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  • sandhya18 3w

    Beautiful Flowers

    Three beautiful flowers
    In a wonderful tree

    Each flowers grow together
    As sweetest fruits

    But taken away by
    Amazing birds

    Each in different directions
    But play a special part in each others lives

    But the root remain the same
    We are always under one tree

    Life is beautiful as beautiful flowers
    Enjoy as it is

  • sandhya18 16w


    You have someone to love and loved by
    You have have a reason to smile every day
    You have meaningful work to do
    You have things greater than yourself to believe in
    You have shoulder to cry when you need it
    You have bestfriend to share your emotions
    You have a peaceful place to live in
    You have a good companion to bring out laughter
    You have good health and wealth to enjoy

    Be happy as I wish you have all above
    And enjoy each and every moment of life

    Be Safe Stay Happy
    Happy New year

  • sandhya18 16w

    In life learn winning
    Winners can do anything
    Winners voice is always listened
    Don't be loser
    Loser is always a listener
    Successful person have many followers
    Unsuccessful person have many failures

    Failures teach more lessons
    If you learn from them
    Life will change to success

  • sandhya18 17w

    Amma on phone
    Daddy on phone
    Sister on phone
    Brother on phone
    Myself also on phone
    Phone has replaced our clock, calendar, alarm, camera, phone dairy, kitchen, inside outside
    But our emotions can be shared through phone
    But not to phone
    Our fights can't be separated
    Our hugs can't be feeled
    Our love can't be exchanged
    Our happiness can't be expressed
    Our tears can't be wiped
    By this lovable Phone which we always have with us

    Realised by me as I suffered with no single person left free to share my happiness, sorrow, fear, anger.

    Be there to your family and friends as they can't be exchanged with an offer

    Respect humans feeling than phones entertainment

    Me always there when someone needs anyone to share

  • sandhya18 38w

    Hope your special day brings you
    all that your heart desires

    Hope that all the happiness you
    have given to others will return to bless you thousand fold

    Wishing you a very happy birthday ma'am

  • sandhya18 38w

    Hope your special day brings you
    all that you heart desires

    Hope that all the happiness you
    Have given to others will return
    to bless you thousand fold

    Wishing you a very happy birthday ma'am

  • sandhya18 40w

    Hardwork always pays off

    As we have gone through a lot.....
    As we aren't worth to do anything
    As we aren't capable to achieve
    As we have been here to waste everything
    As we have been in others life as no use
    As we have been so long as ?

    But few months ago my heart replied
    Not to be as nonsense in one's life
    But live a life which fulfill your
    Mind and soul with happiness

    Be yourself and do your best
    That one day our results will answer
    Our greatest glory is not in never falling
    But in rising in every time we fall

    Fall but rise with a Bang

    And finally gave up,
    Dropped fake smile,
    As a tear roll down cheek
    And whispered myself
    Was waiting for this for more than a year
    With a real and beautiful smile
    Yes did it

    I feel honoured all hardwork has paid off
    But consider each small win as step towards achieving immortality


  • sandhya18 40w

    To move ahead
    You need to balance
    With all emotions
    wheather in life or bicycle

    With all emotion filled
    If you ride a life or bicycle
    It always imbalance your ride

    Take away all emotions
    Which distrub your ride
    Ride a life or bicycle
    Like a morning wind
    Which is cool and pleasant

    Have a beautiful and pleasant ride ahead

  • sandhya18 58w


    Hopes are like a wings
    You want to go up and fly
    With strong and wider wings
    If you want to win a life
    Keep hope to move up
    With hope life begins
    Live to hope

  • sandhya18 58w


    Grown taller than me but still feel like you are still in my arms as a little cute boy. I always admired the way u always take life as it comes. you have given me the most happiest and most saddest moment in life but it's understanding of any situation. Always had a special bound with u as a mother and son, thought you would be going far away from me as you grown up. But you are becoming more close to me as a dearest friend who understands what I go through and always stand with me. It's unconditional and purest love we share. Believe deep within your heart that you are capable of achieving anything. Always there for you as a mother and a dear friend with open arms. Love you dear son♥️