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  • samira7777 25w

    Perfection or Illusion

    Ever heard of perfection?

    I have, from almost everyone

    Wishing you to be the perfect one

    Mind you, beware of this word ‘perfection’

    Which is an incarnation of illusion

    They will ask you to be the perfect one

    It means they have great expectation

    Don't choose, you have no option

    Other than striving towards perfection

    Which is actually called illusion

    Strengthen up yourself, even if you aren't done

    With all your childhood pranks and fun,

    Because the hour has come

    For you to act as a grown and mature person

    And be the perfect one

    Which is purely illusion

    It might seem burdensome

    To kill all your dreams and passion

    But not more guilt full than hurting their emotions

    So, try to reach perfection.

    No, you're not the only one

    Since generations, it's been the custom

    To give up your passion

    For them, who did the same to earn

    For your favourite toy gun

    Don't forget you will be showered with affection

    When you successfully reach perfection

    Which is nothing but illusion.

  • samira7777 26w

    Stephen hawking life story inspiration

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    The theory of everything

    The story about hope , life, passion and love. How your will to live can change almost the worst that you can imagine. Hawking's has the passion for cosmology. Science of the stars. He's a genius but little did he knew he had a rare physical abnormality. He goes through life with his health worsening each passing day but that doesn't make him hopeless.
    There's a point where he lives his life with utmost gratitude. He still do all his research in anticipation of whether or not will it get published. He's happy though he lives each day like a bonus, uncertainty doesn't scare him.
    He met this girl Jane at the party. He likes her a lot but he's scared he can't make it work since he's not what will give her the life that she deserves
    Still she stays around . For the biggest part of their life she's there but then they part their ways. They both love each other but she leaves they have three kids their a scene where jane says "look what we made". Love the phonomena the more i think about it the less i know i think. Love doesn't always look like the happy ever after but In the happy moments shared ,the love once shared . It's not holding onto but holding together.

    And lastly the hope for life for a better future for knowing that definitely there's light at the end of the tunnel. Being abnormal should stop you from being you. Life's getting hard should never be the reason to give in because " no matter how hard Life gets there's always something you can do well and succeed at...
    As long as there's life there's hope" quoting from Stephen hawking.