Why do I write? Writting makes me feel relieved, and lessen the burden in my heart

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  • sammas 106w

    Am back guys
    From being
    A villain
    To being
    A beast


  • sammas 109w

    #morakee #marrychristmas #happynewyear
    #(to all my friends in Mirakee)

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    Hi, am very glad there is an app like Mirakee.

    I found somewhere where I can write my poems, how I feel... at the Same time share it to the world too.

    I also get to explore other peoples work.

    Well my main purpose to write this is to wish all of you here in Mirakee...

    A merry Christmas and a happy New year

    I will be gone for a while.... Will meet again when am back.


  • sammas 109w

    Everyone around me.
    Like literally. EVERYONE.

    Cares about the society.

    They restrict me,
    Put me in boundaries.

    I can't fully explore myself,
    Because of the fear,
    Of what the society will say.

    Am suffocating.
    But yet still breathing.

    Am gonna explode.
    Yet everything is in place.

    Society, society, society


  • sammas 109w

    Ain't asking anyone

    To steal

    Nor to murder

    Just asking for your company

    But seems am asking

    For the moon and the stars


  • sammas 110w

    Even thou
    I don't shine
    Neither at day
    Nor night
    At least I camouflage
    Avoiding hunters
    To hunt me down


  • sammas 110w

    Life is nothing but a blame


  • sammas 110w

    Was I bought in second hand shop

    For I never come first

    But always second

    Should I blame it to destiny


  • sammas 110w


    I've changed
    Soo much
    More than you can ever imagine

    But I can't seem to discover
    If I've change to be good or bad

  • sammas 110w

    Why do you hurt me,
    If you don't want to see me cry.

    Why do you cheat on me,
    If you don't want to lose me.

    Never hold me back,
    Cox even thou...
    You knew
    You knew it was wrong...



  • sammas 111w

    No matter how hard I try
    How good I trynna be

    I still can't change
    My title from the bad girl
    To the good girl

    I guess it has to remain that way
    From now