king's feet,

    I stand side to side,
    To a day where threatening storms,
    Cease away the fears of hope,

    I stand side to side,
    To a day where raging seas,
    Shakes the fiery fear up ,
    And sinks down the ships of evil,

    To a day where holy drops of sweet ,
    Cleanse the dirt of sins,
    There I stand,
    Side to side,
    With a new day,
    Filled with hope.


  • sanity 163w


    In the game of charades,
    I am a fool deceiving fools,
    My smile is a facade,
    And my tears are my testimony,

    With every little smile,
    I fade some more,
    And with every tear I shed,
    I live a little more,

    I am a deceiver,
    A fool lost in whispers of death,

    Sitting in a boat,
    In the middle of a raging sea,
    Searching for a shore,
    Is me drowning,
    In my own misery,

    The tides of mistakes seems higher,
    Their strikes tougher,
    And the dreams of my escape,

    The merry night's I dreamt about,
    Are nowhere near to be seen,

    The stakes are high,
    And I fear to try,
    But in the end ,
    I'm a fool playing charades,
    And I deny to loose,

    Because this is my game,
    And I am a deceiver.


  • sanity 169w

    JOY :

    Joy knows no leaps nor bounds,
    And heart knows no sounds,
    Muffled cries or joyous chuckles,
    Or strangled chokes,
    Are all just a whimsical way,
    Of life to tease,

    Serene clouds with mischievous smiles,
    Or a magical rain's remedy,
    Brings bounds of joy,
    To these crooked little hearts,
    And wipe away the faint summer burn,

    A cool breeze on a starry night,
    Or the sweet humming of mayflowers,
    On a windy day,
    Are all just a play trick,
    Or an illusion to be precise,

    Because the magician of my joy,
    Lies within me ,
    As I think about it,
    I may or we may,
    Find it within ourselves,
    Hidden in little shelves,
    Of smiles, memories or sweets of childhood,
    All the way deep down within me,
    I find it ,
    Because it's me.


  • sanity 172w

    Hmm I guess message is pretty clear but those who didn't understand ,
    here by the escape I mean to say death,
    Ancient Greek here actually I am referring to the era were people believed in the Greek gods Zeus, Poseidon and Hades who controlled each onne of the three realms so in short reference to heaven and hell kind of thing,
    And also when I said 'hiding in the shadows' 'it seems ready' I mean to say is we never know our death we just live our life to end one day and by the time we are sick and know that we are about to die its ready to consume us .

    I guess most of it is pretty straight forward but if u don't understand then u can ask me anytime ��

    @writersnetwork @illusionique @fatimaha @thepoetrycommunity @abejaynevita @mirakee @readwriteunite #pod

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    Like after every night there's a day,
    And after every day there's a night,
    So is my life ,
    Like a vicious circle,
    Of days and nights,

    Because night,
    Scares,haunts and frightens you,
    And days beats,burns and bruises you,

    In the end there's nothing left,
    No pain ,no regrets,no remorse,no emotions,
    All empty just like a shell,
    It used to be,

    And just like that it happens all over again,
    Like there's no end ,no escape,
    That I wish and seek for,

    But just like every star,
    Has a night to burn and shine ,
    And a day to burn and hide,

    There's an escape,
    Hiding in the solitary eventide,
    It neither burns or bruises,
    Nor scares or haunts,
    Just crashes on the rocky shores,
    Of days and nights,
    All alone,

    Hiding in the shadows,
    It seems ready,
    Like a tiger to pounce upon it's prey,
    Perhaps like a predator,
    Or an escape I better say,

    It speaks the divine language of ancient greek,
    And charms with it's spells so powerful,
    That it bends and breaks,
    Every warriors might,
    And shakes the lights to be blind,

    And just like a warrior,
    I stand there waiting,
    For my escape.


  • sanity 175w


    Jumbled with my senses,
    When I'd try and open my eyes to wander,
    I am met with the eternal darkness that lies within me,
    I scream I cry I try to let it go,
    But the darkness within me consumes me whole,
    And when the night settles and dawn comes by,
    A shimmer of hope it brings by,
    With all my might and the courage I muster,
    I'd try riding my fear,
    To let it go,
    But the demons of dark hold me tough,

    As stars seem too high to reach ,
    And my conscience too weak to teach,
    I stumble again,
    Upon the path that seems lost in forlorn fears,
    Like a enchanted flower that never blooms,
    Or a cur that never speaks ,
    Is my idea of imaginary hope that never comes,
    But when I'd stumble again In fear of not letting up,
    I see two paths down the forest in the dark,
    Laying my eyes upon them ,
    Dreaded thoughts rush like a wild fire,
    Once again I see paths of doom or destiny,
    What shall I choose or what shall I seek,

    A path of doom or sorrow with saccharine serpents and sugary sweet lullabies,
    Or a path of wicked woods forgotten days and neverending nights,
    Baffled thoughts of doom or destiny hoovered setting chaos,
    But soon the chaos ended and everything ran cold and once again silcence echoed,

    And a small whisper brought me out of my turmoil,
    The whisper spoke,
    "I am a dreamers dream,
    I shalt haunt thee forever,
    And thou must abide,
    For I am the demon of dark,
    And the angel for thy help,
    For I am who I am,
    I am thee and thou art me,
    As I lie within thee"


  • sanity 179w


    A silence with a silence is a word spoken nevertheless a bond broken speaking the language of torn hearts, trust shaken and baffeled minds.
    A conversation with a lost soul is carried on...