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  • sameoldasshole 69w


    I still think of you daily.
    I still remember your smile.
    I still wish you were here.
    I still blame myself all the while.
    I still believe in you.
    I still receive dreams from you.
    I still remain still in the twilight hours.
    I still remember our long baths or showers.
    I still believe in love.
    I am still sent from above.
    I am still your guardian angel.
    I am still controlling my anger.
    I am still your husband.
    I am still in love with you.
    Just tell me you love me too.

  • sameoldasshole 70w


    To say You are wrong completely isn't entirely true.
    To say that I love you so deeply, it's just something that I do.
    To pray for you isn't in vain, because we're one I feel your pain.
    And it pains me to see, and moreso to think, about a world where we are estranged.
    I thank God daily, You will always be my lady.
    I know that you truly loved me. I know that my soul is ugly.
    All I wanted forever was infinity together.
    You joyful and better, and our family treasures tethered.
    Measured in happiness..
    Miracles Do Exist..

  • sameoldasshole 70w


    This is the sudden, drip of adrenaline. Something I knew was coming. I could see your future right before my vision. I reluctantly faced first hate in an attempt to correct lost intentions. I still hear your voice and the laughter of the children, as if you and I were talking in our old kitchen. Those long days, so many, I spent away from our family traditions. I'm still here. Though some would prefer me witless or slave driven. Now my dear I exist. All praises given. But why? A question burning like a thriving fire. An underrated force of nature. Dedicated to love that was always one in a million. Do you view me the villan? If so I hope you remember the day when you left my heart with no feeling. Now I'm dead hopefully I'll resurrect healing enough so that our love will once more grow.

  • sameoldasshole 72w

    Happy you sad me

    It's another night, I'm wishing I was holding you tight.
    But you're gone. How long will it take? Will you ever admit you were wrong? How far? How much distance will it take? Have you figured out that you are what I mistake. Remember when nothing was great? Except the way we would never forsake. Our love was addictive, true forgiveness without deep seated hate. You thought I wouldn't make it alone. Lately I haven't been myself, I can barely bring myself to write a song. This is an indication something is definitely wrong. I wonder how long. How long it'll take until you see the dawn. Or how many moons it'll be before you hate that I'm gone. Do you really hate me? Did you really forsake me? I know that I pray you would have truly forgave me. Although, you claim that you hate me. We both know you love me. Even if you never say thank you. I love and could never hate you.

  • sameoldasshole 79w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 6 word micro-tale on Earth

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    This planet will have to do.

  • sameoldasshole 79w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 3 word one-liner on Spark

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    Ignite my everything!

  • sameoldasshole 79w

    Full MOON IN G3min1

    This I know will hurry the blessing. You gave up on me, but I'm not stressing. Didn't you wonder if you were making a mistake? Have you even considered how together we were great? Everything I was died when I told the truth about my lies. But, you crushed me inside and killed my pride, it's a wonder I survived. No my dear, I truly sincerely pray that you know you fucked up severely. I'm more than transparent. My intentions and actions have been perfectly clear. Poor pitiful you. Not, I'm laughing at the thought of you being a ride or die, because all you ever were was a thot. Now, to you I'll say nice shot. But there won't be another, because I was the only true person, besides your awesome lil brother. Stop, because if theres one thing I can promise one shot against me is the only you got.

  • sameoldasshole 79w


    Listen to thunder vision. A God given prescription solidified inside of a coffin prison. A halt to a marching band's perfectly timed adaptive stance. Practiced with precision.

  • sameoldasshole 80w


    The river, indigenous with victory I think. But, what sinks inside the sinner.


  • sameoldasshole 84w


    Today I am happier. More myself than I've been in a while. Okay, what's happening? I'm pulling myself out denial. My actions, were unfair, but yours were just vial. However, I'm not the judge, just the one who you'll never bluff. Trust in this, I'm a lyricist. A writer and creator we have to coexist. I'm brighter, but really the brightest. A fighter with more than just fists. No hate, but whoever you date, I couldn't give two shits. So celebrate, The love you make, to anyone else won't be nearly as great, as it would have been with me , because I am reality, while they are fake. But I guess that's not really a reason to celebrate. Admitting your mistake is only half of the dilemma. Committing to make true love a decision should be the next taskon your agenda. But, why should I accept? So you can set me up to fall again and hope I break my neck? Decisions decisions can only be correct if they are made from the heart with pure love and utter respect.