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  • samhudson 118w

    #technology #digitaldreams #pluggedin
    Satellite stream,
    We're now in a world
    Of digital dreams
    The mighty cell phone,
    We can do anything
    Without leaving home.
    Dollars and dimes,
    All can be had
    By going online.
    But in the glory
    Of technological greatness,
    Our own demise
    We bare witness.
    Fake news,
    Online stores,
    Nothing is true
    Nor real anymore.
    We became too dependant
    On social feeds.
    Likes and shares,
    Hiding our broken dreams.
    Maybe that's the greatest
    Of human sins,
    Selling our souls
    To be plugged in #life #poetry #thoughts

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    Plugged In

    Maybe that's the greatest
    Of human sins,
    Selling our souls
    To be plugged in.

  • samhudson 118w


    Get it out on paper,
    Before it tears me up inside.
    Don't hold on for later,
    My soul will surely die.
    Every name
    Every verb
    Every hurtful, hateful word.
    Ink it out in fury
    And then watch it slowly burn.
    The ashes of that paper
    Blow away with the wind
    And I am standing calmly
    It's no longer held within.

  • samhudson 119w


    There is a point,
    I told myself,
    Where there is no one
    Who can truly help.
    It's at that point,
    The soul is defined,
    And I must break out
    From my confines.
    I must find the strength,
    To make the change,
    I must find a way
    To break these chains.
    My mind has been lulled
    Into feeling low,
    And I grow tired of taking
    Life's cruel blows.
    But somewhere down deep inside,
    A fighter stands, awaiting to rise.
    If only I could channel him,
    To be all I can be.
    If only I could break my walls
    And truly be set free.

  • samhudson 119w


    Don't kiss me,
    For I don't want to fall for you.
    Don't hug me,
    For I don't want to crave that touch from you.
    Don't love me,
    For I don't want to disappoint you.
    Don't fall for me,
    For I don't want to hurt you.

  • samhudson 119w

    Tell Me

    Please tell me there will come a day,
    When all this madness will go away.
    Tell me, please, that I'll survive,
    Though I'm headed towards my demise.
    Tell me I am worth the risk,
    Worth taking the fall into bliss.
    Oh please tell me before I'm gone,
    That you'll love me forever long.

  • samhudson 119w

    Victim, No More

    Heart in hand, 
    she took a stand,
    against the evil men do.
    By the blade,
    she unleashed her rage,
    to herself she'll be true.

  • samhudson 120w


    I'm sliding further into this depression,
    Pushed down by its oppression.
    I'm sliding down into despair,
    Close now to the Devils lair.
    I'm sliding as I struggle to climb.
    I'm sliding and I'm running out of time.

  • samhudson 120w


    No I don't want to simply die
    But you've no idea how much I want to say goodbye.
    Say goodbye to all I know
    Say goodbye, just turn and go.
    Leave this life and just move on,
    One more scar as I travel along.
    Whatever lives I've had before
    I hope the next one holds so much more.

  • samhudson 121w


    I'm sorry my dear for how you feel about yourself.
    You keep looking for joy in someone else.
    It may not matter, but I do care.
    I hate to see you in such dispair.
    I sense your pain, you're feeling lost.
    Trying to fill that void at any cost.
    With drink, with work, with botched relationships,
    I wish you could see, you're much more than this.
    You have to hold your head up high,
    Release yourself from all the bad vibes.
    Take some time to be alone,
    I promise you after a while, you'll see you've grown.
    Just know, when you're gone, you'll be missed.
    But taking care of yourself is not selfish.
    Please don't worry or be afraid,
    The best things happen after a change.
    I see your sorrow, I can feel your shame,
    But I know all of this...

    Because I feel the same.

  • samhudson 121w


    Where are you courage, when I need you most?
    You're hiding from me, like that elusive ghost.
    You've built me up with fantastic skills,
    Had me believe in my own will.
    Yet in the hour of my deepest dispair,
    I looked around and you weren't there.
    So here I am, left wondering why.
    Is all I know just a lie?